Toyota Motor Corporation2012 camry se limited, driver door window

B Aug 02, 2018

I bought this car new in February, 2013. I have since driven this car approximately 190k miles in the last 5 1/2 years. Just this last Monday (July 30, 2018), I rolled the window down and noticed that the back of the window did not roll down flush with the door jamb. In rolling the window up and down a couple more times, the problem got worse, to the point the window was at a significant angle in comparison to the door. I was able to push the window down to flat (even), so I assumed the window had come loose from the window tray (or whatever you call it). I used the button to put the window up and intended to leave it up until I could get it worked on. The next day, Tuesday, July 31st, I called around to see who might be able to fix this and on the way home from work, accidentally and out of habit, rolled down the window. The window rolled down, this time coming out of the guide channels (front and back of the door), at an angle to the door AND the window channel. The window button would only AUTO up if used, but the window was not in the window channel and it would start to come out at an angle... I thought that might break the window and I would hit the window button again to either stop it or cause it to go down. As it was 10 o'clock at night and there was no one around to help me, I wrestled the window back into the channel and into the up position. I then used the switch to bring the mechanism into (what I thought was), the up position, but I could tell that friction alone was holding the window up. The next morning, the window had slid down perhaps an inch and using the switch to push the window "up" did nothing. From the sound I could hear, it thought it was "up." That's when things got bad. Thinking I could maybe make it to work, driving on the freeway, the window started to come down on its own independent of the switch/regulator/assembly, and in attempting to use the switch to make the window go up, it started to go down and again pulled the window out of the normal plain of the window (angled). I got it stopped and drove directly to Toyota of Santa Maria. After an inspection by your technician, I was informed that "I" had bent the regulator/assembly and the entire window and assembly was going to need to be replaced for around $900!!! What a crappy design you came up with that after 5 1/2 years the window assembly completely fails, and in doing so it implodes on itself requiring a complete replacement of window, regulator, motor, assembly, whatever! And then on top of that, your dealership is going to charge me an exorbitant rate for parts and service! In looking online, I can find the parts for roughly $400-500, so that means they're going to charge me $400-500 for labor for a job that will probably take the an hour!
This is the kind of crap that makes people not trust corporations in general and car dealerships specifically! You should be ashamed of yourselves, building designed obsolescence into your products! I have a 25 year old Honda Accord wagon with over 442, 000 miles on it. Yes, I have to do maintenance on that car and switches have gone out and regulators or actuators have had to be replaced (and they put those actuators in difficult places to reach, which is also bad design), and I have to replace a timing belt and water pump every 90k miles... surprisingly costs me about the same to partially disassemble the motor and replace a timing belt and a water pump as it does to replace window glass on your Toyota Camry!... but those are expected wear items. But why in the world would you design a window, made of one of the hardest substances commonly available, with nylon/plastic/whatever attachment points designed to fail after a short amount of use (5 1/2 years, really?), and then take out everything that's near it?!? And then charge an unconscionable amount of money to fix it?!?

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