Tim Hortonsnoise complaint from a franchise controlled device on site.

T Aug 15, 2018

I have lived at my present address 3736 35 ave SW since 1999, and only since May of 2018 have I had this amount of noise coming from the building which holds your franchise. I had been working with the 7-11 regional Manager to try and resolve the problem, and they traced the issue to a unit managed and owned by Tim Hortons. My understanding from the 7-11 Regional Manager is that they talked to the Franchise owner about the issue, and that owners response was something along the lines of not my problem.

As a customer of Tim Horton's this disappoints me greatly. And I've taken to writing corporate in hopes to help bring a resolution to the noise problem.

The Tim Horton's in question resides in the Esso station at 3508 37th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.

I would appreciate any updates you can provide on the issue.


-Chris Thierman
3736 35 Ave SW

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