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Complaints & Reviews

stolen gps

I brought my truck in for service. When I went to pick it up I checked to make sure my GPS was still in the...

poor service, damage, incompetence

Went to the Salem, NH, Town Fair Tire on Friday, Dec. 3rd, 2010 to have 4 new wheels & snow tires mounted on my wife's 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe. Dropped off vehicle around 12:30pm, and was called that it was ready at around 5pm. (Someone, I think the manager Chris, was yelling at the person to STOP! - the person talking was translating for the person in the background and told us to come and get the vehicle - it was ready.) So, my wife and I drove down and after about a 10-minute wait someone named Justin came up to serve us. I asked if the car was ready and he said "I don't know where to begin". I had gone to Town Fair against my better judgment as I have had nothing but problems with them in the past. I bought a set of studded snow tires for my '98 Durango from them. The tires work great; the problem is every time I tell them to rotate them they don't. (4 times in a row now) When I had them do an alignment on it the steering wheel was cut 70 degrees to the left. Chris, the manager told me that my "rear wheels were off". The Durango has a solid rear axle, and has never been in accident, so this statement is impossible. So I took it to Sears (paid another $69.95) and they aligned it perfectly and the guy that did it stated that "Town Fair Tire only adjusts the Toe, nothing else. They are just Toe & Go." To get back to my wife's vehicle - it was not ready because they put the new tires on the old rims and that is the condition it was in when we arrived. I exploded at Justin (raising my voice a little - no profanity involved but everyone in the store knew I was furious), informed him of all the above problems with them with my Durango, and told him to refund my money to my credit card and get us out of there. He did that, and wasn't snide but just very apologetic. He took my anger and refunded our money. The car would not be ready to pick up for another 20 minutes so my wife and I went home. They called that it was ready just as we were heading back. We picked it up and Chris, the manager was there and tried to apologize. I told him I was too angry to speak - and he shouted "OK - have a GREAT evening" with a big sarcastic smile. Furthermore, the vehicle only had 3300 miles on it so we told them NOT to align it. Chris wrote this on the work order. So guess what? They aligned it saying it was "a little off." Now, I have to being it back to Salem Hyundai to be aligned again as they are not competent to do alignments. Furthermore, when I took my impact wrench to re-torque the lug nuts, I found that they had scratched every lug nut well on the vehicle when they had removed the wheels. Now, we have 4 scratched wheels and a mis-aligned vehicle that is going to cost us to repair. My advice would be to go to Tire Warhouse instead, I've had them do work on my F-350 and they were much more competent and did not damage my wheels. I will NEVER use Town Fair Tire again for anything. I wouldn't trust them to screw the lid on a jar of peanut butter. My wife has a very busy job and had to take a day off to do this. Now I have to take a day off to take care of it and wait while they do it right at Tire Warehouse. Town Fair Tire should pay us for the alignment, 4 new wheels and our pay we lose for taking a day off. One of the worst experiences I've ever had at any retailer. (Not to mention that now I must do my winter tire changeover on my Durango myself which TFT is supposed to do free for life - I have a bad back, bursitis in my right shoulder and am on heart medications. That's why I paid someone else to do it - but am now screwed.)

customer service

They DO have the low tire prices, but the markups on valve stems and balancing is horrendous.
Free flat repair is NOT free. They have to rebalance the tire @ 5.00 dollars each.
Some of the worst front desk people I've ever encountered.
They NEVER stand behind their, always claiming that it's anything other than their people.
Look @ your invoice CAREFULLY, as they have hidden fees which will up your bill.
I will never go back again

  • Cu
    custom-mer Mar 29, 2010

    If your new tires are advertised at a lower price (with like services) bring it to our attention and we will refund you 150% of the difference. We beat all competitors…GUARANTEED!

    I took the advertisment and they match the price, serivce was greate, but when I looked my invoice I found there is no road hazard, I asekd them about the "Like serivces", because my add had road hazard, and they told me they dont have road hazard on those tires... If they told me before I will just go to the other place and get my tires with road hazard...

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terrible customer service

What a HORRIBLE experience! Try any other tire company before even thinking of using Town Fair. It's obvous that management has never even talked about acceptable customer service with the employees. I heard several nasty conversations with other customers (while I wayed for 3 hours when I had been told it would be "quick") and then we all got to hear the employees openly bad mouth the customers that had just left. The list of what I experienced is as follows:

- badly sracthed one of my rims and insisted that I gave it to them like that
- asked me to carry my tires back and forth to my car in the parking lot
- Repeatedly gave me the hard sell on getting an alignment done on my 4 month old car (it's so obvious how they are commissioned)
- The coustomer "lounge" is a bunch of plastic chairs surrounded by the tire inventory to make a "room"
- I swear this happened, they took my credit card info by taking one of those really old credit card slips, that no one has used in years, and RUBBING A PEN OVER THE SLIP WHILE HOLDING MY CARD UNDER IT!

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE - extremely unprofessional

  • Ph
    Phil Aieta May 27, 2015

    There is no customer service at the Enfield Ct. store. I was told it was a one and a half hour wait to rotate my tires. This is not a free service when the wait is this long. The 4 people at the counter ignored me until I spoke up and was rudely replied to. I will not ever again go back and I will tell ever one I know how the operation works. Terrible is to kind a word to use in describing the Town Fair store.

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I will never go back

I visited the town fair tire in shrewsbury ma early last week for a price on tires. first off, i waited for...

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poor customer service and damage

I brought my truck in a few weeks back and had four new tires installed on it. Not cheap, now, I waited two...

did not perform service/poor customer service

I left my car most of the day on a Sat. to have a nail in the tire plugged. They changed the tire valve, pumped up the tire and off I went only to have the same tire flat the next day. They are not open on Sundays.

My husband replaced the tire with a spare and I brought in the tire on Monday which was not easy to do after foot surgery. In addition to not plugging the tire, they had taken my special green valve cap (which helps me determine tire pressure) and in fact, did not put any valve cap on at all.

Instead of apologizing for the error and the inconvenience it caused me, they diverted the issue by saying I had the wrong valve cap on my car in the first place. The Toyota people never complained about that and I've had my car serviced by them many times. This was a tactic by Town Fair to take the attention off their mistake.

I never got an apology. They angrily took my tire away to make the repair, but attempted to continue the valve cap argument.

So how did this become my fault and not theirs? Let's see, they did not plug the leak even though they had the car most of the day, they took off the valve cap and lost it, and did not even put on a replacement. Then I had to return on my bad foot with the tire to try a second repair. Excuse me Town Fair, but if you want to keep your customers, you will apologize to them.

I will never purchase tires from Town Fair nor will I ever so much as get a tire plugged by them. There are too many other dealers who actually treat the customer with dignity and kindness.

Please be advised, Town Fair is not the place for you.

  • En
    ENGINEER99 Oct 20, 2009

    Did you actually have a nail in the tire? They don't "plug" tires anymore, they "patch" them from the inside. Replacing the valve stem every time the tire is dismounted is standard and required practice. If there was a defective pressure cap along with teh nail...well there's your problem..

    Do you know for certain that it wasn't your special valve cap pressure monitor that was not leaking? Toyota probably didn't notice (or care about) your fancy valve caps. In case you were not aware, these valve caps detect pressure by slightly opening the valve in the stem. If the cap itself is not fully screwed on, or leak-proof, it will cause the tire to lose pressure. That's a fact.

    BTW..I have no affiliation with Town Fair...I was just reading these complaints to decide if I should buy another set of tires from them...

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  • Rp
    R Perez Dec 11, 2009

    Yes, they do still plug tires ! and I had a simmular problem with them I removed the tire and rim from my car and brought it for a flat repair, I removed the tire and rim because I didnt want the car to be tied up all day for a simple flat repair. When I arrived I rolled the tire in and pointed out a big nail that was in the tire and the person there told me he could plug it no problem and charged me $4.19. I paid and asked how long, His reply was "an hour" I came back in four hours after running errands. I asked if I were all set the sales person said yes and gave me the tire and wheel I rolled it out to my car placed it in my trunk and drove the 1/2 hour to my house, I pulled the car into my garage jacked it up pulled the lugs off and removed the spare tire, I went over pulled the suppositly fixed tire out of the trunk started to roll it over to the car and I was cut by a sharp object as I rolled the tire. It was cut by the same nail that was suppose to be replaced ! I was livid ! I had to put the spare back on drive a 1/2 hour back to the shop walked in pissed off only to be told they didnt realize that the tire naver made it into the shop to be repaired, there was no apology or even a sign of caring. I was simply told give me 2 minutes ill get you right in and out, Well I would at least have expected that seeing as how they wasted my time and effort. They did plug the tire replace the stem and rebalance the wheel. oh and as a kid I worked for the company as I paid my way through school and the were incompetent then and still are today, and they really dont give a ### about customer service. They need to give their managers and sales people training in the area.

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terrible service &pricing scam

Second rate tires, alone, are a buy but add-ons and service charges bring the price up to average. Do not be...

damage tires

I brought tires from these jerks last year for my 2005 sts Cadillac. They sold me tires for the front of my...

poor workmanship and follow up

Back in Nov. of 2007 I purchased a set of Dunlop 195/65R15 tires for my 2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8 T. They...

charging for services that come free

Veterans Day 2008: Upon having a 2pm appt. and not leaving until 5pm, and after listening to at least two...

double charging

heres another for Town Fair Tire...i went in and ordered 2 Cooper Zeon tires..the tires came in about three...


I normally do not take the time to blog a complaint, but after todays (12/18/08) mess I need to tell everyone.

I had a simple flat tire repaired. That was fine, nice job, BUT. I went inside my truck and everything was upside down. One can only assume that the employee was having a bad day and messed the inside of my truck. Employee was looking for the socket to unlock the tire. All compartments where messed up. Center compartment, glove compartment, under the back seat compartments. Items inside the door compartment I found on the back seat floor???

Portable razor was broken, this I leave in the front door compartment, why it was on the back floor one can only tell. I left the razor at the North Haven store. Employees actions uncalled for and unprofessioanl.

I complainted to the manager and showed him the mess. The manager did apologized (accepted), but it seems some new policies need to be enacted. May I suggest that a manager inspect the inside of a vehicle prior to and after any tire is repalced or repaired. A review for employees on how to respect a customers vehicle and please call owner if you can not find socket to unlock tire. A follow up phone call to see if everything was fine.

As a commercial customer I expected better. In this economy it only take one employee to tarnish your name and months to repair it.

  • Dr
    Draconian1 Apr 27, 2009

    Having worked for Town Fair Tire previously as a Tire Tech, i can tell you that store policy is that any needed parts for the work done (wheel locks mostly) are supposed to be found by the cars owner to prevent theft. While this normally isnt followed up on (It usually takes about 8 seconds to find the stuff), it should be if finding the item becomes a serious problem.

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terrible service - unneeded upselling, took advantage of female alone

My wife went to these jokers for a simple FREE Flat Tire Repair- We bought the tires from them NEW in Dec 07- Have been there 2 times since to fix a slow leaking tire that has been that way since Dec- She went again today (the 3rd time) and got sold into a alignment, rotate, balance, etc for $100- Called manger "ed" and he stated that no the alignment did not cause the slow leak, that the slow leak was now "just two nails and a cracked valve stem" that they couldn't manage to find UNTILL she ponied up $100 bucks- SCAMMERS- BEWARE AND DO NOT SEND YOUR WIFE THERE ALONE

  • Ri
    rich Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    maybe our wives are smarter than yours

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bad service

I bought 4 tires for my car and the receipt lists free flat tire repair as being included in the price. I did...

advertised pricing!

Town Fair Tire web sites states, "We beat the internet." This is not true. Nor do they beat mail order...

work not done correctly!

I brought my car in on Friday January 11,2008 due to my steering wheel shaking when at high speeds. When I spoke to the sales associate I told him that I think that I may need an alignment or a balance in my tires. He stated that they will take a look at it and let me know, but we have a package for $99.00 that will give you a balance, alignment and a tire rotation. So then he came back out after "looking" at my car and says well your tire belt in the right front tire in broken so you will need a new tire as well, you mi swell get two new front tires. So I agreed! The man that had fixed my car brought some paperwork out and presented to tell me that they do not make a balancing kit for my kind of car????

So $250.00 later, I soon discover that my steering wheel is still shaking at high speeds, so I decide to bring the car back to have them take another look. I walked in and was describing what was happening and that I was there on Friday January 11,2008 but problems are still proceeding. When A young man behind the counter said from what he thought so I could not here "she probably took the tires off the car, that's what the problem is" he walks away. So I said well if I wanted to take my tires off the car myself then why would I be bringing it here for you to look at. The men behind the counter did not know what to say. The young man who made this statement came walking back up the the counter, and one of his fellow co-workers said "she heard you" so the young man says "my bad" and I said yes it is!

Anyway they took my car in the back for a second look and when the guy who had worked on my car brought the car out front and he proceeded to tell me that he gave two new free tires in the front wheels, Oh and that my front right tire rim in bent and that is why I have the shaking in my wheel and if I wanted to go to the junk yard to get a rim he would fix it for free!

Well my question is how come I was not told about the rim being bent the first visit, or is it that they bent the rim when they were working on my car? All I know is I would never ever recommend this place to anyone. Whoever runs a business like this should be embarrassed!!!

  • Dr
    Draconian1 Apr 27, 2009

    Unless your driving a Ferrari or some other $100, 000+ Dollar car, they can do the work on your car at TFT, especially the balancing because 1. There arent "kits", there are different types of bang-on weights, as well as weights that you can stick to the inner part of the rim, which can do the job if no other weight will work. The big thing you need to realise is that most of the people working at a place like this are either motorheads or drop-outs. While they can do EXCELLENT work under competent management, they will typically do much worse if the managers are incompetent.

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worst service ever!

Brought two vehicles in for new tires. On the first vehicle when we went to pick it up the person driving our...

lug bolts damage

Anyone who has had tires mounted at Town Fair Tire should remove their wheel covers and check to make sure...