Thorntonsnot authorizing pump, taking down my license plate #, & friends of cashier laughing & staring @ me!

N Jul 07, 2019

Thorntons #308
34225 N. US 45
Third Lake, IL 60030
(847) 543-4808

Is the Gas Station I go to All the time when visiting my parents. There was NO Reason for the Cashier Alex to write down my License Plate # as well as Not Authorize the pump & have his friends hanging out in the store harassing customers by Laughing & Staring at the customers! Ridiculous, haven't felt so unwelcomed as a Customer in a very long time. I will NEVER GO BACK TO USE MY MONEY @ THORNTONS EVER AGAIN! Thorntons just lost a long time Customer! I will also be referring others to go to other Gas Stations! Get your staff together and Retrain them for Customer Service before you Lose more Customers!

Christine Marker


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