Thrifty Rent A Carservice i’m complaining about

M Aug 04, 2018

This Friday was the worst day ever I actually missed my grandmother viewing because of a rude customer service agent at the crown plaza in Orlando Florida. Her name was Nadia or Natalia one of those names. I went it rent a car she totally ignored me or even Recognize that I was there, she would answer every other customer that came inside there that already had a Vehicle questions and left me standing there until I let her know that I been waiting for her. When I presented her with my I'd and card she put my things back on the desk and told me she can't help or accept my card. Now I have rented that before on 3 other occasions and used the same exact card and I advised her of that. He response was if I did take that card before I'm not taking it day. I then asked her why, she told me that she didn't have to tell me why she not going to say another word. That's so unprofessional I call customer service on her nobody seemed to care at all. If my card wasn't suppose to be used there why didn't she take it before when I came there? She she so called wasn't suppose to then she should be fired. I will never do business with thrifty again just because of this bad experience. Someone needs to coach her on how to talk to people and on her customer service. I will be mailing letters to headquarters regarding this issue. Do u think that's fair I had to missed my grandmother viewing?? Which all she had to do was explain to me so I can fix the issue and not be nasty.

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