Tim Hortons Store 2362 Vernon BCmain entrance doors not operating properly

A Aug 01, 2018

As a daily user of this store I find it difficult to see why this has not been fixed. Since Sept of 2017 or about the time this store was upgraded the main entrance door remains open for about 20 seconds every time it is opened. If the above switch is on auto it closes properly but the wheelchair timer does not work. So they switch it to on so that the wheelchair persons have access. Anyway two wrongs don't do it right. Over the winter there were times that it was uncomfortably cool with the door needlessly open. I brought it up numerous times with the franchise owners son, the Manager (Pam) and most of the other daytime supervisors.
This is Aug 1st and it is still going on: and the flies are coming in needlessly. I believe the auto circuit is not properly wired up or some other part of the hookup I also tried to show the maintenance person but he didn't understand either. I compared other Tim Horton locations in Mb SK AB and they worked as designed. Sorry I didn't go to another location in Vernon.

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