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Ticketmaster reviews & complaints

Ticketmaster complaints 174

Jan 24, 2022

Ticketmaster - Crediting my account/money they owe

This matter is regarding two (2) NFL tickets that I sold through their website back in September 2021. I have reached out numerous times to find out why I haven't received my money from the sale of these tickets. Last email I received from Customer Support was an email on Nov 19, Thanking me for reaching out about the tickets. It led me to FAQ's concerning the selling of my tickets. There was nothing noted on their website on how to handle issues regarding brokering a transaction, which is what they did. There is no phone number and no one you can speak with over the phone. Keep receiving the same response which doesn't even address my transaction. Please let me know what else I can do. It's about $500. I have also seen many others complain of the same issues

Desired outcome: To receive money owed

Ticketmaster - Missing refund

Dear Sirs,

My event was cancelled due to Covid. The refund still has not reached my account. The event was scheduled to take place on 28th Dec. I received confirmation at 11:45 on the morning of the event.

The booking reference is: 4532580

No refund or any communication from the company, absolutely disgusting customer 'service', probably the worst I have had the misfortune of dealing with.

The company does not provide and email or telephone customer service.

Desired outcome: Refund of my money

Dogshit company, do not use.

Ticketmaster - Duplicate John Legend Tickets

Ticket Master employees are well versed in their scheme of double-ticket purchases, with the "inference" of a refund, if the new purchase is equal to or of greater value. After numerous attempts to contact customer service (no calls allowed, only emails) about replacing previously purchased tickets and after receiving vague, confusing emails confirming my purchase was in fact eligible for a refund, so as the new purchase was equal to or greater in value, they've NOW made every attempt to disqualify my previous purchase with inconsistencies, alterations of their own policies and down-right denial. Even after they encouraged me to resale the original purchase, I've received a notice this option is not even available.

What a joke. What a scam. Did not attempt to get a full refund, only wanted to exchange dates for the same, on-going event just a week later, due to a private family conflict, and they've turned this experience (meant as a celebration) completely into one of the most unpleasant experiences, ever.

If you are thinking about buying Ticket Master products…. STOP 🛑. Use another vendor, if applicable, with a live customer service option and clear, concise refund/exchange policies, so you don't end up with 2 sets of tickets, 2 weekends in a role, with no other options, except a possible small s claims action.

Desired outcome: Total Refund


Ticketmaster - payment for ticket resale

I sold the tickets to milky chance back in October 2021, they said I would get paid for the ticket resale seven days after the event occurs (November 22, 2021)...it is now January 6th and customer service keeps sending me FAQ's to review. No solution offered. I have had the same banking info on the account from the last time I resold tickets but they said it still needs to be verified. so I re-entered the same account info, but no small deposits have been made to verify. I then decided to try with another bank account and still, no 2 small deposits to verify. Email is getting me no where.

Desired outcome: I want my CA$251.12 back.

Ticketmaster - Cannot login to cancel tickets

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, please may I offer feedback that no matter what I tried in order to login into myaccount in ticketmaster I received an error message preventing it.

It was very disappointing to chase an error message that seems to be erroneous, as I have JAVA script enabled, and have no ghosting software installed.

That aside please may I respectfully request the refund of the tickets that are issued below for the Rangers vs Washington 02/24/2022.

The reason for needing to cancel is that the NY Covid restrictions prevent the attendance of our family as our daughters are unable to receive vaccinations due to the UK government policy (although my wife and I are fully vaccinated).

As this is due to restrictions placed upon us that are beyond our control a refund would be extremely welcomed.

This is a huge disappointment to us, and we really appreciate your kind assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Dominic Kiernander

Ticketmaster My Account
You Got the Tickets
Order # 24-12450/NY7

New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals
Thursday, February 24, 2022 7:00 PM EST
Madison Square Garden — New York, New York
Get Directions
Sec 214, Row 6, Seat 18 - 21

Payment Summary View Details

Payment Method
VISA — 5169 Total: $772.80

Desired outcome: refund of tickets

Ticketmaster - Liberty Bowl game tickets

Received my two tickets from seller and saved to wallet. At gate even though the "hold near reader" symbol appeared and "filled", the tickets would not validate! As a 77 year old senior citizen this was upsetting! I talked my way into the game but my tickets were not valid. I hold TM responsible for poor customer outcomes as a "middle man"! If I had not negotiated entrance, I would be filing suit against Ticketmaster.

Desired outcome: You tell me!

Ticketmaster - Funds from resale of tickets

I purchased 2 tickets from Ticketmaster and now I can't go. I posted them for sale on Ticketmaster's site. They sold within a day. I haven't gotten my funds. I have emailed them through their site several times. No response. There is no number to call and speak to a live human being. Their site says payouts are usually within 7 days. It's been weeks. So that means I paid for the tickets and then whomever bought my tickets also paid (so they have been paid twice). Some governmental agency needs to have some oversight on their practices. This has to be illegal and unethical.

Desired outcome: I want a full refund of both tickets ($225).

Ticketmaster - refused to refund my money or provide credit

I bought 4 tickets to a Hershey Bear hockey game from the Ticketmaster website. We purposely bought afternoon game tickets on a Sunday because we are 4 sixty-five year old men that don't want to drive at night or deal with weekday traffic. The game got postponed due to covid to a date I could not attend plus it's for a 7:00 p.m. game on a Tuesday night so even if I was available on that date, I certainly wouldn't want to have to drive from Baltimore in rush hour traffic to attend the game and then have to drive that distance afterwards in the night. I requested a refund. According to the posted policy, Ticketmaster can either refund my money or provide a 120% credit. They offered neither claiming I was not the original purchaser. They said my only option was to try to resell my tickets but their website would not permit that option either. Nowhere during the purchase did it say I was buying resale tickets. So now I have 4 tickets to a game that I can't attend with Ticketmaster not offering any options. I feel scammed. I want my money back

Desired outcome: I'd like Hershey Bear tickets to a weekend game similar to the ones I purchased or I want my money back


Ticketmaster - I purchased tickets and they had changed the health code and was unable to go due to health code

I bought tickets to luke comes a year before the concert date. They had changed all health codes to get into the stadium and I was unable to go based off of health code regulations. They required either testing or vaccine and I am at no liberty to discuss my issues with them however they gave me the run around on refunding my tickets. I had bought insurance as well for these tickets and can you guess what happened, They gave me the run around about refining my tickets. Worst service, worst insurance I will never in my life recommend Ticketmaster or insurance that they use. I will never use ticket master nor will my family and friends and I will tell everyone I know about how they treated me and my situation.

Desired outcome: I want a refund on the tickets I had purchased

Ticketmaster - Credit

I sold Knick basketball tickets back on November 7, 2021. I have yet to receive my credit. I cannot get a hold of representative to help, and their email communication is crap. To top all off their scams out there representing TM and with access to information. I reported a fraud with some folks claiming to represent TM. This is most unfortunate that such a big company can't solve or secure their business.

Desired outcome: My credit owed

Dec 03, 2021

Ticketmaster - Ticketmaster

DO NOT trust or use Allianz Global Insurance or Ticketmaster. I've used this company several times before and have had bad experiences at least half of the time. The most recent being the last straw. I purchased tickets to see a band in Texas along with the "protected" insurance. The concert was rescheduled so due to that and other circumstances I wouldn't be able to go so I contacted both Allianz and Ticketmaster. I had to send them my information 5+ times and every time they said it wasnt enough info ( it definitely was more than sufficient). After I voiced some annoyance at this issue, I was promptly blocked. I even tried emailing them from my husband's account. This has all been way too stressful and unnecessary. I will NEVER use them again. If you value your hard earned money and don't appreciate being lied to or run arounds then I suggest you take your business elsewhere

Desired outcome: Refund $1,000

Dec 01, 2021

Ticketmaster - Concert tickets.

Bought ticket to Alicia Keys concert Phoenix AZ that never happened. Postponed at least twice due to Covid, then cancelled. Fine print says I can redeem my ticket at another concert or sell it or give it away, but I'm out of luck for 225.00 ticket. I call that a rip off. Ticketmaster used to be a legitimate outfit. They have, however, demonstrated that they are operating a scam. A disabled vet 225.00 is a lot of money to me.

Desired outcome: The obviously need the money more than I, a disabled vet.

Ticketmaster - Gareth brooks tickets

I purchased 2 tickets for Garth Brooks and I immediately noticed I had mistakenly booked 2 seats in 2 different rows. I don't want to sit by myself at the concert. I immediately emailed ticket master. I have also been trying to call the number listed online and it says the line is down due to emergency issues. I have sent number pjs of emails asking for a refund and I have received not one single response. It's a lot of money and I want it back. If I don't get a response In the next 24 hours I will have to seek further action. You can contact mr at Louise.[protected]@yahoo.co.uk

Desired outcome: Refund

Ticketmaster - My account was hacked.

Someone hacked my account and purchase 455.10 with Meek Mill ticket master. I have been calling every number that I can find for ticket master. The information is not helpful and customer is non cooperative. I have been working on this for several days with the help of my bank. I would appreciate a talk with customer service and a refund. I have filed a police report on this matter. Ticket master response!

Desired outcome: Refund

Ticketmaster - Non Refund Tickets

3-48621/UK3 - Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott
Jacqui Abbott was ill when we arrived at the venue (Motorpoint Arena Cardiff)
Staff offered a full refund, we went to the box office and a nice lady showed me how to requested a refund using the Ticketmaster App.
After many emails from Ticket Master and Motorpoint Arena each saying contact the other for a refund and now my emails are being ignored
I just need someone to refund me the ticket value as promised on the day

Desired outcome: Refund of Ticket Value

Ticketmaster - NFL Tickets - Kansas City Chiefs

I purchased and then re-sold these tickets. I purchased them for $995.91 US and sold them on October 23 for 630 US. Ticketmaster has over $360 profit for this transaction. Except, they have not refunded me my money. I have tried consistently since October 30, 2021 to validate my account (and have even sent them a screenshot of my account details), yet they have not sent me the 'small deposits' that I need in order to validate my account. I have requested supervisor calls, and everything I can think of. Nov 17, they told me they were depositing the $630, but they have not done so (and I received a subsequent that says that I need to validate my account, which I have been trying to do, but they have not provided the small deposits I need.)

My file is 9951485 - Listing # P2B5B723

Desired outcome: The return of the funds they owe to me.

Ticketmaster - Not Paid for Re-Sold Tickets

I purchased two tickets to see Eric Clapton in Tampa on September 25th, 2021. Order # [protected]-8 As COVID grew worse, especially in Florida I decided to not attend. I listed the tickets for sale through Ticketmaster and they sold quickly. listing #P26C712D.

Since that time I get nothing but emails from ticketmaster stating:
"Whoops, We Couldn't Deposit Your Money" They claim that there is something wrong with the card I used and that I must rer-enter all my information.

I did that. and yet all I get from them is:
"Whoops, We Couldn't Deposit Your Money"

I have re-entered the card four times!

I have emailed and made phone calls but Ticketmaster has themselves so insulated from the public that they can keep this game up indefinitly. Everyattempt to contact them leads to a dead end.

I even physically wrote them a letter that I snail mailed to them. No response at all.

These guys have 548.48 of my money!
I want my money!

Just to prove what a loyal Ticketmaster customer I used to be, I have included my ticket colletion. Most of which I purchased from these people. Imagine how upset I am, considering how I have been treated.

Desired outcome: The receipt of 548.48 that is legally owed to me

Ticketmaster - refund

I purchased tickets for Tanya Tucker. When she postponed, they told me I could not get a refund unless she postposed the concert. She broke her hip and had to cancel. I was told I didn't have to do anything. Refunds would be given at point of purchase. Now they are saying they are not refunding anyone pre-covid. I tried to explain it had nothing to do with covid. She broke her hip. Still no refund! the Josh guy was very rude. He even told me the concert happened and had to put me on hold when i said it didn't. This company is a BIG RIP OFF! I'm out almost 1200.00 bucks! This is unreal! Buyer beware!

Desired outcome: get the issue resolved

Ticketmaster - Rolling stones concert allegiant stadium

As Raider PSL holders we are offered pre-sale tickets to many events other than football at Allegiant. I have been able to purchase these pre-sale tickets a few times fir a somewhat hefty price plus fees when buying and selling these tickets. The last event ai purchased pre-sale tickets for was The Rolling Stones concert in Nov 2021. When checking my ticket listings to see if they sold I noticed several "blue dots" on the seating map in our section that were nit there the last time I looked. It appears that a Ticketmaster has made available several rows of seats for far less that what we paid for our pre-sale tickets. This is not fair to PSL owners who ended up paying far more for our tickets. Very shady practice on the part of Ticketmaster.

Desired outcome: Ticketmaster needs to stop this unfair practice


Ticketmaster - Tickets for BTS Map of the Soul Tour

Tour was canceled and I am supposed to get a refund of $360 but my bank account is closed for debit card used to purchase the tickets. I reached out to the bank with the refund question. They said the check will be returned to Ticketmaster as the account is closed. I have been trying to reach ticketmaster for arranging al alternate means to get the refund but nobody has contacted me despite many emails and communication through Twitter.

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