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Complaints & Reviews

Pentatonix tickets

I was online to purchase tickets, had them selected and checking out when I was told there was a problem with the order. I was kicked out and when I went back in the tickets were twice as much. How can they do this?
Frustrating since the tickets were the only thing my 16 year old asked for, for his birthday and I can't afford the new price.

Online ticket sales

On December 17/15 I went on line to secure some tickets for the Adele concert scheduled for Oct 7 in Toronto. After waiting in que for tickets I had over 3 min to secure 2 tickets. They were in section 122 row 25, seats 7 and 8. All my credit card info went through within the allotted time and as the tickets were being released to me there was "something wrong with the ticket release". It put me back in the waiting line to wait for a spot to get more tickets. After it did this there were no tickets left for any show!!!We were so disappointed once again with this process. There is no reason my tickets were released to someone else when I waited in line, did my transaction in the timeframe. This is not the first time this has happened to our family with Ticketmaster. They seem to be able to sell to the wrong people who turn around and charge whatever they want to the general public for the same tickets. I wrote customer service right away that day with no follow up at all. I am one of thousands that this happened to that day. My daughter ensured me that twitter and facebook was lit up that day with the same complaints. There is no one to complain to, no phone lines are answered to complain to. It is all computer generated tickets and bears looking into on your side. I would appreciate your help. Andrea Sheehan

Take Your Tickets and Give You No Money!

Ticketmaster TicketExchange is the worst ticket resale website out there! TicketExchange sold my tickets but refused to issue me a cheque for those tickets. Their website promises receipt of payment within 5 - 10 days of selling your tickets, it has been months since I sold mine and I have yet to see my cheque. On top of that, their customer service line has rude and unhelpful staff. I will not be using this service again - I am surprised they are still in business. StubHub is the way to go.

No Customer Service

I recently purchased tickets and a parking pass as a gift. They let me transfer the tickets but I cannot...

Overcharged me

I’ve purchased 2 tickets for a WWE from Ticket-Master.com and amount that should have been charged from my account should be $103. Instead of that I received a charge for $400 which is almost 4 times more. I contacted them immediately and asked for refund but received no reply to my email. When I tried to call them the phone number listed on their website was always busy.

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Paid $3000 for VIP Front Row Tickets to Madonna Concert & we couldn't see the Stage!

On Saturday, October 27, 2013 my partner and I attended the Madonna concert using the Ultimate VIP Package.We purchased a presale code for $20 which stated we would be assigned seats according to those that bought them first. We were both on our computers the moment the presale VIP tickets went on sale.We did not & could not see our seats until the night of the concert.We paid $3, 000 for two “front seat” Tickets. The seating chart we saw, almost a year before the concert, showed the usual arrangement wher front row tickets are actually in front of the stage. We were deceived by false/improper advertising. Our seats were in Floor Section B, Row 1 Seats 7 and 8. We could not find out our seat assignments until the night of the concert. So we were very upset to see the stage configuration in which we were at the very far end of the “stage” which was actually more like a runway. We also noticed the center opening in the stage was full of standing room only people who had an Amazing view & it further obstructed our $3K view..They created over 100 “1st row tickets by extending the Stage to the 50 yard line of the usual football field. The stage was so far away, I could not see it. I voiced my concerns to the people sitting next to us and they said they paid $500 for their tickets. At most 10% of the show was on the “Runway” around us. us. The rest of the show we spent trying to see the show on the actual stage around tall security guards that continually stood in front of us as well as someone filming the show who hit me numerous times with his camera as well as completely blocking my view. This is unacceptable for the price we were charged. Had I know when I went to purchase these tickets where these seats were, I would certainly not have purchased them! I needed binoculars to see Madonna which I did not bring as I thought we had FRONT ROW SEATS. People from seats behind me kept coming into the front row. I was ready to walk out but I had paid too much money for this experience and was going to stay to the end. This was the most disappointing concert experience I have ever had. We sawStevie Nicks in the same venue two weeks before this, & we were right in front of her. The seat arrangement was the samethat we see on the internet for this venue.not kind of in the front, not to the side – but in the FRONT of the artist. I am sure the guy with the large movie camera could have stood somewhere else or maybe we could have been warned we would have an obstructed view and be compensated for that issue. I am very angry and upset and feel I was robbed of $3000.00. If this was a “Ultimate VIP Package”, there was very little VIP involved. VIP Nation, Live Nation, & Ticketmaster have joined however no one will claim this problem.
So, how do you handle the customers who feel your “experience” did not meet the expectations you promise? I am sick with the fact I paid $3000.00 to basically sit in the back. I will be sharing this experience with others as people should know what to expect from these so called “VIP” packages. I will never buy any tickets again without knowing the stage configuration and seat numbers. How could we be so far back when we purchased tickets immediately with a purchased presale code? How could at the end of the runway part of the stage be considered a front row seat when there were people actually standing in front of the stage? Photo attached is our view with a 300 meter Zoom Lens.
We were mislead by false and incomplete advertising and should be compensated at the very least for the obstructed view (and by the hits from the large movie camera to my face and upper body).They also stated they were a Better Business Bureau Recommended Business but when I checked after this experience, they had a “F” Rating.VIP Nation has refused any compensation. Ticketmaster states it isn't their issue although one woman accidentally told me our “ACTUAL” tickets were voided two days before the concert & new ones were issued.They also advertised themselves as a Better Business Bureau recommended Business but after the concert, I checked & they actually had an "F" Rating.
Ultimate VIP Package
Madonna @ New Orleans
2 1, 500.00 3, 000.00
Saturday, Oct 27
New Orleans, Louisiana,
Total:3, 000.00
Instructions for Ultimate VIP Package
You must bring a valid PHOTO ID matching the MAIN ATTENDEE name on this order. Those who
cannot present a photo ID matching the ATTENDEE name on the order, will be turned away.
S u b j e c t : Madonna NEW ORLEANS October 27th - Ultimate VIP Itinerary
New Orleans Arena. NEW ORLEANS. October 21'A 2012
Madonna Ultimate VTP Package
Just a reminder... These packages are not transferable. Please check directly with the venue for their camera policy.
Then get ready to enjoy the show from your seat(s) in the front row! Exact seat location available at show.

Paid $3000 for VIP Front Row Tickets to Madonna Concert & we couldn't see the Stage!

Live Nation / Vip Nation / Ticketmaster

Poor customer service

DO NOT USE TICKETMASTER! I recently contacted Ticketmaster's "Fan Support" for weather related event cancellations and subsequent refunding. They did not provide any solutions or service to me. I spoke to three reps and all repeated the same scripted and puppet responses. They sell the tickets for the venue, period. Beyond that, you are on your own if anything goes wrong. Gabriel, who claimed to be the highest authority that I could speak with, was rude, arrogant, and hung up on me. I will now purchase through any other outlet but Ticketmaster. World Class Service- Every Customer, Every Day??? I think not.

did not get tickets

I ordered tickets online supposedly before they went on sale to an NFL Jags preseason game as a bday gift for my husband. I called on July 30th because I hadn't received any email regarding the delivery of the tickets yet. Brandon assured me I would have them on Aug 9th the day before the game. Aug 9th I did not have them and again Brandon called the CA vendor who was releasing them supposedly as we spoke. Of course today, game day, I have no tickets. I called first thing and was disconnected after holding from Dan, and then Paula. The third agent Greg was probably the most rude of the three. He put me on hold for over 15 minutes and came back on the line with Shannon the Supervisor who told me she would check with the Vendor in an hour when they open and see what our options are. She also nicely told me that she did not appreciate my sarcasm and she would refund my money if I didn't want the tickets right then. What Great Managerial and Customer Support that was!! So here I sit at their mercy awaiting tickets I may or may not before the game in a few hrs. I see by all the other disatisfied customers that I am not alone. It is amazling this company is in business. The absolute worst experience! I highly recommend you order your tickets from an in person, reputable, customer friendly establishment. I will pass the word as much as possible to stop this blatant disregard for customer courtesy. Lesson learned the hard way in FLA.

  • Ed
    Eduardo263537 Jan 09, 2018

    Sold NFL thickets through them in August and 5 months later they haven’t paid me.

    Have talked to there customer service about 10-12 tines and everytime i call they assure me that the check is on the way and to wait 15 days for it. As it turns out every 15-20 days in calling then again.

    Have even talked directly to customer service supervisor Tamara Shedd who again promised to fix the issue the following week which of course she didn’t and now won’t even answer the phone.

    Really impressed by there lack of customer service.

    How difficult is it to mail a check?

    Look elsewhere for ticket resale, just a complete bad experience. Won’t use there service ever again.

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Unfair Practice

I purchased tickets through the Ticket Master Canada iPhone app on April 20th, to the Nov. 24th Red Hot Chili Peppers show in Saskatoon. I received my paperless tickets and order number, and was beyond ecstatic! I checked today and now my credit card is showing the tickets were refunded and the paperless tickets are no longer showing in my iPhone app. I called the Ticket Master call centre and was told they were cancelled due to legislation in SK that only allows neighboring provinces/ states to purchase in the first hour, and that they cannot do anything for me as they are just the call centre. I live in Saskatoon, but just moved here. NOWHERE on the iPhone app does it state those stipulations when you go to purchase the tickets to this event at that location. If they have such stipluations, they need make sure they are conveyed on ALL ticket purchasing platforms!! If I had known, I would have made darn sure the credit card info had been updated prior.

I am 32 years old and have waited 20+ years for things to line up properly so I could catch a show. I was thrilled when my purchase went through, and now I am beyond devastated.

I had 5th row floor tickets and now they are gone. I have waited years for this and now the tickets are gone!! I have contacted everyone I can at Ticket Master to find out what I can do to get these back, but they are telling me I can only purchase nosebleeds now and have to sit way up top and not get the experience I paid for originally.

I am just reaching out to you as I am desperate to see if anything can be done. I am so disappointed. My husband & I have been fans since the beginning and this was something we had been waiting a long time for. This is a very clear omission on Ticket Masters part, but I am the one who suffers for it.

All I want is a pair of tickets that are of the calibre I originally purchased. I am not looking for a freebie, I will pay, but not for nosebleeds when I had 5th row floor for the same price.

Embarrassment! Tickets not accepted because of Ticketmaster screw up!

If you really want to be embarrassed, just buy tickets from Ticketmaster, the biggest, most arrogant evil in...


Ticketmaster was to have tickets for the Garth Brooks concert on sales - either by phone or online - 10:00amMDT Saturday - Apr 14th, 2012.
So explain to me how we can have 7 different computers and 7 different phones lines going at 9:58am, 10:00am, and every minute thereafter only to get a busy signal on the phone lines and the online sales to state "there are no tickets available". it did not matter if you were going for 1 ticket or 6 tickets - there "were no tickets available".
There are even some saying that they were able to purchase their tickets in advance of 10:00am. You can obviously BET that Ticketmaster staff and families got theirs before anyone else!!!
This seems to happen time and again with Ticketmaster when there is a special concert/event coming.

  • Na
    Natalie Walton Apr 16, 2012

    Please sign petition to stop this from happening in the future. Help change the laws.


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Ticket sale scam

There is something unethical going on at Ticketmaster and it is time that an investigation be made regarding...


I would like to complain that Ticketmaster charge far too much for service charges for ticketsales. Ive just bought Bill Bailey tickets for the Palace Theatre Manchester, despite various searches there is only Ticketmaster I can buy the tickets from. The face value of the tickets are £55.00 (£27.50x2), however ticketmaster have charged me £4.75 service charge for each ticket so I have paid £9.50 for that, then on top of this I have had to pay an order processing fee of £3.25, so all in all I have paid £12.75 on top of the ticket prices for services, how can they justify charging me nearly a quarter of the ticket cost in services. If it was 4.75 per order I could understand but £4.75 per ticket? The cost of their services for processing two tickets will be hardly anything for the 2nd ticket, surely not the same? I purposely avoid buying from Ticketmaster usually but in this case had no choice. They are ripping the public off, other ticket companies do not charge like this, they have service charges but they are reasonable. Furthermore for Madonna Tickets which are £110.00 ticketmaster are charging £10.50 service charge, this is a lesser percentage service charge compared to my charge. Is there an ombudsman that can look into this as I feel its grossly unfair!

  • Go
    Goobs Dec 02, 2010

    I ordered tickets to a show from Ticketmaster. At the box office, my friend was to pick up the tickets but did not have my credit card, which was used to buy, so they would not give him the tickets, so they did not go into the show.

    My other friend went to the seats and found out someone had later bought these for cash at the box office.

    Tickmaster would not refund my money. Mastercard would not honor it when I asked for them to not pay mastercard, so I ate the tickets, Ticketmaster got their fees, the SHow got their fees, and the ticket window worker pocketed $200 cash.

    What a scam.

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  • 1o
    1OD Oct 02, 2011

    You will find all ticket sellers are pretty much the same, its how they make there money, tho Ticketmaster make me sick as there sister site is get me in, a legal way of ticket touting, buy your ticket for some top selling gig and sell the ticket via their sister site at god knows how much more then the facevalue and so Ticketmaster make twice out of the same ticket. You can also try see tickets and ticket line.

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  • Ba
    BAYCITY1999 Oct 02, 2011

    I agree all those charges in addition to the ticket price is ridiculous! Appraently they don't care who they screw over.

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  • 1o
    1OD Oct 02, 2011

    The newest one they seem to have added and i got caught out by it yesterday is adding insurance for if you cant attend.

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  • *Brenda Oct 02, 2011

    My name is Brenda and I'm a low-life.I like to go on http://www.complaintsboard.com and diss people because I have nothing better to do.My 600 lb. husband left me for a beautiful blonde who was 18 years old and 110 lbs.Me?I'm a 1, 000 lb. 50 year old woman who never worked a day in my life and I sit on my ### all day and collect money from the government.I think I'm perfect and everybody else never does anything right.I make fun of people who have learning disabilities because I'm that pathetic and heartless.I also don't care if people say I'm pathetic and heartless because...well...I am!My name is Brenda and I'm the reason you all pay taxes and shoot yourselves.

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Cancels purchases without notifying you

I ordered 6 tickets on Ticket Master website on April 29, 2011. I received confirmation emails that the orders were processed and my credit card was billed. On May 1, 2011, Ticket Master decided to cancel 2 of my tickets as they said I was over the maximum number allowed per customer. By the way, this information (of max of 4) was never posted anywhere on their website and there was the option to order 6 tickets on 4/29/11. Ticket Master NEVER NOTIFIED me of the cancellation. I only found out today, the day of the show, because I was giving out tickets to my friends and realized there are 2 missing!! The Customer Service Manager said this is how they operate, they are sorry but they did nothing wrong and have a nice day.

If this was any other e-business, they would be sued so fast. I can't believe they can operate in this fashion and not get in trouble. Where is the advocate for us consumers who have no other choices in where to purchase tickets? We are forced to use a business which has bad operating policies and there is no other choice.

Additional insurace charge

I purchased a ticket on the TicketMaster website and was charged an $7 for additional insurance coverage frin...

Customer Service

Extremely poor customer service. I purchased tickets over the phone and received a confirmation email indicating the wrong date. Waited 30 mins to get through to someone to talk to only to be told that they can not exchange nor refund. although it was clearly their mistake and there were plenty of seats still available for that day. Ruined out family night out which we planned in advance and really were looking forward to . Appalling attitude and response from customer service. Extremely disappointing.

  • In
    innocentone Jan 16, 2010

    I ordered 4 tickets on ticketmaster for the king tut exhibit in SF online. 3 out of the 4 tickets came back with the time window I selected and one, for some reason, came out a different time. I called ticketmaster to make a change to the 4th ticket assuming it wouldn't be much of a problem. Instead, they refused to make the change and said since I ordered online, the problem was self-inflicted and not their fault. The operator said he can prove it was a human mistake, because I ordered using its website, hence I'm responsible for the problem. I found that was extremely irresponsible of ticketmaster and extremely rude of the operator, and absolutely ridiculous in how they blamed the customer.

    The operator's name is Lorenzo and his operator number is ZYS688 - at least that's what he said.

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  • Br
    broddy1 Jan 25, 2010

    been trying to use a ticketmaster gift card for 2 years and get nowhere but put on hold or this last time after being on hold for 10 minutes had a rude french speaking operator lecture me on how to ask for Enlgish before I even got my question out. Nice customer relations ticketmaster...

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  • Ri
    Ripped Off Torontonian Dec 09, 2010

    Bought 4 Justin Bieber VIP tickets, which were to include other promotional material, such as a Justin Bieber bag, JB Calendar, JB Lanyard, etc etc. 2 arrived. 2 did not and even thought I have been calling the VIP line every week for the past 4 months, I have not received the other goods that I paid for. VIP lies continually, saying they have "escalated" it and that it is a different company that does the shipping, which they have no authority over. But they had no problem charging my VISA an outrageous price for these VIP tickets which were at the 500 level (in other words, worst seats in the Skydome) -- a total rip-off. Nevertheless, I am furious that I paid for goods and they dont give a damn about providing them. Too much time has elapsed since they were purchased (3 months before the concert) and the fact that they did give the tickets -- hence I received part of the order, that VISA will not get involved. One of the agents had the audacity to say "Shipments can take 2 months to come from the USA to Canada so I should wait the 2 months to see if it arrives!!!" I hit the roof and told her she was crazy if she thought I was going to wait 2 months until i call them again -- and if in fact it was sent, then I want the tracking number. Of course, there was none. I would NEVER order VIP tickets from Ticketmaster Again!!! They don't care that they ripped me off, and that my daughters are extremely disappointed.

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  • Ka
    Kassandrano Feb 20, 2011

    I am suing ticket master due to their faulty and un responsible system. my email is [email protected] com. if you would allow me to use your story to help me with my dispute, we can see what they can do for yours as well.

    I ordered tickets for Kevin Hart on Saturday, but instead they gave me Fridays tickets, when doesn't add up because i was going for Friday Feb 18th tickets but they were sold out so they gave me saturdays and now that i tried to print my tickets on saturday today feb 19th, they said the even was over, i am out 172.00 dollars and i didnt even go, it also shows in their system the tickets werent used. i spoke with them they said there is nothing that they can do and that it was my error i shoudlve triple checked my order. they said that i need to sue them to get it taken care of. which is where were headed. if you are intrested please send me an email with your story. name and contact information.

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  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 16, 2011

    If it is their mistake then they should be doing something to solve it. I would take some advice from consumer direct and see what your consumer rights are.

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Bad Tickets

Back before Christmas, I bought tickets for the NKOTBSB concert being held at the ACC in Toronto, Ontario on June 9th 2011. I spent $110 for each ticket, I bought two. The tickets that I purchased were supposed to be "rear view" but somehow that turned into OBSTRUCTED view.

When we got to our seats, we noticed right away that there was a black curtain and a bunch of wires in our way, blocking our view of the stage completely. We were not impressed, and neither were the other people in our section. Us, and about ten other people seated around us went to Customer Service to complain.

After missing the first 20 minutes of the concert the man that was supposed to help us told us that there was nothing he could do. Understandable, it was a sold out show, however, to make the situation worse his attitude was extremely rude. He made remarks that were very unprofessional and he basically gave us nothing but sarcasm. He down talked us as well, telling us that we should of spent more money and we wouldn't have this problem.

I am a Mother of maternity leave and my sister, who attended the concert with me, is a student in high school, neither one of us would of spent that much money on a ticket if it were explained that it would be an obstructed view. There is a difference between seeing a concert from the rear and not seeing it at all.

We are very upset and angry about the situation and we would like something done about it. I have pictures of our view as well.

The man we spoke to was an Event Personal at the Toronto Air Canada Centre by the name of Don. I asked him for his last name but he wouldn't tell me.
You can reply to my email or cell;

Thank you,

Bad Tickets

Ticket Master And Air Canada Centre

They put us on hold for 20 or so minutes

I ordered two tickets for the Earth Wind, Fire & Chicago performance in Atlanta Ga on April 1st. (Guess I wound up getting April fooled) but I'm in no way done of being screwed over. I received my confirmation for two seats PIT ROW BBB Seats 15 & 16. Made arrangements as soon as I got the printed confirmation for an awesome surprise for my best friend to fly in from California for the weekend to see her favorite group. I Went yesterday to my local Publix supermarket to pick up my tickets and they were having trouble printing them out. The manager kept entering my confirmation number and even called ticketmaster and they had no idea at the time other then to have the manger re-scan my credit card and try again. After three different people from Ticketmaster had no idea what was wrong they transferred us to a supervisor. They put us on hold for 20 or so minutes and said these tickets were released accidentally and wanted to move me like 50 or so rows back. I'm not paying over $200.00 to go from the second row to the last row in Orchestra. If anyone knows or want to join in a lawsuit count me in or tell me how we do this. If we would have screwed up with purchasing tickets, ticketmaster would say oh well, your problem and so be it. Well its okay for them to make a mistake??? I don't think so.

Buying Dallas Mavericks Game 3 Tickets

I called into the phone system at 10:00 when tickets went on sale. I was able to get 4 tickets held, section 329, row ? seats 9-12. When it didn't read the row, I asked it to repeat information. It did, again the row was blank. I said I wanted to purchase them, it verified I wanted to purchase them. I said yes. It said it didn't understand me, I said yes, it said please hold while I transfer you to a customer service representative. 25 minutes later, not only did the representative tell me the tickets were gone and the game was sold out, but she had an attitude of "I don't care". She didn't speak or show any concern at all. I realize this is a popular event and that getting tickets was going to be a challenge, but to have 4 tickets ready to be purchased and loose them because of some system error is UNACCEPTABLE!


I purchased under $30 tickets to the Jason Derulo concert for April 6th, 2011, and was charged $157.20 for two tickets that were in the $15-$20 seats. I contacted ticket liquidator who said that songticketing.com is responsible for the actual selling of my concert. All of these vendors / brokers need to be sued: Ticketmaster, Ticket Liquidator, and Song Ticketing. They all just pass it off responsibility to the next vendor or broker. Can anyone file a class action suit against these companies and allow for those who purchased tickets within the past few years to be part of this class action suit?? To add insult to injury, Jason Derulo only performed for 45 minutes!!

  • TicketLiquidator Apr 08, 2011

    Hello there! I'm an employee of TicketLiquidator responding to the customer above. We're sorry for the customer's unhappiness with the ticket price, but there seems to be some confusion...

    Briefly, we at TicketLiquidator are simply a network through which licensed companies resell tickets to events. This means we don't actually own, price, nor ship the tickets you see listed for sale on our website. All that responsibility is in the hands of individual ticket sellers who list tickets through us. Typically, these sellers price tickets based on their perception of the event’s popularity. As a result, the prices of tickets sold through our website are usually either above or below their face value. In this case, Song Ticketing was the company who supplied the customer's order (aka: the seller of the purchase).

    On that note, the mark-up in ticket prices on the resale market is designed to cover the numerous expenses incurred by sellers to obtain hard-to-get tickets. To access tickets, these sellers pay face value plus additional fees and/or have fee-paying memberships in special fan clubs and/or sometimes even pay their own mark-up fee by buying tickets from other resellers. The major point of the resale market is both to keep tickets on the market long after primary sources (eg: the venue) are otherwise sold out and also to allow early access to ticket guarantees before the general onsale of tickets for an event.

    Added to that, I should mention that we at TL advertise our status as a ticket resale website throughout our website, including in our FAQ, in our Glossary, in our Terms and Policies, on our Feedback Page, and above every ticket listing in "The TicketLiquidator Lowdown" -- so it's not a facet of our business that we try to hide.

    Lastly, I'm also sorry if the customer was unhappy that Jason Derulo didn't perform long enough, but I'm afraid that TL doesn't have any impact on the length of a performer's time on the stage. We'd nevertheless be happy to offer the customer concerned a discount on a future order to try and help him or her access a better time!

    Please email us at [email protected] with your order ID number and "COMPLAINTS BOARD" in the subject line. :-)

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