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Member Name: Christina Sorge
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On July 29, 2018 I traveled to the Morgan Hill Location for a brief stay. I had stayed at Lake Yosemite twice and Lake Minden once. Upon arriving to Morgan Hill I was greeted by aN employee who told me check in wasn't until noon. I asked if there was a place I could park until then. The other resorts I visited check in was 8am. After I pulled over I noticed a woman taking photos of my RV. I asked if there was something I could help her with. She never introduced herself or her position until I asked why she was taking photos because my RV was not acceptable for "her" Park. She admonished me expressing that she knew I couldn't have stayed at any of the other resorts in my RV. She also told me she was going to report the other resorts because they were not allowed to let me stay in my RV. I was dumbfounded by her suggestion that not only was I lying but the other parks were in trouble for allowing me to stay. I do need to add that the night before I arrived somebody tried to pry my side door open with me in the RV. I was forced to order a new door on line to have it sent to my brother's house in Fremont in order for him to install it. This Manager talked down to me. Which made me cry because I was still quite upset about my experience the night before. She was condiscending and rude to me. I told her I didn't like the way she was talking to me without rasing my voice however I was visaby upset. I called the Yosemite Resort who informed me I could come back there but the fire had made it impossible for me to be there. I had no place to go and was short on funds because I needed to replace the door. I received a letter which stated I was suspended until September 6. Kate the manager reported me for, abusive and distructive behavior. I did not scream, yell or curse. I was emotionally upset and felt worse because this representative was condescending and rude to me. I have called Thousand Trails to speak to a representative however I am told I need to speak to the person who I had issues with. What is that about. How is that a productive way to deal with the situation? I did make a call to speak to Kate the manager however that call was not returned. How am I to feel comfortable staying at Thousand Trails in the future?


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    geogg Oct 04, 2018

    horrible horrible people at Morgan hill. I had a similar experience there and had just come from a different tt campground and had no problem.. I called the tt office because I was exhausted, and had little money to go elsewhere and was by myself in an unfamiliar territory.. I expected support from tt. instead, they suspended my membership and cant tell me what I need to do to my rig to make it acceptable because it had no problems, I sent pics. I just bought it for 16, 000 several months prior. to top it off, the girl taking pics of my rig was a real slob with un-brushed teeth telling me my rig wasn't up to their standards. so, I went to a koa which was much classier and they welcomed me with open arms.. I just got done traveling for 9 months and am going to get a lawyer because tt left me stranded. I called them for support and they took the word of the horrible person working there whom obviously has mental problems as she was 'power-tripping' and left me, a member they report to care about out in the cold. literally.. all I can say is tg for warmer, kinder campgrounds. oh, the real kicker was they said I could stay there if I went back out in to town somewhere to get an estimate of how much it would cost to spruce up my rig and I promised to get that done in the future. like I would go to a car repair not knowing what to repair, in a foreign city, with little sleep then come back with this note . so, it wasn't that they thought my rig would bother other campers...cuz I could stay there...with a note. make any sense to anyone? it doesn't because this was arbitrarily set up by a person with obvious mental problems who just wanted to mess with me. tt did nothing to protect me, they did worse, suspended me so I couldn't stay at a different nearby tt park. a relative wired me money so I could stay at the koa. they were so sweet there! I told them what happened and they felt horrible about my treatment and couldn't figure out what was wrong with my rig. they weren't suprised however...just maybe shocked that people still join this horrendous outfit. live and learn but at their prices, its not possible for me to just 'eat' the cost. not to mention, more than a few of the tt campgrounds were just horrible!!! seriously awful and it was apparent that the people working there hated their jobs.

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