Town Fair Tireservice

J Nov 19, 2018

On 11/14 I visited the Auburn Maine location to simply have snow tires mounted and balance on my vehicle. When I asked to have them mounted and balanced I was told I have to get an alignment or they wont handle well in snow for 99. After speaking with my husband and a mechanic I called back and said I do not need an alignment and the same lady was more then happy to cross it off the list saying it was just a suggestion (not at all when I was in there). I picked it up that afternoon and paid about 45.00 for service 2 days later my husband was going to retorque for safety and found that 5 lugs were completely mangled and stripped. After not being able to get through on phone my husband went down to the location. At first they said "your wife never came here we never helped her" after seeing receipt the guy went out and looked at them. He stood up and said "we are not liable and you can't do anything about it. Those are recalled lug nuts and Toyota is under a lawsuit for those." When my husband said recall or not your service dept ruined these he walked off. When asked his name he looked at my husband waived and walked off without answering question. He was very rude and unfortunately for him my husband can read and his shirt said Robert. We went straight to Toyota there are no lawsuits... no recalls... same lugs are still being used and they were more then happy to help us get the mangled ones off and we had to purchase 5 new lugs. I have never been so disappointed and will NEVER buy another tire off your company. Mistakes happen but the lack of customer service and sneaky moves of the staff at your Auburn Maine location is the worst I have ever seen out of any company. I hope something is done so future customers do not deal with what we unfortunately had to.


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