Threduperror message appears persistently while I try to place my order

M Nov 11, 2019

I have been trying to buy 3 items, using the same valid credit card I used just 3 days ago with ThredUp. I keep getting an error message saying that I am not providing "valid payment information." I have re-entered every box 6 times.
There is no way I can see to fix this problem. I also can find no way to reach a real person to assist with this problem. The only telephone numbers posted (on a different site) have only electronic answerers. I have been at it for several hours now, with no changed results. VERY FRUSTRATING.
I have written 3 emails, and no real response. The stock answer is that it can take from 7 - 10 days to respond. Unfortunately, my "cart" will expire long before then. And my "bundle" option will also expire. SO I'm feeling pretty defeated, and thinking that ThredUp is not a good way for me to buy or sell my quality gently used name brand clothing. 11-11-19

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