The Groomery , 106 Maple Ave Oak Park IL 60301grooming

C Sep 05, 2018

This was the second time I used the groomer and I will advise anyone to stay away because they fill it's acceptable to injure you pet and send them home for you to take care of the injury and potentially create further health problems. I took my Shih Poo in for grooming on 8/31 last Friday. After picking him up late evening and returning home we notice there was larger amount of blood coming from his paw. We immediately contacted the store manager and report this and spoke with Abby who felt this was know big deal and indicated this occurs often at there location. I told her this was outrageous and unacceptable and demanded a refund. She stated they do not normally give refunds and if I felt it was that serious I should take him to a emergency vet. After further back in forth she finally agreed to a refund and stated she will make a note Scrappy our dog was not suitable for grooming. I guess she was implying he could not hold up to there injuries standard. This manager should be fired for lack of compassion for pets and their owners.

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