Tim Hortonscustomer service behaviour


I am here to complain about the behaviour from an employee, female caucasian wearing glasses named *Christine* from the UFV Abbotsford BC Tim Hortons. Her attitude was unacceptable. She asked cash or debit and I had said cash clearly and she grew impatient instantly went to get the bagel. I nicely asked for it to be toasted just to be sure and she snapped at me “uhhh it is toasted!?” I do not appreciate this customer service. This could have been answered politely. She asked again cash or debit when I had change in my hand and I said cash again clearly and she snapped again “you didnt say that??” I was very shocked to receive this attitude from someone in their workplace. I would like to have Christine know that this is not acceptable customer service and change her rude behavior. This is not how you treat your customers, I have never experienced such rude service from an employee. She also seemed to be having a bad day or maybe overall hates her job. But this is still unacceptable. Please improve the customer service behaviour.

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