Tim Hortonsnew lids

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Up until a few weeks ago the lids were the standard lids (flat to the top), now they are more like a McDonalds lid. No consistency, sometimes I get a lid with just a hole in the top, sometimes it has the leaf imprint on the top where you have to fold the flap open. These lids are garbage. They leak, my coffee spills out. The rim is huge so when I drink it goes everywhere. I use to be able to bite my cup if I need a spare hand while opening a door or something, and I can't do that anymore. I also could stack 2 cups on top of each other if I need to as the lids were flat, good luck with that now. Heck, I have even dropped a Tims coffee with the old lid and it didn't pop off. Worst decision ever. Photo is 2 different lids in 2 days. I'm sick of leaking coffee down the front of me while in the car.

Tim Hortons

Oct 03, 2019
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