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The Salvation Army USA reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 17, 2008. The latest review Donating furniture was posted on May 11, 2021. The latest complaint there is donation of clothing and several other items but they didn't come to pickup in the last minute twice was resolved on Aug 15, 2018. The Salvation Army USA has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 602 reviews. The Salvation Army USA has resolved 66 complaints.

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15 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, Virginia
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The Salvation Army USA Complaints & Reviews

The Salvation Army USA — manager

My mom was recently accused of stealing at our near Salvation Army store. The manager not only accused her of...

The Salvation Army USA — unethical behaviour

I would like to express my complete disappointment with the treatment i have received from the local...

The Salvation Army USAthe salvation army adult rehabilitation center - schedule donation pickup

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center dispatch manager and team very rude. We had called to donate a sofa bed two weeks ago and was scheduled for today 8/3/17. They told me to call first thing in the morning to find out around what time they would come to pick it up. I took the day off from work to ensure I would be available for the pick up. I called 4 times and was put on hold, hung up on and told someone would call me back. Never heard back. I finally got to the manager (Matt) who told me they had me in the system but had lost my ticket and there was no way they could get to my donation today. I am very frustrated with the fact that they are not serious about the donation pickups and treat people with disregard. People who actually take a day off to ensure their donations are going to someone in need. You can tell they just don't care at all. He ended up putting me on hold for over 15 min just to tell me there was nothing he could do.

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    The Salvation Army USAcustomer service

    I have went twice to the Salvation of Army for help.The first time was last month when I went in for Food. The receptionist was so nasty that my 9 year old son said he felt bad as he was leaving.
    And Im in need of help with my rent for next week and the social worker was also nasty that I felt uncomfortable. I don't understand how they hire people to help and when its time to ask for help you feel degraded. It a very awful feeling.

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      The Salvation Army USA — donations

      I am a staff member of Star Girlz Empowerment. My boss met a Colonel last year. He provided Backpacks for a...

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      The Salvation Army USAunethical behavior i.e. political boycott of our president.

      You have chosen to boycott a business (Mar-A-Lago club) because of political reasons, thus contributing to the divide in our Nation. I don't like to play politics when choosing charities. In the past I have donated substantially, especially at Christmas, to the Salvation Army, but since you have now chosen this path, I have donated my last to the Salvation Army.

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        • Updated by ERN13 · Aug 22, 2017

          Mr Trump has a long history of denouncing white nationalists, specifically David Duke and the KKK. Read your history and get your info from a reliable source.

        • Si
          Sir Charles Aug 29, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Your sales are going down dramatically at your store on Bird Road in Miami.
          Before on Wednesdays you could hardly find parking.
          Today it was so empty I thought the store was closed.
          Dollar store items are priced at $2.00.
          Every thing has gone up in price.
          Before you could at least find something at a good price but it gives the impression some one is taking anything good before it gets on the shelves.
          Not one Guayavera shirt on the shelf in Miami is proof.
          All the Tommy Bahama or other Hawaiian shirts of quality are missing.
          You could always find some of these in stock, you are loosing customers and lots of $$$$$$.
          Something is rotten in Denmark.
          Suggest some one Check

          0 Votes
        • An
          Anita Bawnghit Aug 24, 2017

          He is also known to be a liar. It's a shame you're too [censor] stupid to figure that out. Read your his tweets. That's enough proof of his lies.

          2 Votes
        • An
          Anita Bawnghit Jan 10, 2018

          Aww...did I upset you snowflake? Maybe you need a safe space.

          2 Votes
        • An
          Anita Bawnghit Jan 11, 2018

          Swine? lol

          0 Votes
        • An
          Anita Bawnghit Aug 22, 2017

          Another trump voter in denial. Sorry snowflake. He's going to be impeached or hung.

          3 Votes
        • An
          Anita Bawnghit Aug 22, 2017

          I think Trump embracing the white nationalists creates more of a divide than anything else. The salvation army doesn't want to be associated with nazis or trump. Are you a nazi? And you're going to make the less fortunate suffer because you're a snowflake who can't accept that this is the worst thing to his white house in history. He has no support from his party, and the only thing he's repealed and replaced has been his staff.

          2 Votes

        The Salvation Army USA — the redhead at the cash register with the accent

        I was shopping the other day and I had checked out all I had was a 20. She said in a loud tone "you don't...

        The Salvation Army USAyour political correctness

        After being made aware that the Salvation Army has cancelled an event at one of President Trumps properties, I am extremely disappointed. Just because he made a statement that some person or organization felt was inappropriate is no reason to react the way you have.

        I am so tired of political correctness that we have decided to no longer make any property donations and will from now on walk right past the Red Kettles we see during the holidays.

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          • Er
            ERN13 Aug 24, 2017
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I think there are many, many of us who feel this way. I, for one, will no longer donate the Salvation Army.

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          The Salvation Army USAa donation pick up


          Im emailing you in regards to a Pick up I set a month in advance. It was set for Monday 8/14/2015. The items were a 3-piece entertainment center, box spring, 2 Mattresses, a bed frame, and 2 dressers. I put everything out on the lawn and took out drawer and disassembled items as instructed. Without notification the drivers canceled my original pickup date and rescheduled it for the next day. There was no way I could put EVERYTHING back inside the house so it was left over night. After calling customer service on Tuesday 8/15 the rep proceeded to tell me that the drivers had already passed by and did not take ANYTHING. He let me know that the drivers told him that the equipment was "dirty" and that the entertainment center had "holes"
          1. The equipment was dirty BECAUSE everything was left outside OVERNIGHT due to the drivers not picking up at my original date.
          2. the entertainment center has holes FOR THE CORDS, thats how tv stands and entertainment centers are build.
          3. the dressers are in great condition and NOTHING was taken.

          I am convinced that the drivers did not give any effort in trying to pick ANYTHING up at all.
          I'd like to get this picked up as soon as possible. Please provide me with a plan of action.

          Thank you

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            Salvation Army Lambuth Family Center 2741 Federal Blvd — sexual harassment, stalking, employee, misconduct, unethical behavior speech violation inappropriate and misleading facts

            I and my 9 year old son was let into the Salvation Army: Lambuth Family Center location 06-29-17. Before we...

            The Salvation Army USA — employee at the woodland california salvation army

            Shopping in this store Saturday morning with my husband ... ask employee Nicole for help she said a minute...

            The Salvation Army USA — theft and fraudulent activity

            The Salvation Army church located in Sayre, PA ran by Captain Deb. I'm reporting her office workers for...

            The Salvation Army USAunlicensed radio operation on gmrs

            For past 2 weeks we have had someone who claims to be at or in Camp Tomahawk 64 Boy Scout Rd, Hedgesville, WV 25427. Who when told to
            stay clear of GMRS part of radio is now jamming licensed operations.
            Contact with camp manager was done but to date he has not stoped
            the activity. Can you please address this issue. If not we have the right
            to file a unlicensed radio complaint with FCC.

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              The Salvation Army USApick-up service

              I scheduled a pick-up at my place today. The suggested pick-up time was between 8 and 11am. I called dispatch at 11 am to get more info on when the crew would come. They told me it was going now going to be between 12 noon and 2 pm. At 2pm, they still have not called me. I call dispatch again, who can still not give me an accurate time estimate. I already told him at 11 am that I was not going to be able to stay at home to wait for the pickup crew to arrive, as I had other errands to run. Again he tells me to wait. The dispatch officer was extremely rude and told me he could not give me better estimates and did not want to listen to me on the phone. The dispatch person was extremely unprofessional and unfriendly, just telling me that I was number 13 (which gives me no information whatsoever). If I am number 13 in line, I don't understand how I was originally scheduled to have a pickup between 8 am and 11 am as it is almost impossible to make 12 stops in LA traffic and pick up things in this time frame. The Salvation army should improve its computer system. If you want to rely on donations from individuals, you cannot have them sit at home all day waiting for this truck that may (or may not) arrive.

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                The Salvation Army USA — staff members at salvation army michigan

                Salvation Army Store. 7640 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI 48210 Thanks for the good deed you for the community...

                The Salvation Army USAcustomer service

                I call to the pennisula salvation army office number to seek help and the 2 times I call the lady that answer the phone was very rude unprofecional, not a people person at all I think that if this is a organication that helps the community and that the community helps back with donation they should have a better more friendly person anwering the phone lines for those that are to scare to ask for helo and finally have the courage to do it and for this lady to be as rude as she is, speaks alot... the number I call is [protected] she didnt let me talk at all I didnt get the help I need it. And people that call this service is because they are having a very bad moment in there life for this kind of thigs to happend If the persone on the phone dosent like her job she should be remove and replace with some one that is a people person and that loves helping the callers in a nice friendly way.

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                  The Salvation Army USAdamaged my floor

                  I scheduled a donation pick up with The Salvation Army to get our old, working refrigerator from our old apartment. We were moving to a new place and had purchased a new fridge. The people that came to pick it up were clueless. I had to show them how to get it out the door. Then, while trying to get it out, they scratched and took a quarter sized chunk out of the vinyl floor by the front door. I brought it to the guys attention and one of them said, "sorry" then continued on. Now my landlord is charging me to replace the kitchen flooring that they damaged.

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                    The Salvation Army USApick up service/ complaint process

                    I never received a phone call notifying me of the timeframe for pickup on the 19 July 2017. So, like I've done many times in the past, I sat the boxes and bags outside on my porch labeledfor SA. The dispatcher finally contacted me later that same afternoon refusing to pick up the items because I wasn't home. He said he a right to and I didn't argue. Not a big deal so I called the regional office and the warehouse to see if another dispatcher could get the job done and who wasn't opposed to picking up the items in my absence. I've never had an issue like this before. I was transferred several times between the complaint office, regional office and warehouse. In my 12yrs of donating and giving to Salvation Army, I've never received such awful support. The gentleman at the complaint office [protected] decided that it would be best to inconvenience me, the donor, by telling me I had to reschedule. He seemed annoyed and did not try to understand how this issue caused a huge inconvenience on my part. The female at the regional (Oahu)headquarters thought my complaint should go through the very same office of whom I had an issue with. I believe in this organization; however, who polices up the individuals at the regional offices. This is unacceptable especially in light of the recent events surrounding involving the Marco Polo Towers. People like me have given to organizations such as this one for years bc we believe in the cause. Believing is not enough when some regions treat donors so negatively. I want this situation to be resolved so that other other hardworking individuals eecwgcan continue being a part of the SA.

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                      The Salvation Army USA — I want to file a complaint against the salvation army single women's lodge

                      On July 7th, I called Mrs Iris Wade the program director of single women's Lodge to see if I can come back...

                      The Salvation Army USA — assaulted by a manager cashier, southgate michigan

                      Megan a cashier manager at the southgate michigan location on wednesday around 845 pm assaulted my family and...

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