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I have been in the toy department with my 3 year old daughter several times. She plays with the Toy's and we try to pick up what she gets out best as we can.
There has been two times where the employees in that department have been terribly rude. Today my little girl was playing with a ball very well behaved and the employee told her and three other children they weren't allowed to do that. She kept repeating it with me standing there. I keep a watchful eye on my daughter and make sure she behaves. She was doing nothing wrong. I am sure people let there kids do things that are naughty in the toy department, but this was not the case. The employee then goes on venting outloud how appalled she was she has to say anything. She then starts doing her job and picks the toys up. She plainly was not happy to have to be the one picking up the toy department. I got the brunt of her frustration.It probably gets quite messy a nd I'm sure it's not a fun job. But to carry the wrath of the toy zone that other kids disorganized, not mine, onto me and my child is unacceptable. It made me terribly upset that she thought she could be so verbal!
The other time I experienced this same situation, there were 3 employees picking up. I was basically alone in the store at the end of the night with my daughter. There were lots of toys out from all the kids that were in the store that day. They very loudly complained with lots if bitterness and made me terribly uncomfortable. Again i felt like they were taking out all there frustration on the only parent left in the department, whom actually picks up after her child! I honestly did not just feel they were rude in that situation, but I felt in danger of them harming me, because the way they were talking. Very angry.
I like this store very much! But I feel I should not have to put up with such terrible customer service when I want to go look at the toys.

Jun 15, 2019
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  •   Jun 15, 2019

    I know she is three but bounce the ball a couple of times to check the bounce and that's it. It's not toys r us and I have seen plenty of parents forget they are parents once they enter tjmaxx/other stores similar. If the ball gets out of hand and ends up knocking over something breakable, you will have to pay.

    I'm really sick of parents not parenting their children once they are in public.

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  •   Jun 16, 2019

    Allowing your child to bounce balls and play with toys in a store is unacceptable. The ball could roll under a person walking and cause injuries. It could bounce back and hit your child in the eye. A child could step and trip and fall on their face. Broken nose, lip split, eye bruised and cheek fracture. The store would be sued for not stopping your child from bouncing a ball but the injuries are your fault for allowing your spoiled child to play with store toys.

    A toy store is not a playground.

    Buy the ball and if not bouncy enough for your child, return or exchange it. No one is hurt and you’re teaching your child a lesson.

    Bad parenting is the leading cause of stupid children.

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  • Al
      Jun 21, 2019

    With all respect as an associate who has worked in that dept for 2 years, by the end of the night the employees working the night shift are drained and frustrated. If It is almost closing time you are going to hear the comments from the day. The work is really thrown specifically on the night shift.
    You're right It is not a fun job picking up after children but you're there to shop and leave. It's not a playground for your daughter. Management, loss prevention personnel and even corporate walk around the stores specifically looking at the cleanliness of departments and corporate will not be happy if the associate does not stop your daughter from bouncing the ball. Although It isn't, they still consider It a safety hazard. Buy the ball and play with It outside.

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  •   Jun 21, 2019

    @AleeahG Really? Please send them to Sunnyside/LIC in Queens to Marshalls off 48th street by NORTHERN BOULEVARD. Store is constantly disgusting due to clientele just being ignorant. Also, line going around the store which is quite deep in the building.

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