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faulty product

my name is : arafa meshref soliman
tel : 02 -[protected] or [protected]
email: [protected]

i bought refrigerator model GR-EF46Z on october 2018. at the end of decmber 2018, the lower cabinet (cooling cabinet) stop cooling while the freezing cabinet working effiecently. i contact 19319 (elaraby), the manufacturer withdraw the refrigerator (one time on Jan 2018 and second time on Feb, 2018). at the end of December 2019 the cooling cabinet stop cooling again, then i contact 19319 again.
5 visits by company technician to repair the refrigerator at home but all visits fail to repair the refergerator, then the company withdraw the referagerator for the third time in 2 februry 2020.
i asked the company to replace faulty product by sound one, since during 16 months, the refrigerator not working for 7 months .

toshiba 49" tv

My TV was purchased on Aug 2018 and not even 2 years the TV panel start to showing blur lines on the screen. I have purchased extended warranty of 6 years for my TV.
Logged report and northern region technician(company under the name of SkyWorth) came to collect my TV for checking/repair. Ref # UK2001/20/SW02 or SDM200100690.
No one call me after the collection, very bad service.
I have to called them several times, no one pick up.
Finally some one pick up the phone from Skyworth Seberang Jaya branch.
Told me my TV is beyond repair, they will replace me a new TV.
But they will give me upgrade to bigger screen due to 49 inch is no longer available and I have to pay extra RM300.
I do not agree why I have to pay the extra cost where my TV is still under warranty. Why I'm paying for the extended warranty and when Toshiba TV got spoilt easily and as the end customer I have to pay for the reason of Toshiba could not give me a 1 to 1 replacement. I did not ask for bigger screen. I want my TV back with no additional cost as my TV is under warranty period.
Bad customer experience with Toshiba.!!!

toshiba 49" tv
toshiba 49" tv

Toshiba Corporation

fridge door replacement

RM0.00 TOSHIBA: Your Job No.: ; ; <
NOT COLD AT ALL> ; ; ; ; (You will be contacted within the next 24 hours for appointment schedule. Should there is no response / Panggilan untuk temujanji akan dilakukan dalam tempoh 24 jam. Sekiranya tiada maklumbalas) Please contact / Sila hubungi
This is the job details. The fridge door has been replaced with different colour which looked very weird. After informed to the customer service, I was informed that the door color is not available. Not sure what wrong with Toshiba. As promised the new door will need some time to complete. Unfortunately I still did not received any update from Toshiba. If you referred above, it took more than 6 months and never follow up with me on this matter. I would say this is a very bad service experience that I had and I'm so disappointed with it.

fridge door replacement

Toshiba Corporation

toshiba satellite l50-b-1p1 black (skullcandy) top case failure at hinge corner

On or about Oct 14 2019 the corner attached to the LHS screen hinge failed. It broke away from the rest of the top case.
Laptop was purchased on 18/10/2014 in the UK, S/n 7E328034C
The unit is out of warranty, so I opened the case and found the plastic construct at the site of the hinge base fixing was very thin and subsequently weak. The Hinge fixing base had broken free from the body of the Top Case.

As there has been a Class Action against Toshiba for a similar problem I would like to know what Toshiba would like to do. At least supply another suitable top case and I will do the dismantle and repair.

Photo attached shows site of break.

toshiba satellite l50-b-1p1 black (skullcandy) top case failure at hinge corner

Toshiba Corporation

washing machine has not repaired since last 3 months.

Dear Sir, I had purchased Toshiba fully automatic machine model AWB1100GB around 2 years back. Once it wa...

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toshiba horrible brand toshiba_43l420u_

I purchased a Toshiba Smart TV less than 2 years ago. The IR Sensor in the TV went out. Purchased several new remotes thinking it was the remote. It was the TV. Best Buy where I bought it from want $200.00 to fix it. This is a new TV. I have always bought Sony and Samsung. The product life is stronger. Corporate leadership is garbage. If your not talking about purchasing new products they will in fact return your emails. At the end of it all the TV does not have buttons to control it on the outside. You need the remote and since the input button can't be controlled there is no sound nor can you control any devices including the blu ray player. I normally don't leave reviews. The T in Toshiba stands for TRASH they do not stand behind there products and they don't support their customers.

toshiba refrigerator

By 30th of October I called El-Araby Group that are responsible to repair Toshiba products, today and after 16 days the refrigerator is not working, they sent me twice a technicians that wrongly fix the problem 1st time and 2nd time they advised that they dont have spare part.
I tried to describe to them I need the maintenance operator to come quickly but they said it takes 1 week, so definitely After 16 days I decided to scrap the refrigerator, and cancel any new visits from Toshiba maintenance, they can't understand no one can live for 3 weeks in Egypt without refrigerator because of hot weather.

I ordered new refrigerator today, definitely it was not Toshiba, It wasbe LG, as it is my last product from Toshiba, and all my connections.
For my side I dont want any action from you to me, but my advise to investigate the service of your products reputation it Egypt, it is dramatically deteriorated.

I. Mokhles

32" television

Here it is. A 32" television, Model #32L1350U1, serial number D10266C23479D1. With March 2013 on it. Not used much and should be working. My 55" Panasonic is a lot older and working just fine.
The TV had very good color and I used it in my den. I started having a problem with it not turning on. I read reviews that that is a common problem and to reset it. I did and it worked a few times then got worse and worse. Now it won't come on at all!

I will never buy another Toshiba product again if this is a sample of the quality of the products produced. I gave up, can't sell or donate the TV so it is going to landfill, if they will take it.


wireless window ac

I brought the product hoping the new function of WiFi and remote control Toshiba advertised on the box. The...

power supply

Tracking information about: PR034982254YP 29.07.2019 16:42:00 [AliExpress Standard Shipping] Undelivered Due...

customer service complaint

Dear Sir,

I have brought a Toshiba refrigerator Type GR-R70UD-K from x-cite Kuwait, and then shipped it to Egypt. This was about 4 years back, now the motor of the refrigerator has stopped working. I contacted Elaraby Group who is your agent here in Egypt to get a new motor for the refrigerator, and the least i can say is that it was the most unprofessional disastrous experience i have ever encountered in my entire life regarding customer services, and the most shocking thing is that a very reputable professional company as you is having such agents giving such bad services to your customers.
First of all it took them a week to come to my house to check the problem with my refrigerator, without considering that here in Egypt in the summer season the temperature degree can reach 40 celsius, and then after they checked the refrigerator they told me we will sent another technician after another week to do another inspection on the refrigerator only to say that since your refrigerator is imported and not from Egypt we won't be able to fix it for you. and they did sent another technician after a week, which to my surprise he thought he has come only to place furrion gas in the refrigerator not knowing the real problem or the case he has come to check or fix. I contacted them again and it took them also another week to bring someone with a new motor for the refrigerator, which turned out not suitable for my refrigerator, then again i kept contacting them and then they sent another technician with another with another wrong motor. this kept going for more than a month in the summer season with the highest temperature. and their only and last solution which has been suggested to me by a very rude and unprofessional engineer that my only option was to give them my refrigerator so they would sent it to their factory to bring me another motor which will also take a month or two. i can't believe that anyone with a motor problem would have to go through all this headache for three months to get their refrigerator fixed and not only that. i'm in this situation because i've made a mistake of buying your products. everyone gets their refrigerators fixed immediately in their homes and i have to go through all of this trouble because your agent is unprofessional and works like we are in the dark ages. and for the record none of the people who contacted me had a feed back regarding the situation, every time any of them contacts me or come to check the problem, i have to go through the whole story over and over again and no one of them even bothered to take the specs of the motor or make a full report so that they would fix the problem of bringing me another one.

I want this problem fixed as soon as possible without another delay or any excuses and i want it to be fixed at home not having to go through all this trouble and extra unnecessary charges just because it is imported and for the record i don't trust them to take my refrigerator since they are so unprofessional, they might damage it some more. all i'm asking from you is to help fix it for me and take this matter seriously.

Name: Sara Hassan Hussein Abdelkader ElGendy
Address: 30 sudan street, Mohandessen, Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Phone: +[protected]
date of incedent: June and July 2019
Requesting a repaire
Toshiba agent in Egypt: Elaraby Group

customer service complaint
customer service complaint
customer service complaint
customer service complaint
customer service complaint
customer service complaint

Toshiba Corporation

air conditioner

There is a malfunction in the air conditioning located in Al-Ajmi central hospital, dialysis department, Agami area, Alexandria, Egypt
And have been communicating with the company for the necessary maintenance work and did not comply with the company to respond or maintenance
Or change the damaged air conditioning
Knowing that this is the adjustment within the warranty period
So we send SOS quickly to fix the air conditioning so that no one is at risk

Because renal dialysis patients do not tolerate high temperature during renal dialysis

By : Amr Mohamed Ghetany

4k Ultra tv model 43L621U

After tv is on a few minutes the screen goes black. When turned off and back on it comes back, but goes out in minutes again. The tv is just a couple years old and well taken care of. I can not get any help on company website. They insist the model doesn't exist. It appears there are about 8-10 Toshiba 4K models doing the same thing and people aren't getting answers. If this is a company defect I think they should at least address the problem

  • Updated by Smitty555 · May 04, 2019

    Pictures added to prove it does exist

laptop x30

Dear Sir or Madam, I bought a Toshiba Laptop X30-E-12N Core i7-8550U one month ago and started using it...

the gaming laptop is awful

I have a toshiba gaming laptop with the id of [protected]-AA780.
it sucks, its so laggy all it does is not do gaming proporly evry game is super laggy, i also made a list of the bad things about this computer.
10 horrible things with this potato computer
1- no 60fps
2- all games SUPER laggy
3- random number pad
4- start screen message is a lie
5- cant open up the store
6- cant open up paint 3D
7- randomly derps out
8- randomly dosent let me do simple things
9- scrolling with a mouse is SUPER slow
10- scrolling with the toutchpad just dosent work

so yeah either you jack up your god auful "gaming" laptops or something i will be verry angry and unsatisfied

faulty repair job

Toshiba Job Sheet No. 362646
Date: 21/11/2018
Name: Lai Kian Wai

i went to Petagas Electronic Centre and ask for repair because my toshiba 49" tv was unable to be switched on. There was a male technician attended to me and informed me that he needed to check and will call me back once he ascertain the problem of my tv. Two days later the said technician contacted me saying that the on/off switch had been replaced and problem solved. However, i was shocked to be told the lcd screen is faulty as a day before i sent the said tv to him, the screen was working perfectly. I did not accept his reason as i guessed there were surely some negligence on his part and i told him that i will make a complaint. Months dragged on, so i would like to officially make a complaint regarding this matter. Your attention in this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.

bad service

My Toshiba Washing Machine bought in 03/May/2017 still under warranty (warranty card No : W2805016). this time is 2nd time mulfunction, but bad thing is your service center located in Seberang Jaya, Penang, Malaysia, Tel : +[protected] giving me a very bad experienced, that is promised to come for service between 3 days, but today already day 6 (I reported mulfunction in 21/March/2019). I called them many times but always delay the schedule most worst is they refused to answer my phone ! I try to seek the Manager for help but they also not allow me to contact the manager.

The report No is : CESRO1903-01990

damaged toshiba fire tv - replacement

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am fuming! I bought a Toshiba 50 inch TV on July 28, 2018 as a gift for my sister in Texas. They opened the box and connected the TV and there was no picture. I called Asurion the insurance policy I purchased to see if they could help me. They told me to call Toshiba because the TV is still under warranty. So I called Toshiba customer service. They scheduled a technician to go and check the TV. The technician told my sister that the unit needed to be replaced. The panel is not working. So I called the insurance company again and they referred me to Toshiba. So I called Toshiba today and I was on hold for an hour and a half. I am so frustrated because the line kept getting disconnected and every time I called back and had to explain my situation. I spoke to 4 people. Then they said they were going to schedule another appointment for a tech to go and check the unit AGAIN. I told them why did a second technician have to go out again? My sister and her family work and they can't be taking time off from work. They took time off the first time the technician came to check the unit. All I want is a replacement TV or my money back.

I just want what I paid for and it has been four months since I purchased the TV and it was a gift. This is totally unacceptable customer service. I will be honest with you, I used to think Toshiba was a great manufacturer and etc. Now I will never buy anything Toshiba. This is because of the bad experience I am having. Again all I want is a working TV or my money back. I need someone to please help me with this matter.

Thank you.
Maria [protected]

fridge maintenance

Unfortunate I'm traveling to contact Toshiba Egypt but they are not responding and till now they didn't call me back or respond to my written complaint that is attached below.
Thank you in advance for your response.
I'm writing to you to complain from the way and treatment I received from your team those whom supposed to take care and support Toshiba customers those whom supposed to pay more attention to their company reputation and my feedback is they don't care. I'm sure you can investigate So I'll brief you. On 9 Oct 2018 I've called your call center and registered maintenance request for my fridge and received the technician visit on 13 Oct and he confirm that my fridge need filter and recharge the gas. And he collect 100EGP as visit charges with receipt # 1226. He confirms that within 2 days maximum my problems will be solved on 15 Oct I received a call from your technician asking me if I'm available today and I confirm that this is Ok and I'm expecting him ASAP he ask for some one to carry his equipment to my apartment and I told him that building security might help him - but in my opinion this is not supposed to happened from your representative - he confirmed that he will call me back to confirm when he will come, But he dint.
On 16 Oct I've called your call center and registered complaint from delay in solving my request they called me back and confirm that technician will visit me on 20 Oct!!! I request to register complaint and to talk to manager but Ms Nada asked me to call 19319 again. I've called again and talked to Ms. Nivin asking to talk to Manager. But she confirm that the manager is calling another customer and will cell me back once he end his call. Unfortunate No One called me till this time.
Still waiting any response from Toshiba Egypt with this written complaint
Thank you for your time and sorry for the long email
Emad Saber
Mobile [protected]

tech support

reference number104434295
Employee number 895294 "john"
I called to for internal cam problem agreed to 1 year service to have repair of cam issue and 1 year service after 20 minutes tech states its hardware issue and can't fix
online. Supervisor John gets on line wont refund charge yet tells me take to computer store for repair wont authorize full refund yet stated multiple times he would Deduct $99 from $159 charge and discount $50 then continue to say he was going to charge me $99 asked for his supervisor and would not transfer me to His BOSS!
Acceptable resolution full refund.
on several occasions he requested I let him finish which I complied with
Then every time I tried to explain my side he would interrupt
I asked multiple times for his boss which he would not transfer me too
But he told me to take to comp store and have them repair
I have bought several Toshiba computers but will never again if this is your customer service
Patrick J Callahan