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Ticketmastertartan day post parade party at bb kings new york order number 40-41146

Hi, we travelled from Scotland to New York to attend tartan day parade and decided to buy tickets to this event for £334.06 for 6 people (5 adults 1 child) we were advised to arrive at venue at 4pm which we did, we lined up and waited but doors did not open until 430pm approx, it was 520pm when we got inside venue, , event was only on between 430-630 so we missed nearly half of it. We paid extra for seating and when we entered venue there was no distinction made at door as to who had paid for seating and who had not, so first people in got seating, regardless if they had paid for it or not, there was no seats available when we got in. The advert stated drinks were inclusive in price, but only drinks included were whisky and beer, so we had to buy a round of drinks. We found the manager and complained to him about it but he stated he could do nothing and we had to complain to event organiser! We stood for 10 minutes and finished and then left, totally disgusted and disillusioned with ticketmaster. We were travelling with my aunt and uncle who were celebrating 40 years married and that was our present to them. It was an absolute disgrace and waste of 2 hours of precious time we had in New York. I would like to be refunded my money for these tickets, because as far as I'm concerned they were completely mis-sold to me. Paid for seating did not get it, paid for drinks did not get them. Hope you can help me with above. Thank you Jacqueline macleod

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    • Updated by Jacqueline macleod · Apr 19, 2018

      I would like a refund for my tickets please

    Ticketmasteryour website allowing resale tickets with little information

    I purchased 4 tickets to jimmy buffet for n. charleston for April 6, 2018 show. I went on your website to purchase the tickets. I found the tickets and made the purchase, It was not until I printed the tickets did I find out they were resale and I had paid $163.50 each for face value tickets that were $91.50. My complaint is this should be highlighted that you are buying resale tickets. I had no idea. I went back on your site to see what I had missed and it took me 20 minutes to find anything to confirm resale tickets. This is very deceiving and wrong. If I want resale tickets I know I am paying a premium price if I go to stubhub or others. Not when I go to ticketmaster which I trust is selling me regular price tickets. I would like you to add capital letters or some other alert to patrons buying from you to be aware of this. A desirable resolution for me is for you to refund the scalped difference that I unknowingly paid.

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      Ticketmasterfalse ticket purchase - customer service resolution

      I had an issue with ticketmaster where tickets were accidentally purchased by someone other than me using my payment details. They refused to help me out at all and so I opened a dispute with my bank as the transaction was NOT authorized by me. Ticketmaster Canada then called me about a different event and that I needed to contact the US division to resolve a problem. Hey hen I called, they informed me that if I did not drop the dispute, they would cancel all my ticket purchases (3 other events for the year) they got very abusive with me and said they were unwilling to help mme and threatened that if I did not drop the dispute myself they would just go ahead and cancel everything. I spoke to the following people: NY810-40458 Shane - Assistant manager fraud Employee #ZWS905 Carla - Supervisor. Shane made the confirmed that it was a threat made to me that if I did not drop the dispute they would cancel my tickets. I asked if there was any customer service program they had to help a customer reach a reasonable resolution to which he said no and that this was the only option, to pay for the tickets of a past event that I never attended or had planned to attend at all.

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        Ticketmaster — presale

        Ticketmaster totally SCREWED me! I sign up for the presale codes and verified fans for EVERY concert I want...


        I ordered etickets from Ticketmaster for a basketball game. The tickets are a gift. I got an email confirmation and find I CANNOT PRINT MY ETICKETS. They are only available on an app that I have to download to my phone. How will I give them as a gift?? It's hard to believe I can't print my own etickets, even after all of the fees I was charged.

        Clearly a strategy by Ticketmaster to get them to download their crappy ap onto your phone so they can send you alerts about events.

        I can't wait for Amazon or another company to get into this business and put this garbage level of service to rest.

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          Ticketmasterstay away. don't trust this shady company.

          Ticketmaster is the worst website on earth. And their customer service is absolutely the same - bad, terrible and awful.
          Saying this because I have an experience dealing with them and I don't want to go through this hell again.
          They resold my tickets to someone else an I was just unlucky enough that I came a little bit later than the person who had the same tickets. Of course, both of us had no idea about it, I am sure. Maybe if I came earlier, this complaint would have been written by him or her. Who knows.
          Of course, this type of questions is avoided among their representatives and they will never answer why the hell they do it. Asking for a refund, in this case, is a useless thing.
          So I am out of my money. And I hate these jerks from Ticketmaster

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            Ticketmasterticketmaster/ hockey with star wars promo

            This happened this week for a Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey game for 12/2/17.
            I purchased these tickets from a Star Wars Twitter link that did not mention a promo or ask for a code... https://twitter.com/starwars/status/934904609499381760

            The next day I then saw this tweet with the promo code.


            When I called Ticket Master they said too bad. I could sell the tickets and purchase from the right link. I had also submitted a ticket that same day. 2 days later the response was vague and template verbiage used. I have asked to escalate this issue and of course no response.

            How is this my fault in trusting that ticket master did not have the right info linked to their ad?

            This issue makes me not want to deal with them anymore.

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              Ticketmaster — ticketmaster ruined my vacation

              My name is Mycole Meeske. Ticket master double booked our seats to the Golden State Warriors Game (11/25/17...

              Ticketmasterticket refund

              So I bought a ticket for 6LACK & Sabrina Claudio in Philadelphia on November 17th a month in advance before the show. I did purchase a resale ticket & apparently bought the ticket from a fan-to-fan website, which I initially wasn't aware of. Last minute, Sabrina Claudio, the secondary performer on tour with 6LACK, wasn't able to perform in Philly because of prior committments she had made before the concert. Also, I may add that I wasn't informed that she made prior committments from ticketmaster themselves, I was informed from social media, which isn't right. I was unable to get a refund or exchange my ticket for another. I think that it was unfair because I paid my share for 2 people to perform, not 1. My money is not being paid for what I wanted, so I deserve it back, I've been trying to resell my ticket but the event is 2 days away & I have tried everything for someone else to purchase my ticket. The reason I dont want to go is because of a reason I can't control, so I deserve my money back. I don't want to attend an event unless I expect what I paid for.

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                • Po
                  pobarjenkins Nov 15, 2017
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  If you purchased the ticket from a fan-to-fan website, then you will want to pursue them for a refund and not Ticketmaster. Most likely neither company will be able to refund you. You could possibly try posting an advertisement on Craigslist or Facebook regarding the tickets you want to sell.

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                • Sh
                  Shaun R. Nov 16, 2017

                  What were the terms and conditions for the tickets? Did you only pay face value for the tickets?

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                • Ca
                  Caparella Nov 16, 2017
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  @Shaun R. “This ticket is a revocable license to attend the event listed on the front of the ticket and is subject to the full terms found at www.ticketmaster.com. Such license may be revoked without refund for noncompliance with terms. Unlawful sale or attempted sale prohibited. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be invalid, lost, stolen, or counterfeit and if so are void. This ticket may not be resold for an amount in excess of the face value of the ticket without the written consent of issuer. Maximum resale restrictions may apply, e.g.: PA: greater of $5 or 25% of ticket price plus tax; NY: if venue seats more than 5, 000 persons, ticket may not be resold within 1, 500 feet from the physical structure of this place of entertainment under penalty of law. In the event a legal baseball game is not played, ticket may be exchanged for same price seat for either: (a) rescheduled game, if any; or, if applicable, (b) any home game within 12 months of original game, if available. Complimentary tickets not exchangeable or redeemable for any benefit offered to tickets with a dollar value. TIME, OPPONENT, ROSTERS AND DATE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. This ticket may not be used for advertising, promotion or other trade purposes without the written consent of issuer. Applicable taxes are included. Holder assumes all risks occurring before, during or after event, including injury by any cause, and releases management, facility, league, participants, clubs, artists, their representatives and personnel, Ticketmaster, and their respective affiliates and representatives from any related claims. Take care of your ticket, as it can't be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed, and is valid only for event and seat printed on ticket.” those are the terms & conditions & yes i paid the face value plus some necessary fees

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                TicketmasterI was sold tickets that I couldn't sit in!

                Disappointed!!! I has been 4 days shy of being a month. Ticketmaster has not dealt with my problem. My husband and I bought tickets for our daughter to attend the usa vs korea women's soccer game on oct. 19, 2017 in new orleans. My husband paul brought our daughter to the event. She was sooooo excited! We splurged and bought (What we thought) the best seats possible. The seats were right behind the usa team. We paid $144 a ticket so that possibly our daughter could get her new jersey signed by some players and get pics. Little did I know, a disaster was brewing once they tried to sit. My husband bought our daughter a jersey and proceeded to go to their seats for awhile. However, they were quickly told that they were not seating on that side of the field. The new orleans staff didn't know how to "fix" this "problem." they said no one was allowed on that side of the field. My husband and 12 year old daughter were shuffled in and out of offices (Wasting an hour of their time... And missing the preshow as well as the beginning of the game!) after they finally gave them new seats on the opposite side, they were crappy seats! The people in front of them as well as the people behind them all paid $28 a ticket (I have pics of their printed tickets!) this was not fair swapping for the tickets we paid for! I am highly disappointed in ticketmaster as well as new orleans arena. Ticketmaster should not have sold me tickets that I was not able to sit in... And here I am almost a month... And nothing has been done. I have demanded a refund... And all I hear is... We are checking with the venue. Ticketmaster did not do what they promise..."we guarantee the seat you buy is the seat you get." ridiculous!

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                  • Sh
                    Shaun R. Nov 15, 2017

                    Why not just dispute the transaction with your bank?

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                  • Wa
                    Warren J Hunt May 15, 2018
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I purchased $65.00 tickets and got $40.00 tickets and ticketmaster saying 25.00 surcharge a total of$147.45 this is the biggest rip off that I encounter I even spoke to customer service before purchasing tickets to get more information and she said that I would only be charged service fee and delivery fee but I was charge for 2 $65.00 157.45 and really they was $40.00 ticket this is crazy I am 62 and I would have never fallen for this I could have drove to Chicago round trip for $20.00 this is so crazy I really want my $50.00 back I paid 65.00 ticket for 40.00 ticket. Who does that????never in life will I be using this site again.

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                  Ticketmaster — tickets show guns n roses miami

                  I bought two tickets for me and my girlfriend well in advance for the Guns n Roses show in Miami on August...

                  Ticketmasterlivenation/ticketmaster error in ticketing process but charged

                  I ordered 3 tickets to a jimmy buffett concert yesterday, I was taken through the ticketing system and payment system, only to then be told that my ticket selection was no longer available and to reselect tickets. Which I did. Only to then end up with 2 ticket orders and 2 charges on my credit card. Both email confirmations arrived within a minute of each other, after I had gone through the reselection process. I called today to get a refund for the unwanted tickets only to be told that there was nothing they could do and this was now my problem and that I had to resell these tickets. Jonathon in the escalations department even told me that the system is not error free! So in that case, why do they not have a contingency plan in place to refund people that have had duplications done through fault of their system?!!
                  I found the customer service disgusting and ridiculous. I will not be using livenation/ticketmaster ever again and I shall tell all my friends and family not to either.

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                    Ticketmaster — Tickets sold under false pretenses

                    Went to Las Rageous in Las Vegas. Ticketmaster sold me VIP tickets that stated we would have our own VIP...

                    Ticketmasterticket scalpers

                    Tickets for the Kendrick Lamar Damn Tour show in Denver "went on sale" at 10am MDT. I was on Ticketmaster's website at 9:59am MDT waiting to buy the tickets. At 10:01am MDT, Ticketmaster's website stated that there were no longer any tickets available. At 10:05am MDT, thousands of tickets were for sale on Stubhub for more than twice as much as the original ticket price on Ticketmaster. How does Ticketmaster not have security measures in place to ensure that every customer has a fair chance at acquiring tickets? It's silly for venues/artists to even use Ticketmaster to sell their tickets only for the tickets to end up on Stubhub 5 minutes after release on Ticketmaster.

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                      TicketmasterAsking for refund

                      -Request a refund-
                      I bought 2 (two) tickets on ticketmaster for Footy match but turns out it is an unauthorized seller and I couldn't watched the game.

                      Invoice# : 142522
                      Event : Port Adelaide vs Adelaide Crows
                      Venue : Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, South Australia
                      Date : 8 April 2017, 19.10
                      Total Charge : $116.65

                      Herewith attached the invoice,
                      Kind regards.

                      Asking for refund

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                        TicketmasterTicketmaster scam purchasing tickets presale

                        I am suspicious and disheartened that even after taking the effort with Ticketmaster to login as an Ed Sheeran super fan as well as an American Express "preferred" cardholder that the both options failed to aquire 5 tickets. Tickets on sale at the same time they are sold out? How is this possible Ticketmaster? American Express should reconsider being associated with this scam.

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                          TicketmasterWasn't able to buy tickets

                          I wasn't able to buy tickets from Ticketmaster because when every time I've tried I received a message saying that the map was acting up.
                          So then I called customer service and asked if I could order tickets via phone and they said sure. They asked me to call later because they were busy at the moment. I said ok and called later but they were still too busy.
                          So I called the next day and they said the same thing! What a joke! You people need money or what?
                          Do not buy from this site.

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                            TicketmasterGarth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Concert Tickets

                            I ordered 3 handicap seating tickets to see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on May 13th. I have always purchased handicap tickets directly through Van Andel but they were not selling for this concert. I ordered when they went on sale April 8, 2016 spoke with a person (not a recording) and placed my order for handicap seating, was confirmed and told tickets would be sent to me. As of May 10th still no tickets so I called ticket master and they emailed me my tickets although I had to pay additional money to have them sent. Went to the venue and found out the tickets I received were not handicap seating at all we would of had to walk up a long flight of stairs which was impossible for a physically disabled person. So we were sent up in the nose bleed sections and was told if someone came and had tickets for our seats we would have to move. Needless to say we had to move 2 times...missed part of the concert due to the shuffle of finding us other seats.

                            Long story short I contacted ticket master the following day and they never did get back with me until after 2 more emails a week later. Totally denied I ever asked for handicap seats said I would of had to spoke to an actual person, which I did, and that I called 3 days prior to concert and had tickets emailed to me. Well yes I did, what if I wouldn't of called I would of never received tickets for concert.

                            It is apparent they have no idea on how a customer feels when it was a battle with not receiving handicap seating. Also it has been just a slap in the face to me when they said I didn't order handicap seating or talk to a representative.

                            Asked to be compensated for their mistake but deny any wrong doing. Just not good business and I will never purchase through ticket master again.

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                              TicketmasterTickets to Reggae Night XV Hollywood Bowl 6/26/16

                              I purchased four tickets for the June 26th, 2016 Reggae Event with Burning Spear. The tickets I received did not have the row I had selected.
                              I purchased four tickets for the June 26th, 2016 Reggae Event with Burning Spear. When I did the order, I specifically chose Section M1, Row 2 and seats 1-3-5-7.

                              I have been to the Hollywood Bowl many times in the past so I know the seating arrangement. I wanted to be as close to center (Section M1 or N1) and be as close to the stage as possible. I know exactly what I ordered! I received the tickets and low and behold, I get the right section and the right seats but I'm now in row 18!

                              How does that happen? I spent good money for those seats plus an extra $7 for each ticket for a service charge?! So, I call Ticketmaster to ask what happened. I'm on my cell and have to go through the automated system and then, wait for over a half an hour, listening to the same old songs over and over again.

                              When a young man finally answers and I explain the issue, and all he does is apologize and spins the issue as though it was my fault! I know what I ordered and I did not get the row I asked for. He offered no compensation, no exchange for better seats, and to make things worse, he tells me there is no refund! How in the world does a business like that stay in business?

                              So, it turns out that its my fault and tough luck buddy. I planned to give two tickets to Larry White, the pianist for the Sandpipers (a 60's/70's band) and a renown song writer who was up for a Grammy recently. I boasted about the location of our seats and planned on giving him the tickets tonight. But when I saw the 18th row, there was no way I could do that to him, as it was a birthday gift I promised him.

                              I had to go to Vivid to purchase four new tickets at a higher cost but received Row 1 as a courtesy after that young man heard my story. Those tickets are refundable, can be exchanged and I didn't have to go through a machine for a long period of time before someone answered. He answered immediately and was outstanding in his effort to assist me.

                              I will never buy nor recommend Ticketmaster to anyone. Shameful way to do business. Event Code is EHBO0626

                              Extra Detailed Info
                              Complaint Date1: 04/02/2016

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                                TicketmasterOnline Ticket Sales Access Delays

                                I just tried to buy Bonnie Raitt tickets for her 8/19/16 concert in Portland, ME at Ticketmaster.com using my MACBOOK PRO via APPLE router and TWC internet modem. The TM site countdown clock reached zero (@10:00am EST on 3/11/16) and I had to wait a good 4 minutes to gain access to place an order and by then the seats I wanted were all taken. I had a similar experience in December when trying to buy Billy Joel tickets. I am filing this complaint here because it is impossible to file such a complaint directly with Ticketmaster using their email form. They only want to hear from fans who have purchased tickets and have problems! I want to know what Ticketmaster's problem is and if and when they expect to fix it.

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