Toyota Motor Corporationfault in transmission system

A Jul 24, 2019

Dear Sir,

I have a Toyota Auris 2013 that I bought at January 2014, I have always done my services at Toyota Egypt and I trusted that they'd keep my car well maintained.

Engine: 1ZR-FAE
Frame No. : SB1ME4JE80E021836

My issue started when I heard a grinding noise, I went to Toyota to check on this sound at 72, 000Km back on March 2019 they told me it's a fault in the transmission system and that it has a manufacture defect but as it is out of warranty I'll have to pay for a new transmission system which cost 35% of the price of a new 2019 model.

Toyota agent in Egypt informed me that they changed my transmission fluid at 42, 000Km in January 2017 (after 3 years of owning the car) at Toyota according to the periodic service I followed.

I don't understand what happened to my transmission, Toyota Egypt told me that this is a pure manufacture defect and the responsibile engineer told me exactly "it is bad luck".

Why am I buying this car? I bought a reliable brand and now I ended up having to pay 35% the price of a new 2019 car? why am I not getting any compensation for this as it is a manufacturing defect?

I find Toyota responsible to compensate me a proper compensation as this is completely your fault, either by giving me a faulty transmission system which appeared after years or by not properly or by being late in changing my transmission fluid.

Abdelrahman A. Maher

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