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N Jan 08, 2019
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I have a great working medical/adjustable bed I no longer needed. Being in Pittsburgh, I know there are plenty of older folks with low income in need. So I went online to Salvation army and scheduled for a pick up( they were the only charity picking up furniture).

I waited two months with this heavy bed sitting against my bedroom wall. The guys finally come today and there was one excuse after another as to why they couldn't take it. When I scheduled, I explained CLEARLY that this was a Heavy, adjustable bed. But the men said they never pick up beds like this. Then he says, "maybe, let me see". Then suddenly Everything has to be perfect, there can be no imperfections. He kept calling the scratch in the corner "damage". Mind you, the Salvation army store sells plenty of scratch and dent furniture. However, my bed Looks almost new except for the scratch I caused, trying to move the thing. It's complete with a clean Serta Foam mattress and cushioned cover. I could see the two guys simply didn't want to take it because they didn't want to lift it. The Big guy kept saying, " It will end up in the Monroeville land fill, because Salvation Army is very picky." the little guy says." Yeah, the guy over us doesn't know what he's doing. Some of the nicest things go to the dump." So we ask If they could just take the things downstairs for us, because, being Women, we can't lift it. They say no.

The two non-workers leave and I make a call to the Dispatch guy. I explain the situation, then he gives me a " Yeah, they can't move anything they're not gonna take. They ain't a moving company. I asked How much does it cost you to take the item to the dump after it has been rejected?" He answers " Well, about once or twice a day it costs $500.00."

Noticing this guy is a jerk, I reply.. " That's for a truck load, I'm asking about an Item." He responds. " Yeah that's for a truck, I don't know how much for an item." I'm honestly so frustrated now, I simply asked. " Couldn't I just give yins a donation to take the thing to cover your cost? " Then he replies.. " No. They wouldn't take any money, we can't accept donations like that. " So I ask one last question. " Do you know any churches, or other charities who would take an great working adjustable bed?" He replies. " No. Not from the top of my head. " I say ok and end the call.

I've never had such a bad Donating experience in my life. I waited two months for a waste of my time. Salvation army sucks.

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