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inflated commission for tickets

I bought two tickets for $355.52 to Louis Theroux for the Melbourne venue on 19/01/2020 and thought I was buying it through Ticketmaster and not Viagogo. I and was expecting decent seating for this price.
When I received the order confirmation (Order ID [protected]) I realized that I had purchased through Viagogo and the breakdown of the ticket price and booking fee and handing fees. It stated that the price per ticket is $132.61. Your online presence is very deceptive and people only realize later, once they have paid, that they are not purchasing through Ticketmaster.

Then several weeks later the tickets became available to print out and I realized that the tickets were only $100.87 (see total price incl GST as printed on the ticket) each and not $132.61 as stated in prior in the viagogo event information/order confirmation.
Secondly, the booking and handling fee is much higher than if I had booked it straight through Ticketmaster.
We were seated at the back of the auditorium and far away from the stage.
I feel ripped off to the highest degree would like you to refund me at least $100. .

I am happy to bring this to the attention of the Consumer Affairs Ombudsman should you not be willing to refund me some of the money.

Kind regards
Birgit Ruping

inflated commission for tickets
inflated commission for tickets
inflated commission for tickets
inflated commission for tickets

the horrible price that I was charged for hockey tickets.

525143 My name is Georgette Roy of Fredericton, N.B. On December 30, 2019, I went on the Internet to purchase 3 tickets to a hockey game in Saint John, N.B., which is about 1 hour from...

refund of concert tickets

I purchased 2 tickets in November 2018 for the KISS concert and now they have cancelled the tour. I checked my credit card details and have noticed that $484.02 has been taken out of my account. I have checked with Ticketek who informed me that my refund has gone to somebody else. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? I would like my refund to go back into my account.

ticket sales

Ticket sales for official Faith no More events 06/12/2019 sold out within 2 minutes with real fans that have waited years not being able to purchase. Within minutes, they are appearing on viagogo for twice the price, meaning that people are professionally making money for damaging the experience music industry. We must campaign that tickets once purchased officially can only be sold on at cost value, this would make the whole industry of ticket sales honest and accountable.

non delivery of paid tickets.

I bought two tickets for tonight's Elton John concert in Perth, WA via Viagogo. The tickets have not been delivered yet. Transaction on credit card on 18/11/19 showed that Viagogo deducted the cost of the tickets ( A$283.63), but never forwarded them.

I am living in Albany, Western Australia. It is 409km from Perth.

A hotel booking in Freemantle, ( Perth, ) had to be cancelled today. No refunding as my cancellation this morning was too late. My wife and I was booked in at the Hougoumont Hotel, Freemantle from tonite (30/11/19) until Monday morning ( 02/12/19).
The total cost is A$498.

The transaction for the Elton John concert appeared on my ANZ credit card statement as follows :
Viagogo Elton John Tix Geneva. Overseas TXN $8.26. Total A$ 286.63.
It occurred on 18/11/19.

Please clarify urgently.

If the tickets could be forwarded to my email address [protected] within the next two hours, my wife and I might still be able to attend the concert tonight.

If I don't receive the tickets or receive them late, Viagogo will be held liable for refunding the tickets as well as covering my loss due to late cancellation of my hotel reservations.

Yours Sincerely.

Dr Petrus J Claassen
3 Shell Bay Rd.
Albany, WA, 6330

tickets for passenger

I bought 5 tickets for Passenger for 26 November 2019 At the Grand Arena in Cape Town on the 5th of April on your site and the money was taken off R4706. I have yet to receive my...

tim mcgraw concert tickets

I purchased tickets to the Tim McGraw COUNTRY 2 COUNTRY concert paid $950 for 2 tickets. When purchasing the tickets I was led to believe the seats were the last tickets available and where in the first elevation area 5 but when issued they in elevation 3 very last roof near roof with a face value of $101.75 ea
Viagogo charged $730 above ticket price
The seats were so bad we could not see concert and I was so frightened of falling down I had to repurchase seats at a cost of $500 to watch concert

tim mcgraw concert tickets

money for ticket sales

Sold tickets and they sent me an email saying they couldn't send the refund. They needed a different place to send the money. My bank is not on the choices. When we bought the tickets we used my email address. Margaret mccarron used her credit card. I think they are sending the money to my paypal address with Margaret's name. My name is Virginia D Childs IR send to my bank Sovereign Bank acct #[protected]. Routing #[protected] The prefer number i19921692. Please email me with any correspondence. [protected] The company is viagogo

11x highly priced tickets - a rip off

Dear Officer, I'm Dhanushka a reputed doctor working in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. A few months back I bought 12 tickets for two T20 World Cup matches which will be held in...

cancelled concert and won’t give a refund

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to both complain and request data you hold about me related to an issue about: Ticket Resales

The booking reference was: [protected]

The issue that I have experienced was: on 28th September 2019 at the Bristol O2 Academy the voltbeat tour was cancelled .

We are unable to commit to a new date due to the concert being cancelled ! It was Not postponed the site clearly said cancelled !
We want a full refund . Viagogo are refusing us a refund and they put the phone down on us when we rang them, I do not wish to resell the tickets, I want my refund

The affect - payment £157.53, the money was taken from my bank on 23/5/19

The problem occurred on: 28/09/2019

I would like you to issue Full Refund, it is my money that belongs to me .

I would also remind you that I would like you to provide me with data related to this issue including related communications and transactions between myself and your company.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

Yours faithfully,
Vanya Davies

cancelled concert and won’t give a refund
cancelled concert and won’t give a refund
cancelled concert and won’t give a refund

federer vs nadal cape town

Good day,

My sisters daughter bought tickets from you for her mothers 60 ht birthday. You did deduct the money from her credit card account and the bank confirmed you did not refund her, then you cancel the tickets.

She also purchased plain tickets for her mother - in South African rand, the amount you deducted is a lot of money. Attached is a screen shot of the order ID and the amount that you deducted with your cancelled information. Since the fees has gone through please refund her, you have her banking details.

She now does not have enough money to buy her mother a proper birthday present.

If you want your customers to be polite as mentioned on your pop-up you should not take their money and then cancel their tickets. She saved hard for her money to buy those tickets.

I could love to get feedback my e-mail address is: [protected]


Carrol Esterhuizen

federer vs nadal cape town

ticket sales

I feel the Viagogo ticket selling platform is very misleading - tickets I purchased for the Rugby ended up being 3x the original listed price - this retailer appears in your search engine without any reference to the original ticket price and with little reference to the handling fee until the very final stage of the transaction. Overall a very poor experience and I would caution all users to be vary wary when using Viagogo.

was penalized for ticket that was perfectly valid

I sold a concert ticket at original price as my friend could not go to the event with me. The buyer claimed that the ticket was invalid because it's not under the buyer name. However, I went to the concert and know that there was NO ID check at any point. Yet viagogo penalized me for that ticket and have me pay for a new ticket viagogo gave that buyer. I am confident the buyer just want a better seat and viagogo helped that buyer scam me.

show cancelled but using excuses to not refund

Purchase tickets at double the price unknowingly. Show gets cancelled and horrible to deal with. They say no hassle refund but I'll disagree there. I will post my horrible...

manchester united vs inter milan - international champions cup 2019

So I bought my tickets and then right away got an email saying it's cancelled and that my card WAS NOT charged. Of course it's now on hold and I can't contact them because there are no channels whatsoever so simple requests like to release the floating transaction or to provide me with void slip or cancel the damn transaction for real, could not be done. Contacted my bank and of course it's always the merchant who's supposed to cancel otherwise I have to wait 14 working days for the funds to be back. It's not a small amount and I can't even have access to my own money. Scammers.

manchester united vs inter milan - international champions cup 2019

tickets and seating

On the 9 February 2019 I booked and paid for two(2) tickets to see Tom Jones at Vivary Park Taunton. After checking availability I booked two seating with good visability which was confirmed. Unfortunately, I cannot find the confirmation of this. Nothing more was heard until nearer the 14 July when I was informed my tickets would be arriving on the 9 July 2019.

Yesterday I collected my tickets and checked them only to find I had been allocated two General Admission Standings. I did not pay £158.13 to stand for several hours - my wife and I cannot do this. I have had two knee replacements and my wife cannot stand for any length of time.

I have made several attempts tp call Viagogo Customer Services who said they could not help me. If I sell the tickets I lose money - If I go to the venue we would probably have to leave early. This not only been a costly exercise but the service and communications has been appalling. It probably wont matter to anyone but I will not be using Viagogo again. My General Admission numbers are GA3115 and GA3116.

sale of a fraudulent ticket on 11/6/19 for the monkees concert in brisbane on 12/06/19

On 11/06/2019 I typed into Google that I wanted to buy a ticket to the Monkees Concert in Brisbane, Australia. The Viagogo site came up and provided the cost of $129.05 and I...

ticket for the wrong date

I've bought a ticket for a WImbledon game on the 8th of July, but received tickets for the match on the 2nd of July. ]
I've oppened an issue on the website, and Viagogo offered me a PARTIAL refund to solve my problem, but I want the right tickets, not a refund.
I tried to contact Viagogo, but I am not able to do so. The website does not work, neither does the phone number
How can I get the tickets that I bought (8th of July)?

illegal selling of tickets for our productions

We are lodging an internet crime complaint against Viagogo We advise that they STOP re- selling tickets for any of our productions - this is illegal. Our current show i...

fraud - request for costs return - viagogo uk order [protected]

525143 Dear Complaints team I have recently purchased a ticket from from your company viagogo (ref. number: xxx) to attend Isle of Wight Festival to see George Ezra. I paid £ for the...

tickets sold to me were supposed to have seats and there aren't any at the venue

I bought ticket from this company and my ticket purchase states I would be in seats 800-804. Call the venue, there are no seats. Standing room only. I would have never bought the tickets if I knew that my husband had to stand through a concert. He can not stand that long and even thought the ticket states we had seats they will not give a refund. This is not okay. I would have never bought the tickets if I had known there were no seats.

tickets sold to me were supposed to have seats and there aren't any at the venue
tickets sold to me were supposed to have seats and there aren't any at the venue

tickets issued were not valid.

I purchased tickets to the Woman's World Cup match in Paris, France on 1/25/19. The match was to take place on 6/7/19. I received the e-tickets in my email on 5/20/19 My wife and I flew out of Los Angeles on 6/5 in the evening and arrived in Paris on 6/7 at 12:15 am. When we went to the match with the printed tickets, we were denied entry into the stadium.
We checked with the officials at the ticket office and they told us the tickets that we had in our possession had already been used for admission by someone else.
We had to buy tickets from a scalper on the street in order to gain admission to the match that we had just flown over 24 hours to get to.
Upon arriving back in the USA, I was able to check my email and voicemail. This is when I discovered that Viagogo had sent me an email on 6/6/19 to tell me that the tickets that they had originally sent to me were not valid. There is no way possible for me to check my email while I was out of the country traveling to the site of the match.
I also saw that Viagogo attempted to call me on 6/7/19, 90 minutes prior to the start of the match to inform me that the tickets had been changed.
The timing of trying to inform me that the tickets are not valid is completely unacceptable, as we were out of the country without access to email or telephone.
I feel that a refund on the purchase price of the tickets is in order.
I have requested a refund from Viagogo, without any success.
My order # is [protected].

tickets amadeus nationaal theater den haag

Because I did not have experience with buying tickets for our local Theatre in The Hague I did not recognize viagogo. Outsourcement is usual in The Netherlands, and it looked official. I intended to buy two tickets as a present for a concert in September 2019. When I was selling the tickets on the site, a clock was ticking for five minutes. It is pure misleading. I got an e-mail that I did not get de e-tickets immediately but some days in advance of the concert. For me impossible to give it as a present and worthless. I tried immediately to cancel the 194, - Euro transaction, but it was not possible. Then I went to te Theatre (800 meters from my appartment) and found out that viagogo is messing up the ticketsale. I bougth new tickets (65 euro) at the Theatre and will do my utmost to cancel this transaction by my creditcard company. It is impossible to reach viagogo in a regular way. Their consumerservice is nothing more than a list with FAQ. This was my last time of doing business on the internet. I found out that viagogo according to the Guardian is supported by the Jacob Rothschild and Bernard Arnoult. The rich of this world are filling their pockets.

roland garros tickets

I had 2 extra tickets for French Open at Roland Garros as my daughter couldn't come to Paris. Put those tickets on sale using Viagogo. One ticket was sold in a matter of minute...

ticket to chelsea flower show

On 21st april 2019 I planned a holiday to uk from australia.
I looked forward to going to chelsea flower show as part of my "grand tour."
After typing in tickets for chelsea flower show the viagogo website appeared at the top of google search, apparently the main ticket sellers.
I ordered a ticket (a souvenir paper ticket to be forwarded to my home address in ample time before the event via royal mail)
I paid the very large amount of 167 pounds - $au300
No ticket arrived 10 days before I due to leave for trip.
I went online and changed address to the z hotel victoria, still giving ample time for paper ticket to arrive.

I did not receive ticket
Viagogo has breached consumer protection laws by:
1. Appearing to be the main ticket seller, according to rhs "i'm afraid viagogo is not an uthroised vendor of our tickets and tickets purchased on this site are not valid for entry to our shows."
2. Rhs do not ever issue paper tickets.

Bbc 1s "watchdog" claims the business model promoted by viagogo looks to be more about profiteering at the audiences' expense - persistently masquerading as an "official site" in its online advertising, employing high-pressure sales techniques and potentially breaching consumer law."

I believed I was purchasing directly from rhs.
The ticket you promised me breaches your own viagogo guaranteee under section 2.15
I request (again) a full refund. As it my right, and due.

roland garros

I've bought 2 tickets for Roland Gaross for the Men's semifinal for 07th of June 2019 through viagogo. I've payed for them 675 eur and I've been overcharged in total with 415 Eur. On the tickets they wrote 130 eur each. Where is the fiscal control? They aren't verified when they sell tickets with other prices? I've lately found out that this site resells the tickets!!! On the ticket it appears a name of a buyer...and after that it appears my name as a holder!!! In addition, they wrote wrong our names on the tickets.!! We received the tickets 2 days before the match after we've made a complain through their form.
I am very disappointed because nobody tried to close this site!!! They don't sell tickets...they just speculate the market on the customer's money.
All I hope is to enter the court...I feel very angry about this situation...
I am kindly asking you what to do to recover my money. Is there any chance?

I haven't received the payment from the ticket that I resell

525143 I bought a two tickets from the website for the BTS concert last May5, 2019. but i resell the ticket coz i can no longer use it. I resell the said ticket in the same site where i...

eagles tickets order [protected]

I would like to complain about the fact that we have been charged £281.17 for seats that are only worth £70/£78.25 each i.e £140/156.50. This means a charge of £124.67 into their...

metallica tickets

525143 on The 19th of march 2019 i purchased 3x metallica tickets through Viagogo for there Brisbane, Australia concert that is scheduled for the 29th of october, my booking confirmation...

concert tickets purchased

I wanted to purchase 2 tickets for the Westlife concert in Dubai. On searching, somehow Viagogo came up on top. I gathered that Viagogo was the primary seller of the Westlife concert tickets. I selected the tickets that were available as the website showed that most of the seating tickets were sold out. Thereafter, the credit card information was sought which I provided. The total amount that got reflected was almost Euro 100 more than the amount I expected due to courier charges and service charges. There was a button prompting me to talk to a representative if I had any questions. I clicked on that button to understand the nature of the additional charges and the sale got executed.

I dont see why courier charges have to be applied for each ticket when they are being dispatched to the same location.

I immediately called Viagogo and they mentioned that the sale cannot be reversed and under no circumstances will the amount be refunded.

I will never touch Viagogo with a barge pole in future and would like to warn the rest of the world that you could also get easily conned. Please beware.

overcharged ticket prices.

My Name Is Sandra
I purchased 3 Tickets to Post Malone through Viagogo on the 8/4/19, tickets costing 208.70 ea. AUD
I was charged a total $1339.11 AUD, I have questioned Viagogo and have not had a response. When got the invoice its was in Chinese and says
price per ticket TWD6840.00
Total tickets TWD20520.00
Booking FEE TWD5905.00
Handling Fee TWD206.00
Total Charge 27242.00
at the top of my tickets on the left hand side it stated they are from Ticketek and on the right top corner it says Chai Hui Hsu.
On top of this I do not know weather my tickets are valid until the day.


My favourite band is playing in July. All I wanted for my birthday was to see them.

However, it appeared that the tickets were selling fast as soon as I found out they were playing so I was in a panic.

I simply googled the tickets and the first site selling tickets that popped up was viagogo. The site said that there were only two tickets left so this added to the panic. I ordered them as fast as possible. However, because I was so stressed about missing out, I seemed to overlook the following red flags:

1. I didn't receive the e-tickets in the confirmation email.

2. I paid 3x as much as the tickets were listed elsewhere.

3. I was manipulated into buying these tickets as I was falsely lead to believe that there were only two left. I contacted the host of the event and was told this was definitely not the case.

The tickets ordered were 2x tickets were for The Midnight playing at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne AUS. Order ID: [protected]

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am very upset by this and feel very foolish. At least I've learned an important lesson.

Thank you,


Email: [protected]


roberto carlos ticket price purchase 29/05/2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

The event has more than a month to go as it is on the 29th of May 2019. Plenty of time.

Just make your point that you can't sell a ticket that show £100.00 in the ticket and you charged £377.00!!!

How absurd it is!!! How can you comply with this type of transaction? Your company has the duty of care to show the value of the ticket and how much your seller is selling. You can't hide this information from your customer. How can you sell a ticket that cost £100 to £377???

Is it a common sense of business respect.

I am surprise how a company like yours are still open in the market.
Peharps none took you to court as I am going to make justice of this case.

I really hope to get my money back because I will not take this rip-off for granted.

Your company should protect your customer from what they are buying and not to comply with this greedy absurd commission in this omission of your position.

Your seller MUST say how much he paid for the ticket printed in the ticket and how much he want to charge.
NONE can charge a price of a ticket with a stamp of another price in the ticket???!!!
unlawful and disgraceful this greediness.

I am waiting for this money to come back to my account before I open a case against your services.

Thank you,

Erika Tansiri

roberto carlos ticket price purchase 29/05/2019
roberto carlos ticket price purchase 29/05/2019

ub40 tickets not received.

In March this year I purchased 2 tickets to see UB40. Tickets were 'selling out fast' so I acted kind of hastily in purchasing them, by logging in via Facebook. I gave them my phone number, as requested. Money taken out of my account immediately. They called me to confirm my email address. I explained that I was no longer using anAOL email and that it could not be retrieved. I gave them eymail address attached to my phone. They have been in touch with me at the gmail address. Countless phone calls made explaining the situation to see UB40 tonight, in London. Yesterday Mr Helpful told me to stay by phone all day today and he would be giving the seller my details. When Vianogo have sent me a link to my gmail account to change my password and confirm - it FAILS, thus rendering me unable to clear their security checks. So, it looks like I'm 160 quid out of pocket and I won't be enjoying myself tonight. Despite repeated emails and phone calls, they have failed to respond, even hanging the phone up on me today.

Reference: [protected] - confirmed payment.

How are they allowed to get away with this?

ticket hasn't been refunded after re-listing

on 2/6/2018 I have requested re-listing of my ticket of the Eminem concert in Holland for sale. I have gotten an email from the company with all the directions and new pricing. After doing everything according to the email I wasn't reimbursed. The ticket cost 100 euro and the company didn't even bother to reply on my question about the refund. I still haven't got even a cent back.

  • Ma
    Mark Dunbar May 09, 2019

    This is a terrible experience can't correcte-mail info therefor no accessto list forresale3 tickeys RIpOFF!!, phone is blocked/useless won't be back! will probably lose 500+dollars as a result This SUCKS.

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  • Ma
    Mark Dunbar May 09, 2019

    Even thecomment page Sucks.

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ticket prices and not reselling - they take your money and then purchase tickets

525143 I ordered tickets for the Chicago Musical in Cape Town, reference order [protected]. I selected the Country as South Africa and the currency as South Africa. I requested 5 ticket...

deceptive platform for ticket tout

I was mislead to purchase two concert tickets at $423.19. When I received the tickets I found the tickets were not under my name. I realized I was cheated by viagogo as I thought I bought genuine tickets under my name. The face value is $112 x 2. I asked for refund but viagogo rejected. I asked for original ticket owner's identification and authorization letter of using these tickets. Viagogo also rejected with the reason of protecting privacy. I told viagogo they are protecting the privacy of ticket tout, not the privacy of genuine fans and customers. If viagogo cannot provide the identification and authorization letter, these tickets to me are just fake and forged ones. I have rights to ask for full refund.

paid for tickets but e-tickets not sent

I purchased tickets from viagogo on 4th April 2019 for Celtic Illusions showing in Cairns 13th April 2019 for $630.00 on my confirmation form [protected] but was charged $650.58 on my credit card. I was told I would be emailed a link to download my e-tickets with the bar code I never received the link hence no tickets. I rang the theatre they told me I would be denied entry without the correct e- tickets. I have emailed viagogo with no reply and have tried several phone numbers which just ring out.
I would like a full refund

new order

Dear sir / madam,

I am writing to you to both complain and request data you hold about me related to an issue about: ticket resales

The booking reference was: [protected]

The issue that I have experienced was: I have received my tickets and to my amazement the value of the tickets are £49.90 each. I ordered two tickets so the total amount should have been £99. Please can someone explain to me why I have been charged a total of £462.36. This is total rip off. I would have never paid this amount if I had know that the value of the tickets could only cost £49.50. What was the amount £363.36 for??
I am shocked that a company would do this!
Please could I have a full explanation in to how/why I have been charged this amount.

The affect on me was: I am outraged...

The problem occurred on: 29/03/2019

I would like you to: I would like an apology and a refund

I would also remind you that I would like you to provide me with data related to this issue including related communications and transactions between myself and your company.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,
Paula molloy

online ticket sales

525143 Hi, I am writing to you with a concern I have regarding a foreign company online called "Viagogo" that operates from your country. I live in Cairns Australia and had never heard...