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I purchased (4) Chicago Cubs tickets to take my sons to their first Cubs game. I went through ticketmaster not realizing I was actually going through an affiliated organization Tickets now.

Well the invoice was for $409.17 thinking I had paid retail value of tickets plus delivery charges. I got the tickets Fed Express with the ticket price 36 per ticket or $144.00.

I received an invoice numer from Ticketmaster however they deny any involvement in the transaction.

Can these people really do this and still be legal.


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      Nov 04, 2008

    Mary J cancelled her show in Baltimore. I had tickets to send my husband there for our anniversary (he loves Mary). I had a whole event planned around this show and was disappointed when it was cancelled. I then found out that she had a show in NJ which was not that far so I called Ticketmaster back to buy the tickets to find that the money that I spent on the Baltimore tickets was not credited back to me yet. So I placed the tickets on hold for 3 days. After three days the money still wasn't there and I lost the tickets (so the ticketmaster customer service rep said). I was upset. I changed my focus to a football game instead. When I went to buy the tickets for the football game my money was not there still. I called my credit card company to see what was going on and the money was credited but Ticketmaster charged again fo the NJ tickets after I was told that they could not hold them any longer. I was livid... I did not purchase these tickets and was lead to believe that they were gone. When I found out I called Ticketmaster to see what happened and to refund the purchase and was told that it was too late. They told me that once I gave them my information they had the right to charge it. I couldn't fight it through my bank because they didn't handle Ticketmaster disputes (even though I didn't authorize the purchase-go figure) nor with the vendor because the money was gone. Now I am trying to contact someone from Mary's staff to give me a refund to no avail. This was my worst anniversary EVER!

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      Nov 13, 2008

    i disagree on the complaint because well if you provided your information on the sport tickets then why say it should have not been charged and another thing you said the hold was on the mary tickets and not the sports game you got all in all get over dont give out any info unless you know your going to purchase because some of these shows are not refundable and so they tell you before purchasing thats y i always make sure iam going or sell them or give them, but every agrees to terms and conditioins and then act like no one told them.

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      Aug 20, 2009

    They feed off of dumb people like yourself. You see, the Cubs will sell out 80% of thier home games within 45 minutes of the first sale date. The reason is that vendors or agencies will buy blocks of 300-500 at a time to re-sell them at a fat profit.

    For 409 bucks, i assume you were looking for tickets for either the Cards or the White Sox. Either of which you did get a deal on. i have seen people pay 600 per pair to either game.

    Get real.

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  • I was getting ready to order some tickets on Dec. 30th. When I got my total it was 14.35 more than the ticket total. I told the guy at Ticketmaster I wasn't paying an extra 14.35 when the tickets themselves are only 15.00, so I didn't want them. He said he cancelled the transation and nothing go through. The next day I checked my bank account and he had taken the mone out. I called that day and demanded they give me back my money. They gave me back my money, but I was on hold waiting for almost an hour to get a hold of someone in customer service. I requested mthe guy's who took my order, but the lady stated it wasn't listed. Never going to call TIcketmaster again. The extra charges are outrageous.

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      Feb 15, 2010

    Ticketmaster does not buy up blocks of tickets. The actual venues/promoters, in this case, the Cubs, are actually clients of Ticketmaster whom have hired Ticketmaster to market and sell majority of their ticket sales.

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      Feb 23, 2010

    so because YOU didn't notice you were purchasing from a different site, your blaming Ticketmaster.

    So because of your stupidity, you want to blame someone else.

    Doesn't seem fair, that's like saying you didn't see the stop sign and blaming the person that hit you as you broke the law.

    Think before you speak

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