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E Jun 13, 2018 Review updated:

Hi there,

I have now unmasked at least 3 fake accounts among men listed in Norway and Sweden.

1) I wasted 2 weeks, May 28, 2018 to June 12, 2018, talking to a so-called Ian MARTIN (58 years old) from Oslo, Norway who claimed having dual nationality, Norwegian and US, and being interested in a serious relationship and marriage, saying he was a widower these past 3 years and claiming to work for a company servicing the US Army in Pakistan these past 6 months. He said he could not be reached by phone or SKYPE unless I pay 440$ to the army's administration.
Here are his details: [protected],
WhatsApp cell phone nr: +[protected]. Photos are attached, the first was his TINDER profile photo.

2) On June 5, 2018 I matched with a certain James (46 years old), claiming to be a US soldier currently posted in Aleppo, Syria. He refused to give me any sort of identifying information, such as his regiment, ID, etc. He only gave me these details :
James Michael Ward, 45 Leyden Street, MA. WhatsApp cell phone nr: +[protected].

3) Another match was Bryan from Sweden onJune 02, 2018, who asked to me to chat with him on Hangouts. He previously told me he had just left Sweden to work on the construction of a building in Qatar. I am sure he is not who he pretends to be, but just another scam artist. On Hangouts he appears as a Bryan Watson.
His email: [protected]

The following is our last chat on Hangouts, yesterday, June 12, 2018.

Bryan: Good morning dear

Me (Esterella): Good morning Bryan

Bryan: How are you doing today?

Me (Esterella): Just about to start my day. Are you staying in a hotel or apartment?

Bryan: I'm staying an apartment but it looks more of a hotel. I'm at the site already, The company paid me 40% of the money for mobilization and equipments in which I'm to get 60% of the money when my job is done. I brought 1 truck from Sweden and it cost me $5000 for shipment down here and the contractors aren't still fast so I had to order 2 more so we can get the job done quickly and each truck cost me $12000... last night when I went to the bar of the hotel I had to discuss with an acquaintance he proposed to me a business about selling of trucks that I will make much income than me traveling to countries for job and all, he said a lot tho. I had to think through with everything he said to me and I realize he wasn't wrong at all coz I really want to settle down with you and if these truck business will be a success I wouldn't mind trying or what do you think babe

Me (Esterella): Wow Bryan, that's a lot of information. Take it a step at a time.

Bryan: Oh I just think you should know since we want to be in each other's life

Me (Esterella): Bryan, you don't even know me. For now, we've just begun a chat conversation.

Bryan: Okay
How's your day going

Me (Esterella): Can you talk over SKYPE with video?

Bryan: I'm sorry I can't
I don't do video calls

Me (Esterella): In that case, I don't know if you are who you say you are.

Bryan: Okay

Because of these incidents, I am now really uncomfortable using your service.
It's just scandalous having been made a mockery of by these internet thugs. It has been really taxing and depressing emotionally, to have been shamefully taken advantage of by these scammers, as I have been very open and honest in our exchanges, sending out many of my own photos with family and friends, believing their lies, because I was really convinced that I had finally found someone suitable.

What I ask of you is to find out and pursue who is behind these scams using other people's photos, and who are the actual men in the photos, because they are probably victims, too.

Thanks in advance for looking into this.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information, at [protected]@hotmail. fr.

Kind regards,

Esterella (TINDER name)



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      Sep 14, 2018

    I met another account fraudster with the same man that you listed in your photos. He wrote to me from the end of 2017, I did not answer, but a month ago the conversation was unleashed. And he began to expound his story. That he works as a lawyer, he has a daughter of 5 years old Emily, and that his wife died 5 years ago. Then he told me that he flew to South Korea to attend a conference of lawyers, received a reward for the best lawyer, sent photos, confessed his love, then, on arrival, he was busy organizing the birthday of his daughter. And one day he said that a disaster had happened, he urgently needs to leave the country, and that I should help him ...
    His account is @strawberry_mike1967

    He is ready to move to Russia, he said that he is ready to work here as long as possible, just to be with me. And just yesterday he admitted that he was not in the photos - he again sent his photo, did not mention his name, but continued to insist that we should have a relationship)))) By the way, from communication in Skype and watsApp, he also refused .

    It became interesting to me to find the owner of photos, to inform him that scammers use his photos and video. But I saw your site, and was very surprised that many already used it.

    How to make it so that you can block scam accounts? And did anyone find the owner of the photos to tell him what was happening?

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      Oct 15, 2018


    My "Ian Martin" - whom I met on OKCupid in mid-September, 2018, with the exact same photos above - was 53, from Columbus, OH, currently residing in Boardman, OR. He had a grown daughter named Michelle, and an infant son named Arthur. He was a 3-year widower just re-entering the dating scene. Both his parents were dead, and he had an estranged sister living in NV. He claimed adamantly to be Christian, spending his Sundays at bible studies and such. He had a German Shepherd. He drove a 2017 Mustang. His favorite color was blue. His favorite singer was Luther Vandross. His favorite movies were rom-coms. His favorite food was seafood salad. I thought I was getting to know him pretty well.

    Just before we were about to meet in-person, he was suddenly "contracted" to Islamabad, Pakistan. A "juicy contract", in his words. He claimed to be "independent and live very comfortably." My loneliness rendered me utterly defenseless against his charming rhetoric. Here's one of the many "love letters" sent to me over the course of the 4-week-long scam:


    "Dear Xxxxx,

    "I'm thinking about you as I write this email, I am so thankful for the wonderful example of a good woman God has given to me, I will never take that for granted. You inspire me to be a better person each day, to be the kind of man you would be proud to introduce as your husband. It's because of you that I have true feelings of being in love again. You are the woman selected expressly for me and I think we are a perfect fit. When we meet for the first time and share our first kiss I know that it will be spiritual and emotional. The mental image of that day plays in my head constantly. I want our first kiss to be something that we never forget. I want each first kiss of the day to be as memorable as the first kiss.

    "When I think of you, I get the image of a smart, strong, and very wise woman. I have no doubt whatever you decide to do can and will be accomplished in a major way because you have been blessed by God. You are the kind of woman that every man dream of and I have been chosen by God to receive. I will never take you for granted. I promise this day to love and adore you always, to honor you without question, to respect you without ceasing, and trust you without doubting. My love for you deepens each day. My heart yearns for that first kiss and my body craves that first touch. I know it will be electrifying. With every fiber of my being, I Love and Adore You.

    Love always,


    Towards the end, "he" even put my in contact with a phony Army Col. Anthony Williams to request leave for him to come home and be with me, which I was stupid and gullible enough to actually try to do, btw. As if some random woman could email an Army Col. and request anything! It wasn't until I finally did a simple Google image search, at the insistence of a close friend, that I realized it was all a scam.

    I was skeptical all along, of course. But they were very good at reassuring me and telling me the things I wanted to hear. They were patient and built my trust over time.

    In the end, they managed to dupe me out of a $50 iTunes gift card, who knows how much personal info, my heart, my dignity and my self-respect.

    All the signs of fraud were there, which anyone with an objective perspective could have easily seen. I was just too far under "his" spell, so to speak, to see it for myself.

    I learned a very hard lesson, and hopefully my pride, dignity and self-respect were the only things lost.



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      Aug 11, 2019

    This guy is on Plenty of Fish now. I'm in NH, he says he's in Texas, weird. His emails are short and full of compliments on how beautiful I am. I think I'm wonderful but beautiful I'm not. Awesome, amazing, cute to some, sexy to some, but first and second email raving of my beauty, always a red flag. Did a google image search and found this info. Obviously a scam artist. So I'm just playing with him now. But any woman who's buying his sales pitch, beware.

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      Aug 14, 2019

    This guy (photo of this guy) is scamming my mom using the name Gregory Pigman, he’s widowed with a daughter- she has been sending him money for over a year now and thinks he’s coming to marry her and she’s going to adopt his daughter...sickening

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