The Salvation Army USAa donation problem

F Aug 29, 2019 Review updated:

I accidentally left something important in the side pocket of a purse I donated. I went down to try and get it and the guy with the key to the bin wasn't there and wasn't known when to come back. Now I have to buy another one if he doesn't show up today. Why can't there be a spare key at the front desk for problems like these? Last time donating or buying there. A bunch of ignorant [censored]s!


  •   Aug 29, 2019

    my god this is taken directly from THE GOLDEN GIRLS!

    really, what is this really important item? the hope diamond? weed? proof you are of royal blood???

    sorry. your loss for not checking.

    stop using words you don't understand. ignorant means you know something exists but are IGNORING the facts about it.

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  •   Aug 29, 2019

    YOU forgot an important, vital thing in your purse and donated it. You didn’t check before leaving it there. They couldn’t get into the back office to get it for you.

    They’re ignorant???

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