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Unauthorized charges

I purchased (4) Chicago Cubs tickets to take my sons to their first Cubs game. I went through ticketmaster not realizing I was actually going through an affiliated organization Tickets now.

Well the invoice was for $409.17 thinking I had paid retail value of tickets plus delivery charges. I got the tickets Fed Express with the ticket price 36 per ticket or $144.00.

I received an invoice numer from Ticketmaster however they deny any involvement in the transaction.

Can these people really do this and still be legal.

  • Tj
    Tjones7 Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mary J cancelled her show in Baltimore. I had tickets to send my husband there for our anniversary (he loves Mary). I had a whole event planned around this show and was disappointed when it was cancelled. I then found out that she had a show in NJ which was not that far so I called Ticketmaster back to buy the tickets to find that the money that I spent on the Baltimore tickets was not credited back to me yet. So I placed the tickets on hold for 3 days. After three days the money still wasn't there and I lost the tickets (so the ticketmaster customer service rep said). I was upset. I changed my focus to a football game instead. When I went to buy the tickets for the football game my money was not there still. I called my credit card company to see what was going on and the money was credited but Ticketmaster charged again fo the NJ tickets after I was told that they could not hold them any longer. I was livid... I did not purchase these tickets and was lead to believe that they were gone. When I found out I called Ticketmaster to see what happened and to refund the purchase and was told that it was too late. They told me that once I gave them my information they had the right to charge it. I couldn't fight it through my bank because they didn't handle Ticketmaster disputes (even though I didn't authorize the purchase-go figure) nor with the vendor because the money was gone. Now I am trying to contact someone from Mary's staff to give me a refund to no avail. This was my worst anniversary EVER!

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  • Me
    mel Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i disagree on the complaint because well if you provided your information on the sport tickets then why say it should have not been charged and another thing you said the hold was on the mary tickets and not the sports game you got all in all get over dont give out any info unless you know your going to purchase because some of these shows are not refundable and so they tell you before purchasing thats y i always make sure iam going or sell them or give them, but every agrees to terms and conditioins and then act like no one told them.

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  • Re
    Redbirdwarrior Aug 20, 2009

    They feed off of dumb people like yourself. You see, the Cubs will sell out 80% of thier home games within 45 minutes of the first sale date. The reason is that vendors or agencies will buy blocks of 300-500 at a time to re-sell them at a fat profit.

    For 409 bucks, i assume you were looking for tickets for either the Cards or the White Sox. Either of which you did get a deal on. i have seen people pay 600 per pair to either game.

    Get real.

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  • I was getting ready to order some tickets on Dec. 30th. When I got my total it was 14.35 more than the ticket total. I told the guy at Ticketmaster I wasn't paying an extra 14.35 when the tickets themselves are only 15.00, so I didn't want them. He said he cancelled the transation and nothing go through. The next day I checked my bank account and he had taken the mone out. I called that day and demanded they give me back my money. They gave me back my money, but I was on hold waiting for almost an hour to get a hold of someone in customer service. I requested mthe guy's who took my order, but the lady stated it wasn't listed. Never going to call TIcketmaster again. The extra charges are outrageous.

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  • Ti
    Ticketrep Feb 15, 2010

    Ticketmaster does not buy up blocks of tickets. The actual venues/promoters, in this case, the Cubs, are actually clients of Ticketmaster whom have hired Ticketmaster to market and sell majority of their ticket sales.

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  • Br
    Brad2295 Feb 23, 2010

    so because YOU didn't notice you were purchasing from a different site, your blaming Ticketmaster.

    So because of your stupidity, you want to blame someone else.

    Doesn't seem fair, that's like saying you didn't see the stop sign and blaming the person that hit you as you broke the law.

    Think before you speak

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Ticket Fee $12.50

We have the government attacking the credit card companies for thier outrageous fees, what is up with buying a lawn seat for $28.00 then charging $6.00 for a parking fee, $1.00 for charity and then $12.50 for a ticket fee. I would like details to substantiate these fees. It is my choice where to park, also my choice whether or not I would like to give to a charity and a ticket fee? For what? I print my own ticket. So another $19.50 on top of the ticket price. How about I bill you for my ink cartridge and also the actual price paid for parking near the venue. And how about a donation to my family for food, clothing and heat to keep my family warm is this recession.


Ticketmaster is the worst of the worst companies. I just had the worst experience regarding fraud. Some jerk in california (I live in illinois) charged 4 tickets to lil wayne and 4 tickets to the la dodgers using a virtual credit card number, oh so magically linked to my mastercard. They had no security code, but somehow they accepted anyway. After speaking with seven (No exaggeration) they assured me everything was extinct. Exactly 30 minutes later i received a call from there fraud department that another charge has gone through. They are a rip off company and i would bet everything that this is an inside job from a staff member. There supervisors suck!!! I spoke with angie from texas id# 745 who literally laughed then thanked me for being a customer and hung up on me. What a disaster. Just wanted to share with you a prime example on the thieves they are. All they want to do is argue instead of help.

Be warned

  • El
    elijah bell Jul 31, 2009


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  • Al
    Alaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dec 09, 2012

    Tried to login in to Ticketmaster to check the status of my order, it did not recognise my login, waited for four days for a password reset, IT DID NOT WORK, am now waiting another fours days (at least!) to see if they fail to fix it again.

    Absolutely useless, it's about time the event organisers knew what a hopeless organisation they are allowing to run their businesses, and probably costing them money too in lost sales.

    Give the business to someone else.

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seating tickets

Having joined ac/dc fanclub and purchasing 2 seating tickets for hampden gig after tickets had been on sale for under 2 minutes! tickets were sent out through ticket master!
the seats we arrived at on night of concert were a total disgrace, we could see the side of the stage not anything that was on it and could only see performers when they came out onto podium!! apparently their set was amazing with a huge train etc on stage mmm didnt see a thing now as im aware these should have been sold as restricted view tickets and not charged full price for them however we were charged full price and after selecting "best available" option I was under the impression Id at least get to see the stage of the gig i was attending!
On the night i spoke to a woman who had bought 2 tickets the second time round, after all tickets sold out they then released more tickets due to demand... this woman had seats right in the centre of the stadium at the front!!!
I feel as if i have been robbed and after looking forward to this gig for months indeed it was a complete waste of time! I have attached a photo from where I was sitting i have zoomed in 100% but gives you the view we had! not accaptable ill think you will agree !!

seating tickets

  • I got tickets second time around (couldn't get them on initial release, not for the want of trying - sold out within the hour) and was lucky enough to get them with the second release. I was in the seated in front of the stage so got a great view. Sorry to hear you couldn't see - you did miss a great show (not that ACDC themselves are anything to look at - Anyone else think there's a Golem thing going on with Angus??). If it's any consolation, at least you'd tickets - I spend months being pissed off thinking I wouldn't be going, but was lucky enough with the second release. Wouldn't say it'd be a complete waste of time though, you get to hear the music, see a bit of the stage and get the atmosphere - you don't get that from a recording so it wasn't a total loss!

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Refund !

Here it is! I bought 4 tickets for the Manitoba Moose vs Hershey Bears game, which would of been on the June...

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I just tried buying a ticket on ticketmaster.com, and halfway through the process it says my bank needs to "verify" my account. I agreed to verify, and a small box on the side of my order redirected me to my local bank's "verify" page, except this time it said it's a service for greater security. It says "its free of charge" but I AM never believing that after being scammed by banks/stores/etc. So i looked for a link saying "NO Thanks" or "Continue without offer" or "Later" and I found NONE. I looked everywhere and I ended up canceling my order because it's obligating me to sign up for something I do not want to be involved in. I don't know what to do now, I am only able to buy this ticket through ticketmaster, and with two accounts. This one, and one in another country (which doesn't work considering ticketmaster now uses the billing address as the shipping address)
I hate when they make you sign up for stuff that you do not WANT.


Once again, Ticketmaster is at the heart of the ole bait and switch scam. You've probably read about the State of New Jersey lawsuit against Ticketmaster which accuses them of re-routing customers to ticket brokers for tickets with prices well above face value. Well now, they are perpetrating another scam with the whole notion of allowing consumers to buy 'Pre-Sale' tickets.

Almost each and every above average performer that plays at a medium to large sized venue, allows fans to buy so-called 'Pre-Sale tickets. What Ticketmaster is doing, is working out a deal with the ticket brokers to allow them access to the best seats for a fee. Ticketmaster feeds the brokers the 'Pre-Sale Password' and let's them go to work on gobbling up the best seats. If you are normal Joe Concert-goer and you have purchased the 'Pre-Sale Password' from a fan website for $25 to $50, you are still going to be up against hundreds of brokers going after the same tickets, thus making your purchase of the password of very little value to you.

Does it ever make you wonder when tickets go on sale to the general public that you get what I call 'outskirt' seats even though you logged in at 10:00am on the given sale date? This is completely due to this 'Pre-Sale Scam' that Ticketmaster has been operating for the last few years.

Now onto my latest 'Bait and Switch' tactic that happened to me last weekend. I managed to obtain the pre-sale password for a band playing at my local venue through a blog and for fun, thought I'd see how ticket prices were going one day before they went on sale to the general public. When I logged in and used the password, I was told that my best seats were going to be in the last section of the pavilion at the venue. I told myself that it was typical that the entire pavilion was likely to sell-out before any seats were going to go on sale to the general public and laughed outloud at the outrageousness of the whole ticketing process that Ticketmaster was providing.

So now I digress, since the price of the pavilion tickets were double that of the lawn, I went ahead and bought 4 general admission lawn seats because I simply wanted to take friends and see the show. Plus, sitting in the lawn is not all that bad unless it is raining. Anyway, a day goes by and I log into Ticketmaster to see how the general public ticket sales are coming along and I notice that the prices for the lawn seats are $12.30 lower per ticket than they were during the so-called 'Pre-Sale'!

Seeing as how this is a clear example of the Bait and Switch, I called Ticketmaster and asked them a simple question, 'why do my tickets cost $12.30 less today than they did yesterday and can I get a refund or credit?'
Their answer was that all ticket sales are final and that I was the one that chose to go through the pre-sale ticket process instead of waiting for the tickets to go on sale to the general public. No apology, no recognition of the fact that I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on tickets through this monopoly over the years, no nothing! It was my fault they said, my fault that I bought the same ticket less than 24 hours earlier for $12.30 more per ticket. So for the 4 tickets that I bought, Ticketmaster scammed me out of $49.20. Think about how many others may have done the same thing?

So with that, we fans are going to have to pay the excessive venue charges, and pay the excessive 'in'-convenience charges which end up making your overall ticket price approximately 40% more than the original ticket price. We are going to have to put up with this monopoly that takes advantage of the fact that bands can only make money touring and not by CD sales. They take advantage and scam each and every one of us with these practices.

I'll end with one thing that the Ticketmaster Customer Disservice Representative said that resonated with me. He tried to use an example to me that if you bought a shirt from a store one day for $50 and it went on sale for $40 the next day, would that store give me $10 back? He said no they would not, when I know that stores follow that policy all of the time and that this man that I had on the phone was clueless about life and about what it is to earn a buck and to try to spend it wisely. I feel sorry for him and the life lesson that he will learn later when he realized what a shameful company he works for.

Ticketmaster is a monopoly, Ticketmaster is a scam, and Ticketmaster is doing a disservice to everyone that is forced to use them to support music in this Country. They are simply un-American.

Resolved Leonard Cohen Tickets sold on line in Texas

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Ticketmaster charge my American Express Card for $718.00 for three Leonard Cohen...

Resolved Rip-off

We bought tickets for a performance by Jeff Dunham in Bloomington, IL. When we found out we would not be able...

Resolved illegally charging credit card each month $9

TicketMaster sends credit card info to its accomplice, Ent* Entertainment Rewards in Troy, MI and they automatically charge $9. each month without stopping and without delivering any product. They say that somehow when we ordered tickets there was a checkbox to allow this, but I always uncheck all contact boxes when making any online order. Anyway, even if some hidden checkbox is there, this is a complete scam! People all over the country are paying this fee every month and don't catch it even some have been charged for years. Just because Entertainment Rewards has a legit product, does NOT mean they can receive my credit card and charge at will. This has been going on for far too long. Class action suit or goverment prosecution must occur.

Resolved Fraud

I am working with a NY LawFfirm now. We are putting together a Class Action Law Suit. Can you explain to me what ticketsnow did to you? please email me at diana.[protected]@sbcglobal.net . The law firm and myself are seeking out others who are willing to be named in the suit.

My story is from Jan 31 2009 when I logged onto Ticketmaster at 9:59am for Jimmy Buffett at DTE Aug 13 2009 and I unknowingly was redirected to TicketsNow to complete my purchase that I still thought was Ticketmaster. After a few minutes and receiving confirmation of my order I realized someting was wrong. I paid $877.XX for 2 Seats. My timestamp on my purchase was 10:02AM.

Anything you can give me to help stop this is greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time...

Diana Wenzel
Toledo OH

Coming up Brit Spears Concert in New Orleans

I had called Ticketmaster to buy 2 VIP Toxic Experience tickets for my friends Birthday and the women on the phone told me I could choose Will Call and still have them sent in the mail because that was the only option. I did it and now their ### are telling me I can only get them an hour before the concert. Forget about the fact that I'm going to be out of town working and will need my ID to get in the office back and fourth.

I hate their useless customer support lines, they are ### and TicketMaster are nothing but LIARS!!! So now I'm screwed out of 1, 100 dollars and they could care none about it, what a waste of human life they are. Nothing but BS artist and worse than Politicians could ever be.

They took my tickets

AC/DC in Tacoma WA Here's my big Screw you from Ticket Master. My youngest daughter and I (I'm 56...

Ticketmaster Family

I'm being charged $4.60 twice in one day for some kind of entertainment rewards I didn't sign up for...Ticketmaster claimed they had no idea why I would be charged these fees unless a concert was cancelled?? Yeah, right!

  • Hm
    hmmmm....... Nov 19, 2009

    this also happened to me ticket master sent my card info and everything to this company and i had no clue until today when that company took 9.00 out of my acct and i was freaking and it was them and the ppl from entertainment rewards told me that ticketmaster gave them my information and that i was signed up for a 30 day free subscription and that if i didnt canel within 30 dys then they would charge me this every month well ok i find this out a yr later that they have been chargin me for over a yr and it has never showed up on my bank statement that i could see and ticket master refused to give me a return so i guess im going to turn them in to the bbb and see what they have to say about this.

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  • Ti
    Ticketrep Feb 15, 2010

    I believe this is most likely charges that were made on a discount program for you to receive $10 - $20 cash back on your ticketmaster purchase when you try the program for a $1 trial. This program is run by a company called Affinion and they are not a part of Ticketmaster. Please go to www.Affiniongroup.com or call ticketmaster and ask to be transferred to Affinion if you need to cancel your subscription.

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Resolved Terrible experience!

Purchased tickets thru Ticketmaster for comedy show "MoNique" - event scheduled for 10/27 at 8pm. By 8:35 p.m., show had still not started. We had arrived 7:40pm to be on time. During pre-show wait, many guests, including myself, complained to MoNique entertainment staff that the loud music was like a 17-year old showing off in the car next to you with nothing but bass. It was hurting our ears, literally gave ear pain and headache. They refused our requests to adjust the sound. After waiting 55 minutes with noise torture, we left. I contacted Ticketmaster the next business day; their policy is to not refund after an event. If we knew beforehand the event would be intolerably late and would have subjected us to ear damage, certainly, we would have requested refund in advance. I think it's time people stand up to monopolies like Ticketmaster and the "artists" who take money and advantage from patrons who were subjected to noise abuse and a very tardy appearance. I, for one, will never use Ticketmaster and their price gouging, ever again.

  • Tm
    tmbombshell Nov 03, 2009

    Ticketmasters job is to SELL the tickets they are contracted to sell through the venue/promoters and/r facility. If the show was not to your liking in whatever way, shape or form. You should have made your arguement to the facility ..they control the sound..not TM.

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Can't print the tickets!

I sent the following to Ticketmaster requesting a refund because I could not get what I paid for. I bought the tickets 3-4 months earlier online.

I called that night to request/demand a refund because I could not get the tickets printed even when they were sent to another e-mail address. Then I called to request another route, of course it was minutes from the start of the show which was a 25 minutes drive to the parking lot & another 15-20 minutes to the entrance gate/will call window. When we arrived to the window at 8:10 the window was closed & the concert was half over. I called to your office to request a refund. This was supposed to be a fun & relaxing night. However, it was extremely frustrating--whatever was encrypted & wouldn't change no matter what from the very beginning when I purchased these tickets. I have felt so frustrated & upset that it has taken me this long to be able to communicate with you. I have never had a problem before. I hope that I never have another problem like that again. I really feel burned from this experience re: Kenny Logins tickets.

I have purchased Dixie Chics Tickets for November a few months ago but wasn't able to print them. I will try soon.

I appreciate your attention to this matter. Jo

  • Ko
    Kolista Jun 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The fees are unbelievable and can easily add up the whole price of another ticket! Avoid and purchase from the venue's box office if at all possible. The only positive about them is that they are trustworthy, but if you are forced to a buy a ticket through them online you will typically get price gouged beyond belief.

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  • La
    lackofethics Jun 01, 2011

    Right, no kidding. You are surprised? They have been known as TicketBastard for years now- and the main reason is their price gouging. Secondly, they rate extremely poor in customer service, and even if they mess up and admit it, they will not remedy the situation. Use them, and you are screwed, period.

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  • Al
    Alines Oct 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Terrible experience. Overpriced. Slooow. Captchas always suck, but these are the worst and hardest to complete I've ever been asked to do. The site even returned an "Internal Server Error" near the end of my transaction after waiting several minutes. The ONLY thing keeping them in business is their monopoly on so many events.

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  • Bi
    Biakon Dec 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst website in the world. Blocks customers from use. After waiting for ages to load at work I just get Forbidden 103 - presumably because my company routes to the Internet in Amsterdam, hardly uncommon. Send me endless spam that I cannot unsubscribe from as they block me from the unsubscribe website.

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  • Sa
    Sarah L Fugate Aug 28, 2018

    First I get there find our seats to be by far inadequate blocked and ill planned! We can't see! There is a sound booth, ppl working, a changing booth another large black speaker. I have a pic. Then I have to drag my kids 2 kids to guest services find I over paid for my seats bc I am now in row M! and we are late for the beginning of the show!


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  • Un
    Unhappy fairy Sep 01, 2018

    I was trying to watch a video on you tube and this stupid tickets thing pops up with a list of tickets I'd just like to watch a video in peace I Don't want to buy any tickets please take the ad off

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