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The Salvation Army USA review: abusive director of rehab services

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This complaint is in no way against The Salvation Army as a whole, which does a great job of providing assistance to the disadvantaged and poor. However, in any organization there are some bad apples. Unfortunately for those seeking assistance with addiction at the Salvation Army ARC in Phoenix, Rosemarie Abernathy, Director of Rehabilitation Services, does not live up to the ARC's mission to provide spiritual and temporal regeneration for recovering addicts. Through her bullying tactics, she has created a power base which she uses to intimidate, humiliate and threaten beneficiaries and employees at the center. Perhaps because of her husband Brian's background in criminal investigation, rather than counsel, she threatens, bullies and interrogates. She generally keeps one or two lackeys in her office to ensure maximum shame is induced during her bullying sessions. Contrary to her exhortations to addicts to be open to correction and to accept advice, Ms. Abernathy is completely closed to criticism of her management style. She rules the 140 men and 14 woman program like a monarch. Rarely does she reach out to any lowly beneficiary, unless he or she happens to be one of her favorites, who she attempts to mold in her brutish likeness. She misses a major opportunity to empathize and effectively teach addicts by sharing her own struggles with her obvious food addiction. Instead she states she is not an addict so can't understand, but then goes ahead and dictates who should be a beneficiaries sponsor, home group and what his or her specific problem is. She is oblivious to the inherent hypocrisy of her hollow words. Most damning, she regularly invokes Christ as an ally in her prayers which are nothing more than the imposition of her own daunting will on others. SHE needs more help than most of those in her program. The Salvation Army truly needs to do something about this problem.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 12, 2017 12:18 pm EST

I can honestly say that during my stay at the ARC was short and was forced to tend meetings everyday, only was able to wear what they gave u. I was discharged for just being 2 minutes late. I was doing my step work, started going to my outside meetings. Anything they asked me to do I did with no problem. But the worse thing of it all was having to work in the warehouse for 8 hrs. a day 5 days a week for next to nothing as pay, or as they would call it (gratuity) allowance every Friday. I didn't really think I learned anything from this place. After all I only was in the program for just 1 1/2 months

Jan 10, 2014 7:13 pm EST

I recently was discharged from a Newark new jersey ARC after spending six full months being worked like a slave in their warehouse for eight hours a day five days a week I was paid from four dollars a week to eighteen dollars a week I was allowed no medical treatment for injuries I was also forced to apply for food stamps that the ARC promptly took I was never even allowed to see the funds they received in my name I was due to graduate the program on the 12th of January 2014 how ever Captain Sylvia Kirkland decided that I was not worthy of the grad ceremony, during my stay at the ARC at 65 Pennington street Newark new jersey I have witnessed abuse and exploitation at its highest level as a beneficiary you live under the constant threat of fear the threat of being thrown out on the street at any time day or night no matter the weather I have seen men stripped of clothing upon discharge how can this be referred to as a Christian program some one really needs to investigate this orginization and i would be the first to testify believe me

Apr 27, 2011 8:47 pm EDT

She is at best a very negative woman and at worst, a tyrant and a bully who is totally unprofessional. It's ironic that the Salvation Army would allow this person to be in the position she is in. She hinders the recovery of many rather than help.


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