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Thrifty Car Hire, King Shaka International Airport Branch — extra day rental charges and mileage

My husband hired a car from Thrifty's car rental, King Shaka International Branch, South Africa for the...

Thrifty Car Rentalreimbursement

Thrifty Car Rental
5310 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74153
Fax Number [protected]
• Diana Cain
• Ms. Sherry Campbell, Customer Advocate
• Ms. Gabriela Diaz
• Mr. Rich Halbrook, Executive Vice President
• Shae Nelson
• Kimberly Paul
• Mr. Gary Paxton, President
• Ms. Amy Vandenborn, Customer Care Supervisor
Dear Sirs/Madams,
I was assigned several different case numbers: [protected]; [protected]; [protected], I am unsure as to which to provide you with.

• On March 29, 2018, I rented an automobile through Thrifty in Orlando, Florida. Rental Record #[protected]. I was to rent it until April 2, 2018. On the morning of April 2, 2018, as my family and I packed up to leave our Daytona Beach rental to drive to the Orlando airport to catch a 1:50 p.m. flight, the car would not start. We called Thrifty who sent a Tripe A truck to our location to jump start the vehicle. The Triple A driver took an hour to get to our location. Triple A tried to jump the vehicle but it would not start. The driver did not know what was wrong with the vehicle. Thrifty then sent a Lyft driver to bring us to the airport. The Lyft driver arrived an hour later and drove us to the airport where we missed our flight with Southwest. The cost of this missed flight for 4 of us in my family was $690.92. Because we were unable to arrive within 2 hours our flight was forfeited and we lost the money. Southwest did not have ANY flights out that day and we would be put on a stand-by list for the next day, which we were told was long and that probably only 2 of us would be able to get home. We searched other airlines and found that American Airlines had a flight to North Carolina and then switch planes to Hartford, Connecticut. This flight cost the four of us $765.20 plus $100 for our luggage. It was delayed twice but we finally left Orlando for North Carolina 7:16 pm. We arrived in North Carolina at or about 9:03 p.m.. Our connecting flight to Hartford, CT was at 10:14 p.m..

• I am asking Thrifty to reimburse us for our missed flight of $690.92 and the cost of the new flight of $865.20 for a total of $1, 556.12.

• I have all the documentation you should need upon request. Also, your office implied that we had time to get to our flight, but I have a text stating our lift driver was arriving to pick us up at 12:30 in Daytona, FL. Orlando is an hour and 20 minutes. That is proof that we could not make the original flight of 1:50 p.m.

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    Thrifty Car Rental — toll fines

    Renting a car from Thrifty Car Rental in South Florida is a risk. Every time I have rented from them in the...

    Thrifty Car Rentalthrifty car rental orlando fl airport.

    Conf # h60435615c8 for March 26, 2018. Was told we can no longer use our own Sun pass for FL tolls. So I canceled that car an went to a different rental company. I have made a number of calls to different offices an get different answers. Some say it can be used others say no. I know how it all works. I have had my own Sun pass for about six years now. We need an answer to this so for our future travels we don't have this problem. We go to FL. about six to seven times a year. Thank you.

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      Thrifty Car Rentalovercharging

      I booked a Rental car from Thrifty Rent a Car, Refrence Number: H50547330279. and prepaid the €257, 02. which was the price quoted, when I arrived at Memmingen Airport Germany on the Sunday January 14th I went to the rental desk of Hertz, Thrifty and Dollar, the Lady at the desk told me that I would have to pay an extra €251, 63 being a total of €508, 65, as this was to cover the insurance and I would also have a hold of €900, 00. on my credit card, I told the Lady that I had a Rental Car Insurance police with Allianz for All Rental Cars for One Year, she said that this was not acceptable as I had booked the Car with Thrifty and Not Hertz, I told her that this was my third time to book through the same company (Thrifty/Hertz) in the last two years at Memmingen Airport and that there was never a problem before, she was not interested and said I had to pay or would not get the Car, I reminded her that I had prepaid and she said I could try to claim the money back but could not guarentee it, I was Overcharged by €251, 63. and would like to be refunded.
      Many thanks, Francis Lennon.

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        • Updated by Francis Lennon · Mar 20, 2018

          Still no response from Thrifty/Hertz regarding overcharging of €251, 63.

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        Thrifty Rent A Car Enrique Malek International Airport David, Panama100% rip off do not utilize!!

        17 August - 25 August 2017 reserved / rented a 4X4 (Ended up being a Toyota Rav) for 1 week. Also requested GPS for the Chiriquí region.

        Ended up paying nearly $1000 for 1 week. GPS was garbage, only functioned for David only, no city listings for Boquete, Volcan and Cerra Punta etc. Complaint initiated with the counter agent for a 100% refund for the costs of, was refused. In addition, deposit paid for said vehicle was never credited. This even after 3 - 4 direct calls to the Thrifty franchise.

        As of today, 19 February 2018, nothing ever credited. Had attempted to contact directly with Corporate, but impossible from what I had found online. Is what these corporations do is rip-off clientele to make their profits for their bottom line.

        Suggest anyone reading this to avoid Thrifty at all cost. Better options on the local economy and within Boquete. Can take a taxi up or even a bus which is very inexpensive. Locally, a decent vehicle can be had for $32/day.

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          Thrifty Car Rental — exorbitant charges!!!, illegal violation of fair - trade act

          My 21- yr. old daughter flew to Georgia for a wedding. She reserved her car online and was sent an email...

          Thrifty Car Rentalunethical behaviour - bad service - ben guron airport - thrifty israel car hire

          Booked a vehicle on line through via the El Al website . My decision was to book an automatic vehicle at the best available price. On that date being 08 January 2018 the best vehicle was through Thrifty a Nissan Micra or similar reservation No [protected], Driver Mr Julian Michaels collection Ben Guron 21 January to 28 January 2018. At the same time as booking through Thirfty we were asked on line should we require additional insurance for the hire and we agreed and paid on line for the vehicle and the additional insurance.
          On arrival and at collection of vehicle at Ben Guron I was firstly told that the insurance was not from Thrifty and they could not claim on the insurance should something go wrong and I was for forced by an extremely rude car rental agent to take out additional cover through Thrifty at an additional major cost.
          When collecting the vehicle I was going to be given an extremely battered up nissan micra full of dents etc etc. and complained bitterly and wanted to cancel the rental. Was then given another vehicle which is hardly better a Kia Picante also with many dents etc etc.
          I find this behaviour totally unethical and service extremely bad for thrifty in Israel and attach all my documentation in support of this complaint.
          I do feel that it was highly unnecessary to have charge me the additional insurance from Thrifty at over US Rand R4 000.00 as I had paid for an additional insurance to cover all risks at a cost of SA R1 623, 72.
          I will never again use Thrifty as a preffered rental company and never recommend them as a car rental agent to anybody.
          I feel that I should at least be refunded for the additional insurance I was forced to take out at the Car Rental Agent Thrifty at Ben Guron in Tel aviv, Israel.

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            Thrifty Car Rentalvehicle renting

            Hi My Name is Emran Miah im 27 years of age held a driving license just over 2 years now nearly 3 i am having probelms renting a vehicle from the Thrifftys car renting branch Burnley lancashire and Preston i have rent vehicle from there before the other day i booked a reservation and when in branch to pick up my hire vehicle the branch manager did a check and they told me that i wont qualify to hire a vehicle from them they did not explain why i can't. Can you please investigate this and contact me back please Thankyou

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              Thrifty Car Rentalbilling

              Rented Minivan in Atlanta 1/13/18-1/15/18 from noon-noon for $41 p/day plus fees, estimate $117 Total, Stuck in Atlanta traffic Monday returning vehicle between 1-1:30pm later. Upon returning charge changed for daily rental to $90 p/day plus hourly overate making total charge $285. I agree I should be paying an hourly late fee but double my daily rate + seems excessive. Not a customer friendly company. Hope this warning helps others and i hope to never rent from Thrifty again.

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                Thrifty Car Rentalthrifty refused to reimburse my costs when I returned my car rental one week early

                I reserved a car rental through Travelocity for two weeks [Dec 17/17 to Jan 1/18] renting from the Palm Springs airport (Itinerary # [protected]). Due to illness, I had to leave Palm Springs early and returned my car on December 24/17 with one week remaining on the rental which I couldn't use as I had to leave to get medical care. I was told by several staff at the car rental desk that I would be reimbursed for the one week and that I should call for the refund once I had returned. Now that I am at home and requesting the refund, the accounting department at Thrifty's is refusing any refund. I also called the 1-800 Thrifty phone number to advise that I was returning the car early and that agent also advised me that I was entitled to a refund. Well apparently the accounting department at Thrifty's doesn't honour what their staff advise their customers. I would like a refund for the one week which I paid for and couldn't use.

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                  Thrifty Car Rentalcost of my rental at thrifty

                  Reservation Number US776073760

                  Hire from LAX for 2 weeks 16th Oct to 29th Oct 2017

                  Dear Sir or Madam

                  Can you help me please about the actual cost of my vehicle hire from you .

                  I booked a car on line and paid thrify 435 dollars in advance leaving 145 dollars to pay at the desk . ( Confirmed by email )

                  So the total should have been around 580 dollars .

                  Upon collecting the car I was told the actual bill with insurance that I needed etc would be 1600 dollars.

                  So I ended up paying approx 1500 dollars total. So paid 900 dollars for the insurance etc

                  I feel totally misled and would appreciate if you could confirm what my final bill should be .

                  I have paid approx

                  Rental Advance : 435
                  Loss dam waver : 539
                  L/S. : 246
                  Pre rd ser : 125
                  Con fee rec. : 151
                  GF. : 10
                  VL. : 22
                  Tax. : 71

                  Total. 1601 dollars

                  I'm sure you can see that is a big jump from the recent email telling me I had 145 dollars to pay at the desk .

                  I look forward to hearing from you


                  Andrew Shaw

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                    Thrifty Car Rental — charged unnecessary cleaning fees

                    My life partner and I rented a vehicle for vacation out West. We went to S Dakota and Wyoming. We are both...

                    Thrifty Car Rentalcharged $1000 more than agreed

                    When booking the car through my airline, I indicated that i did not want the CDW insurance (as that is our company policy. When collecting the car the guy asked if I wanted this insurance and not only did I say no, but I politely added that my employers policy is that we never accept CDW cover. Immediately after this question he asked that I pick up the pen and sign the agreement so I could take the keys. Unfortunately it would appear that he succeeded in duping me. In other words I signed it but did not notice that the fine text says I was accepting CDW, even though he had just asked me and I said I didn't want it. Only a week later when handing back the car i realised that they had charged me $1000 more than I was expecting. When I phoned they said that this was my fault as I'd signed the agreement. So it did not matter that the representative had done the opposite of what I'd asked for. Their take on it was basically that yes, we shouldn't have put that on there, but you signed it so that means we got away with it and that money is ours now. They seemed so rehearsed in their answer that it was like they say it a thousand times a day. Its so odd that after many hundreds of car rental with their competitors I never had someone put in front of me an agreement which is not what we just discussed. But after m first renal with Thrifty I'm $1000 down! I guess to them this is a win, but they don't realise they have lost a customer for life. And that this customer will talk about this to colleagues for ever. p.s. The Thrifty customer service person that I spoke to on the phone was cold as ice, told me not to interrupt her, but then never let me complete a sentence. She showed an attitude that was basically saying it does not matter that we ripped you off and that because they'd got away with slipping on the CDW to the agreement and I never noticed that they could do it and that was that. Never ever again would I use this company.

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                      Thrifty Car Rental — charge fees for tolls in florida

                      I booked thru Expedia a rental in West Palm Beach from Thrifty from August 16 to August 31st 2017 and I used...

                      Thrifty Car Rentalrental car damage

                      I rented a shortage (kia) in aruba, I took possession of the car after the attendant and I went around inspecting the car. both him and I acknowledge the small damage on the bumper, he mark it on his check list. when I return the car the counter person charged me $150.00 for that damage. I told them it was there already and told them to check with the attendant servicing me. they said he denies it, asked to see the check sheet, it was not there. I told them I saw him mark it on his check sheet. now I am thinking, this is an on going thing. I am upset its not the money its the principle or maybe its intentional. so renters beware. rental date 9/3/17 to 9/10/2017 CLIENT NO. 49165

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                        Thrifty Car Rental‏they don't even know where is their own car!!!

                        Me and my husband rented a car one week ago (sep 1) and I dropped my smartphone onto the floor of the passenger side as soon as I returned the car (sep 4). The next day I registered the lost items on their lost and return website but nothing happened so far.
                        The company is still saying they don't know where the car is exactly and all I have to do is wait. I'm waiting for almost a week. How come they don't know where it is if they already have all the data on their system, such as the rental number and car plate? I can't accept this.
                        The local manager spoke kindly on the phone, but something must be done to help me because I have very important work stuff on it. This is very serious. I can't wait anymore. They only say "I'm sorry.
                        This is up to the local team at this point and they're still working on it." Please, Thrifty. Not finding your own car is unacceptable.
                        Do this simple favor for me.I'd be very grateful.

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                          Thrifty Car Rental, Houston Hobby Locationcar rental

                          On Saturday, August 6, 2017, at approximately 7:45 p.m., I arrived at the Thrifty car rental counter to rent a full-size vehicle, location, Houston Hobby, 8620 Panair St, Houston, TX 77061. (Approximately one week before my arrival, I made car rental reservations through The sales agent communicated to provide a return airline ticket and major credit card at the time of rental. I communicated that it was a local rental, therefore, I did not have a return airline ticket. The agent communicated it was their policy and that he could not rent the reserved vehicle. I requested to speak with a manager. The manager, Richard, came to the counter and communicated the same information. I asked Richard to speak to his manager, then Richard said: "He was not going to give me his manager's name and phone number" then walked away from the counter. Richard exhibited disrespectful, rude, and unprofessional behavior. I called the Thrifty car rental customer service line to file a verbal complaint. However, this measure was thwarted since I never spoke with anyone who took my complaint. Instead, I was placed on continuous holds and journeyed multiple transfers. My concern, if managers are not held accountable for their actions then this sends a negative message that it is okay to treat their potential customers in this manner. Resulting in company loss, dissatisfied customer, and branding damaged. Feedback, customer service training, a manager is not the final word, there should be some hierarchical accountability for managers.

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                            Thrifty Car Rental — manager's attitude/ rude

                            I booked the car, Ford Explore or equivalent SUV & Crossover (7 passengers and 4 large luggage). The day that...

                            Thrifty Car Rental — customer service

                            I had terrible experience at this location next to the best western absolutely rude. I guess manager todd wa...

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