Timberland Case LLCPaid for merchandise that never came


On March 23rd I ordered a custom hockey NHL jersey display case from Timberland Case. On March 24th my credit card was promptly charged for the full amount of the order ($229.95 + 59.97 for shipping= $289.92). The website states "Custom made and made to order! Please allow 7-10 business days before we ship!" It is now July 10th and I still have not received the display case.
I have been communicating with Timberland since April 12th regarding this order. They respond we excuses every time stating that "all cases are custom made" and that "they are a little behind right now". I have seen houses built in the time it takes for them to make a 45" x 36" x 4.5" display case.
Twice I have demanded a refund from this company. On June 26th Timberland actually sent me a "Refund Notification". Guess what? I still haven't received that either! Apparently, the issuance of a refund takes as long as the making of a display case!
Three weeks is a bit behind...three months is a [email protected]

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