Toyota Motor Corporationbad service and bad repair, overcharge

S Dec 02, 2018
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I drop my car to Dublin, CA toyota service center on 11/28/2018 around 10AM with client number 61845. I did not receive phone call next day, so I called few times and left message, finally they returned to my call and stated they called wrong number before and stated the issue they found, at beginning he stated add up quite high, and I can not afford it, could you give me some discount, he said Ok he max could do 20% discount, and per his statement, there are 4 major items around 500, 600, 500, 700. plus tax, 2600 I thought is acceptable, Which is thursday, he stated may be ready Friday, but for sure Saturday. I left message on Friday, no one call me back. I called the SAT around noon time, can not reach anyone except the appoint number, but the lady can not reach anyone until after 30 mins, I have all the phone record. And stated the car ready on Friday. Well I drive there, and ready pick my car, and being surprised with a bill to $3600 instead of $2600, they do not let me drive away the car except I pay the full amount and due to I am in a rush to pick my kid and I have to pay it first. But when I drive on the way, and found the sunroof leaking still going on which being charged $751, and water still have accumulated in the car. and the charged 831.44 light issue still same as before., rest staff all I can not see, not sure they really did repair or not, the credit is totally being discounted. I have to return the car back to them. I request refund to my credit card paid, this is unacceptable. call me @ [protected]. I never complain before, this is really out of my bottom line, last year when I repair in here, they lost my wheel cover which I did not pay attention until I back home, and called them, for sure they do not say it is their problem.

  • Updated by Shawn Li · Dec 03, 2018

    Received a call from dealer today, stated they did not do any of my work at all, and still argue there is no one knows the status. If noone knows why the system show completed and show the charge $3600? and I rejected to pay, the manager Sunday(12/2/2018) on duty, who stated if I am not pay FULL, I can not drive my car away doesn't matter what situation. Which I have few mins left to pick my kids and I being enforced to pay the service they did not do anything, this is robbing.

  • Updated by Shawn Li · Dec 08, 2018

    Worse case keep happening, and I picked my un repaired car, and go to the parts store, the store clerk help me check the headlight and stated nothing wrong, just need replace a bulb, cost $21. But dublin toyota stated "VERIFIED low beam lamps INOP found heat EXPOSURE at bulb connector, terminal COROSION and wire BREAKING..." charged me $831.44, which I used $21 to fixed. And there is NOTHING for corosion, nothing for wire breaking. Attached photo. And then on the SUNROOF leaking, I told them there is small hole on the seal, just need seal it, but they stated my drain hoses clogged and replace all 4 Drain hoses and REPLACED and INSPECTED, with total $751.90. When I bring back, there is nothing regarding the drain hosed, I tested, all works well. I just need use the glue seal the nail hole. and the break pad change charge me $691.72, which I did with another shop, only cost $197.

    My question is: Why they make the FAKE diagnose, and FAKE commends and try to rob the 10 years loyalty client. I am wondering all the repair work they did before for me are fake, exaggerate. If I am not drive back, I never know they doing business like this, I will never find they cheating the client like this.


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