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I started work in August was having trouble with a supervisor and on 4 different occasions tried to ask what was wrong she played it good in front of management and owners until they had left I was being watched and told to clean everything while her and another employee stood there watching making fun and I was called please a "Fricken Savage " I am a native and was very hurt and felt belittled as I had no more options her Uncle is management and now her boyfriend works there was also working the last day I walked out and the manager on duty yelled aloud so we have theives here now being in that environment I felt knocked down and I felt as tho the people I had met there were let down we had such a great friendship going but when your up against everyone that is related not much you can do the day I was called a savage was the day I walked out didn't return to my understanding your company is a no tolerance for racism I feel as tho I was attacked and also nepotism and conflict of interest with how they are running that company in battleford please help direct me to the appropriate people to help with my situation as I have been trying for awhile now and only found this site I'm hoping I get through to somebody Thank you
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    No a person in that position should be more professional


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      Nov 05, 2019

    What's happening here is wrong, period. You should feel comfortable and respected in the workplace and regardless to their motive for this behaviour it does indeed cross a line. If you don't feel good about going to corporate Human Resources and this persists you should contact the human rights tribunal as they've got legal advice for free (you'll be on hold for a while though) and much more. Guidelines on their website make it clear what's right and wrong and can guide you through a resolution.

    Hopefully you're able to work things out with them at work and they stop this nonsense. I'm so sorry you're being made to feel this way and your feelings are indeed valid and worth investigating further.

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      Nov 05, 2019

    @Fedfjarre No, I did not see that until just now when I looked at her comment above. These things shouldn't be happening on either side and I'm saddened to discover this.

    Claims like those, albeit false in this case have potential to ruin the life of the accused even before due process takes place. Thanks for pointing that out.

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