Time Warner Cablebilling


I had a chat on 10-13-17 with spectrum cable and agreed to service with install on 10-15-17. I have the chat transcript where I was told that I would be billed 30 days from install date. I received 1st billing statement today 10-18-17 with a due date of 10-27-17. I contacted customer service and I was told that I was told incorrectly and If I paid after the due date I would receive a late fee. I was sent to a supervisor and was told the same. I asked for them to access the chat and they said they couldnt. I tried to send my copy of chat to charter/spectrum and was told it would not make a difference that my due date is 10-27-17 and would be the 27th of every month. I only signed up at that time because my due date would be 30 days from install. I have proof and they still cant honor what I was told in writing.

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