Tim Hortonstake out service

I have been going to this tim hortons since it opened and they can never get the order right. I always get sausage on my tim matin instead of bacon, they never add whipped cream to my iced cap and so much more. They need to be reminded to follow the order carefully so as to get it right. It is so frustrating that my order is never right. This is a huge complaint among ormstown citizens... everyone is just fed up. I don't normally complain but after a year or so of this, that is enough! I pay for my food and expect to get what I ordered. This morning I only ordered a tim matin and they got it wrong. I only found out when I got back to work and opened my breakfast. I can't go back as my break is over aso I threw it out. I waste so much money there. Please tell them to be more vigilant with the orders.
Thank you, have a lovely day

Oct 04, 2019

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