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Julie Andrews, Conversatio with
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TicketNetwork complaints 51

TicketNetwork - Purchased concert tickets that were never delivered

Purchased tickets to a Chris Stapleton concert in February 2020 . The concert got postponed because of the pandemic for today October 8th 2021. The tickets were never delivered to me. I tried to contact the company many times by phone, nobody is answering . I got a couple emails saying that they will take care of the issue, but that did not happen. The last email sent to me was to confirm alternate tickets. I confirmed, but never got the tickets, and they do not answer their phones. I just got scammed for 267.20 dollars!!!

Desired outcome: Full refund

TicketNetwork - Tickets for Hamilton Atlanta

We purchased 4 tickets at 239 each plus fees. They sent us a "transfer link". The transfer link did not work. We called. We emailed. We followed their directions to resolve the issue. Nothing worked. They will not respond. We can't find any way to get our tickets, and we can't reach a live person. We are seeking a full refund for the amount we paid for the tickets.

Desired outcome: Full refund of the unused tickets that were not delivered

TicketNetwork - Concert ticket refund

I purchased tickets to the Rolling Stones concert which was supposed to be May 20, 2020 in Nashville. Order number [protected] purchased February 14, 2020. The concert was cancelled due to COVID and has never been rescheduled. My credit card was charged $466.55 for 2 tickets and $26.82 for concert event insurance. I would like a refund since this concert has not been rescheduled in 14 months. I called Ticketnetwork and was on hold for hours. I would like my credit card refunded for the total amount. I have a new credit card number since my account was hacked and I would be happy to provide it.

Linda Bartlett
8404 Summer Walk Parkway
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
[protected] home
[protected] cell

Desired outcome: Full Refund

TicketNetwork - Deceitful, deceptive company

On 02-14-2020, I purchased tickets through what I believed to be Ticket Master, but was redirected to TicketNetwork, for an event to take place in May of 2020. The event was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. I reached out to the ticket provider to request a refund. I was made aware of their policy of no refunds, but continued to pursue reimbursement. On 10-16-20 after several unanswered emails, I received a call from Tracey from TicketNetwork stating that as a courtesy, they were willing to refund the fees I had paid totaling $126.55. I was told an email would be forthcoming. On 11-27-20 I received the following:

Order Number: [protected] Customer Name: Jackie H. Client Service Manager Assisting on the order: Crystal P. Ticket Seller/Merchant of Record: Mytickettracker.com Offer Date: 11/27/2020 Return by Date: 12/4/2020 Order Issue: Client is no longer able/interested in attending the event which their ticket order is for due to the postponement of the show by the performer/venue.

As a one-time courtesy, TicketNetwork.com and Mytickettracker.com will provide a partial credit of $126.55 USD in the form of a credit back via the method of payment on the order. Upon signing this form, the client is agreeing that any negative social media or online review are not posted or will be removed. The client agrees that they will not be disputing the transaction with their card company. The client also agrees that any disputes with outside agencies will be removed or not filed. Once the signed resolution form is returned, the agreed to credit amount of $126.55 USD will then be processed back to the client. By signing, you agree that:

• You have been made whole on the original purchase from TicketNetwork's marketplace and no further payment shall be made to you by TicketNetwork or by the ticket seller supplying your purchase through the TicketNetwork exchange.
• You understand that the aforementioned proposal constitutes the sole remedy available to you for your original purchase of the tickets on the TicketNetwork marketplace. •
TicketNetwork reserves the right to seek restitution for any fees or expenses incurred if you further dispute the issue concerned.
• You furthermore confirm that the aforementioned resolution removes the ticket seller of your order from any claims by you for compensation in addition to that herein described. • If a chargeback is filed against the merchant of record, with your card company, TicketNetwork reserves the right to withdraw any offers made.

I never once stated that I was no longer able/interested in the event. The amount of $126.55 is for reimbursement for tickets that I paid $459.75 for. In essence, they are offering to pay me 27% of my original purchase price and resale my tickets. They are not only keeping my funds, but making an additional profit if/when the event takes place. I have been deceived and defrauded by TicketNetwork. It is virtually impossible to speak with a representative from their company and they operate on deceptive sales practices. I have not agreed upon the resale or any form of reimbursement from TicketNetwork.

Desired outcome: Full refund on my original purchase.

TicketNetwork - Website switch

I went to TicketMASTER to purchase a ticket for an event. After purchasing the ticket, I immediately noticed it was TicketNETWORK and my credit card company had declined as fraud prior to my final...

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TicketNetwork - Julie Andrews, Conversatio with

This concert has been postponed twice (first time June 2020) and I bought three tickets for the Aril 27, 2021 performance that has been postponed as well. When I bought the tickets, I thought I was buying from TicketMaster not TicketNetwork. TicketNetwork has been impossible to reach. They don't respond to calls, chats or emails. Order number is [protected].

Desired outcome: Rfund

Update by Juan C. Marrero
Apr 06, 2021

I received a call from TicketNetwork indicating that they would refund my money as soon as I returned the tickets. I have done so.

TicketNetwork - Refund ticket price from 18 months ago

I've requested refund of my $564 from 18 months ago for an Elton John concert that has been "reschedule" three times now into 2022.

I've been in the hospital twice and can use this money right now. I won't even be able to attend the concert if it is held in 2022.

We had planned to go with another couple who got their tickets trough Ticketmaster. They've been refunded a year ago for the same concert

Desired outcome: Refund my purchase to my credit card.

TicketNetwork - credit card charged twice, phone experience with customer service representative

I phone your customer service number to assist me in an issue i had with a recent online order. My card was charged twice for an order I placed 6/2019. Per my financial institutions recommendation...

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TicketNetwork - refunds

I purchased some tickets but the site said that I had insufficient funds and that my card information was put on hold. When I called the bank they said that the money had already gone through. I...

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Nov 01, 2017

TicketNetwork - worst of the worst

Absolutely everything is horrible. including the most important department - customer service. No respect for customers at all. To talk to someone of them you have to wait and be on hold for more than 40-50 minutes to then hear they can't help you.
If you for some reason want a refund, good luck then. Maybe they work like a crap, but money is something they will fight for till the end.
I would recommend you to avoid them at all costs.

TicketNetwork - ticket scalping... horrible company

I purchased tickets in April for a September 12th concert. This company was a direct link from what I thought was the website for the venue. I paid over $700 for 4 tickets (inc service charge); when...

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TicketNetwork - not receiving katy perry tickets order # [protected] & [protected]

I purchased two Katy Perry tickets for $223.83 and for $252.49 on May 19, 2017 and never received my tickets or a refund. I am filing complaints with the BBB and www.complaintboard.com as I have spent over 12 hours on the phone speaking with 29 representatives including two managers only to be given the run around over and over and over again. Today is September 3, 2017 and after speaking with my 29th rep I was told to send an email to [protected]@mytickettracker.com because the rep doesn't have access to send emails. This has been by far the worst ticket experience I've ever had and would not only not recommend this company, but tell anyone thinking about buying tickets to NEVER buy tickets through this company as they are the worst company I've ever dealt with in my life. I feel violated, ripped off and that they not only don't care, but as if it's funny to them! I will update this if and when anything ever happens, but after more then 12 hours wasted of attempting to get my tickets that I paid for 3 1/2 months ago, I don't see much hope and want others to know how bad this company is before buying anything from them. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Thank You,
Aaron Steele

TicketNetwork - NHL Heritage Classic

I bought $1700.00 worth of NHL Heritage Classic tickets. I got 2 early, the other 2 were suppose to be at my house on October 18, 2016. Never arrived I spent over 20 hours on the phone between the 18-21of October trying to get my tickets. I was told they would be at my house by the 20th, never came, then the 21st never came. I Made phone call after phone call. E-mailed customer support several times only to be told mistakes happen. On the 21st of October I again phone to see where my tickets were. the first person told me she would phone back in about 45 minutes so I could print of my tickets. 2 hours later nothing, Phoned again only to get the rudest, most ignorant customer service guy yet, he told me the tickets would be at the motel and I asked him if he was sure...he hung up on me, so my son and I drove the 10 hours hoping the tickets were there. Ticket # [protected] never came at all. Thanks to stub hub my son and I did get to the game as for Ticketnetwork I will NEVER order tickets from this site again and will recommend to everyone I know to avoid this site as well. I also ordered 2 IL Divo tickets for November and Ticketnetwork as informed me that these tickets may not be valid anymore as the other company( Universal tickets) Ticketnetwork doesn't deal with anymore. How the hell can you sell tickets, take the peoples money and 3 months later say oops sorry tickets may not be valid. Wow really shady company and to not receive any customer service e-mails, call backs, or even offer to help in any way is disgusting to me. If your company makes mistakes why am I paying for it. All the stress, long distance phone calls and not even a sorry just don't talk to me way to handle the situation. Like I said I will never buy tickets from this company again!!!

TicketNetwork - Tickets - sold me tickets they never had

I bought Blink182 Pit tickets from a resale site that claimed to have them back in June. 3 Days before the concert in August they tell me they cannot give me the seats that I paid for. Now these are hard to get seats and were expensive, and the money was already taken out of my account. But I could have spent these last 2 months looking for the seats I wanted if they would have came up front and say they did not have the tickets. Now I am unable to get any Pit seats because it is to close to the show.

The resale site eventually led me to TicketNetwork, the original seller of the tickets. The resale site was a middle man. So TicketNetwork basically sold me tickets they never owned back in June, took the money out of my account, then 3 days before the show said they did not have the tickets I purchased but you can have another set.

The fact that this company can operate in this fashion is completely ludicrous. I will never recommend getting any tickets from this site or dealing with their support on the issue. The seats I got were not what I originally wanted, and them waiting 2 months to tell me they did not have (What I already paid for) robbed me of that time to spend looking for the seats I wanted

I had a similar problem on Disney show.
Marcelo Miguez from Brazil

Mar 23, 2016

TicketNetwork - Never received my ticket!

I have purchased a ticket from TicketNetwork and was supposed to receive it by mail, but that never happened! I contacted customer service numerous times and they promised that I'll get my ticket before the even, but I never got my ticket and missed the even! And these scammers refused to give me a refund! I'm absolutely disgusted with TicketNetwork! This is the worst experience I've ever had! Never again!

Mar 21, 2016

TicketNetwork - They sold the same ticket to 6 people

I ordered a ticket from www.ticketnetwork.com and was very excited. I really wanted to see the concert, it was my dream! So I arrived at the concert and only then I found out that there were 5 more people with the same ticket as mine! Security never let us in! So I paid big money for a concert I couldn't even see. I immediately contacted TicketNetwork customer service and demanded some explanations. They were totally rude and said that it was not their problem! They scammed 6 people, robbed us and run! This place should be shut down!

Mar 17, 2016

TicketNetwork - Highly unprofessional!

I have purchased a ticket from www.ticketnetwork.com and paid over $200 for it. I ordered in advance and there were many tickets available. Several days later they contacted me and told that there was made a mistake and there was a bug in their system. There were no tickets left and they offered me a full refund. Well, at least they were honest, but still, I'm extremely disappointed. I was so happy and excited when I made my purchase.

Feb 04, 2016

TicketNetwork - Worst experience ever!

Back in December I bought two tickets from TicketNetwork. That was a Christmas gift for my wife. They said that I'll receive my tickets by mail. Well, I waited and waited, but nothing ever arrived. So I contacted their customer service to check on my tickets. Their representative promise to call me back but he never did. On the day of the concert still never heard from anyone so I called again. They apologised and said that my tickets were cancelled. They returned my money back, but still I was very disappointed. They ruined my surprise gift. I will never use TicketNetwork again!

Jan 20, 2016

TicketNetwork - Concert tickets

On January 18, I saw on facebook 3 bands coming to Maryland Heights MO July 16. I clicked on what I thought was Live Nation but really it was Minnetonka Tickets LLC but really was ticketnetwork. I...

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Jan 12, 2016

TicketNetwork - I will never use ticket network again.

I ordered 4 tickets and paid $530. Seats were terrible. We ended up sitting on the second row from the very back in the top section. At first the tickets were only $30 which mean people paid a lot less than what I did and got better seats. I paid $530 and expected something else! That was a surprise for my family, but they ruined everything. I will never buy tickets from this company again. Lack of information as far as what I was paying for. I thought more money meant better seats, but apparently it doesn't.

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