Ticketmaster CanadaRefund !


Here it is! I bought 4 tickets for the Manitoba Moose vs Hershey Bears game, which would of been on the June 14 2009. But the Manitoba Moose lost game 6 and therefor game 7 was canceled.
So, the tickets came to 89.00$.
I called Ticketmaster, and asked them about how they did the refund of a canceled event. They said the would refund 89.00$- 3$ for a processing fee.
The rep and a supervisor both told me that the 3$ was a non-refundable fee even though the event was canceled.
Well after they refunded the 86$, i went onto their website and looked up even further, and turns out for a event thats been scheduled to take place in Canada, the processing fee is reimbursed.
so i called ticket master, and i was right, so the 3$ was refunded back to me.
The rep/supervisor b4 was using an older policy and the website is the most current policy.
Im just putting this out there, because I dont know how many other people were ripped off in Manitoba, but they shouldve gotten their processing fee back.

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