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CB Retail Stores Thorntons 2609 N Farnsworth Ave, Aurora, IL, 60505, US
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2609 N Farnsworth Ave, Aurora, IL, 60505, US
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Thorntons - Always out of supplies..

I am a loyal, daily customer for many years now. I have been going every morning except for most Sundays, for years.. I have always enjoyed your coffee options and the additional stuff that I can use to spruce it up, I also enjoy the options for something to eat for breakfast. For about 5 or 6 months now there has been a consistent issue with your supply chain that is quite ridiculous for a corporation to expect to keep customers.. At this point it is daily that the store by me in Aurora Illinois off Farnsworth road, is out of something important to keeping people like me, your daily customer coming back. Why in the world would you ever be capable of being out of coffee lids? or cups? Lids or cups that are used for your soda machines? I realize there has been a lot of supply issues in the country but I typically have only seen them with (outside of your company) small, less volume places.. There must be at least 45 different companies out there making coffee cup lids.. Cant get what you usually use.. Get a temporary, local supplier or send your managers out to buy them from another source to be sure you have them... How is customer who is driving expected to take coffee to go and not have a lid? Or expected to use the flimsy lid for the Styrofoam soda cups with a straw hole as a coffee cup lid?
Also, lazy employees that work night shift into the morning shift who do not bother to make any breakfast stuff or make coffee that is ready and not from the automated machines.. There is one particular such guy who spends most of his time leaning up against the checkout counter or sitting behind the counter on a chair. I notice every time he works, Everything is filthy and nothing that everyone else knows to do and make, isn't!

I'm extremely patient in normal circumstances but this is getting pathetic.. You obviously have some major problem with your sources for supplies and its hurting your business big time.. Myself and at least 8 other customers walked out today purchasing nothing because of your coffee lid issue.. AGAIN.. If I cant get a lid with my coffee, why even buy it or buy anything else.. I just have to now stop elsewhere to get that coffee so I might as well get my other needs there too.. You get my point?
Your a big enough company to figure out a way to meet your customers needs.. Stop letting whom ever is screwing it up to continue to do that.. I know I am about to never step foot in one of your stores again. I can almost guarantee at this point that I am going to be disappointed in the fact that you will be out of something that I wanted to get and use to be able to get ANY time I went there.. Yes I know there is a supply chain issue across the country.. But big companies figure out a way around that by choosing either new, or temporary options.. Even if it temporarily raises your purchase costs to do so.. Supply your customers or lose them.. Which one costs you more in the long run?

You have two very good and very dedicated employees there at this store.. I know this because like I said.. Ive been a daily customer for years. They try hard to meet expectations.. Debbie I there all the time and she's always cleaning, stocking what she can and good with the customers. Other one is Glen.. That guy is always trying to get food out quick and if I tell them your Liquid creamer machine is out of one or another type of creamer, He jumps on it right away, no complaints and changes it out.. This happens often and I have watched him change those boxes out.. A pain in the butt! I like the pre pack apples with cheese cubes and almonds. He has always in the past made sure to restock them if not in the display cooler when I say they are out.. But again, You have been out of stock of those for weeks now. He apologizes every day.. I can only imagine how difficult your supply issue is to loyal employees that are trying very hard to do their job and now have to listen to customers blame them for your inability to supply your stores..

Desired outcome: Fix the fact that you dont meet your product supply demands.. Find temporary options..

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12:10 am EDT
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Thorntons - Employee behaviors

Female employee (name is Emily or Emma something like that) with red hair has been rude to me everytime I have been waited on by her. I come into this store every day almost and she is the only employee who I try to avoid because of her attitude and conversations she insists on having that are no where workplace appropriate. Talking about having sugar daddies and having sex and other obsecene behaviors. Thankfully my kids have not been with me to witness her lack of professionalism and respectfulness of customers.

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