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The Good Feet Store review: The package containing 3 different supports and many different socks

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On October 3, 2023, I wandered into a Good Feet store, looking for a basic arch support. I was given several different assessments, and they all indicated problems with my feet. I am so embarrassed by this situation. Everything moved so fast, and I made a purchase I didn't even realize what was included and really how much it was. I paid 2,466.09 for 3 plastic arch supports, 3 supports that look like Dr. Scholls, 2 extra pair of one of the supports, and a whole bunch of socks which I explicitly told them I would not be interested in. There is a 60-day warranty and I admit, I let it come and go because they told me, I couldn't get a refund for anything I had worn only a store credit. I didn't want a store credit because I felt like they had taken advantage of me, and didn't explain everything I was purchasing. I was told they would work in all my shoes, they don't work in any of my shoes. They only work in the shoe they sold me if I wear 2 socks because the shoe they sold me is a size too big. If I get the right size, shoes don't fit, these supports are too big. They advertise that these are custom insoles. They aren't custom they are sized. They are custom the same way anything you purchase is custom. They sell a compression foot sock for sleeping and that also should require a discussion with your doctor. I am left with 2 pairs of supports I can sort of use. A pair of shoes that are too big and a bunch of socks I specifically told them I didn't want. They give you a break-in in schedule and I followed it, so that I could get the warranty, but then I realized I could only get a store credit and who wants a store credit for a store that essentially sold you items, you never wanted? I don't remember ever asking to purchase a set of insoles and a bunch of socks, and I never would have spent over $2,000 on this stuff. It just happened so fast that I wasn't even aware of the very limited nature of my purchase until I got home. I tried to make it work, but it only made my feet really hurt, my lower back started having problems, and I finally realized the problems were coming from my products from this store. Once I stopped using them, most of my foot pain went away. I know I let too much time lapse, and I know I was a fool. I write this to urge anyone to walk away and don't do business here. Things move fast and aren't well explained.

Claimed loss: 2466.06 -- total amount of purchase

Desired outcome: Minimally I would like a refund for what they call the strong support and all the socks. I would like to get a better-fitting pair of shoes.

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