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Extremely poor customer service. I purchased tickets over the phone and received a confirmation email indicating the wrong date. Waited 30 mins to get through to someone to talk to only to be told that they can not exchange nor refund. although it was clearly their mistake and there were plenty of seats still available for that day. Ruined out family night out which we planned in advance and really were looking forward to . Appalling attitude and response from customer service. Extremely disappointing.


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      Jan 16, 2010

    I ordered 4 tickets on ticketmaster for the king tut exhibit in SF online. 3 out of the 4 tickets came back with the time window I selected and one, for some reason, came out a different time. I called ticketmaster to make a change to the 4th ticket assuming it wouldn't be much of a problem. Instead, they refused to make the change and said since I ordered online, the problem was self-inflicted and not their fault. The operator said he can prove it was a human mistake, because I ordered using its website, hence I'm responsible for the problem. I found that was extremely irresponsible of ticketmaster and extremely rude of the operator, and absolutely ridiculous in how they blamed the customer.

    The operator's name is Lorenzo and his operator number is ZYS688 - at least that's what he said.

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      Jan 25, 2010

    been trying to use a ticketmaster gift card for 2 years and get nowhere but put on hold or this last time after being on hold for 10 minutes had a rude french speaking operator lecture me on how to ask for Enlgish before I even got my question out. Nice customer relations ticketmaster...

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      Dec 09, 2010

    Bought 4 Justin Bieber VIP tickets, which were to include other promotional material, such as a Justin Bieber bag, JB Calendar, JB Lanyard, etc etc. 2 arrived. 2 did not and even thought I have been calling the VIP line every week for the past 4 months, I have not received the other goods that I paid for. VIP lies continually, saying they have "escalated" it and that it is a different company that does the shipping, which they have no authority over. But they had no problem charging my VISA an outrageous price for these VIP tickets which were at the 500 level (in other words, worst seats in the Skydome) -- a total rip-off. Nevertheless, I am furious that I paid for goods and they dont give a damn about providing them. Too much time has elapsed since they were purchased (3 months before the concert) and the fact that they did give the tickets -- hence I received part of the order, that VISA will not get involved. One of the agents had the audacity to say "Shipments can take 2 months to come from the USA to Canada so I should wait the 2 months to see if it arrives!!!" I hit the roof and told her she was crazy if she thought I was going to wait 2 months until i call them again -- and if in fact it was sent, then I want the tracking number. Of course, there was none. I would NEVER order VIP tickets from Ticketmaster Again!!! They don't care that they ripped me off, and that my daughters are extremely disappointed.

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      Feb 20, 2011

    I am suing ticket master due to their faulty and un responsible system. my email is Kassandra.[protected]@live. com. if you would allow me to use your story to help me with my dispute, we can see what they can do for yours as well.

    I ordered tickets for Kevin Hart on Saturday, but instead they gave me Fridays tickets, when doesn't add up because i was going for Friday Feb 18th tickets but they were sold out so they gave me saturdays and now that i tried to print my tickets on saturday today feb 19th, they said the even was over, i am out 172.00 dollars and i didnt even go, it also shows in their system the tickets werent used. i spoke with them they said there is nothing that they can do and that it was my error i shoudlve triple checked my order. they said that i need to sue them to get it taken care of. which is where were headed. if you are intrested please send me an email with your story. name and contact information.

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  •   Jun 16, 2011

    If it is their mistake then they should be doing something to solve it. I would take some advice from consumer direct and see what your consumer rights are.

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