The College Network Complaints & Reviews

The College Network / student loans

Apr 22, 2019

I wand a freakin refund I didn't even complete 30 days, never even took an exam. 2 weeks in I did not care for the lies and run around so I told them I was unhappy and wanted out of the contract cause it was within the first 30days and they told me that it was fine they can make sure that...

The College Network / complaint

Dec 12, 2018

I have paid almost 15000.00 with no satisfaction nothing to show. Online college nursing bridge program modules. Exam fees paid and company no longer functioning I have reached out repeatedly with no response. Promised not delivered wefla financial still takes, money every month and I have...

The College Network / rn program

May 15, 2018

I went through this school because I thought with working full time as an LPN it would let me work at my own pace. This company did nothing to help me succeed. I paid 10, 000 for an education I never got. The exams were impossible to pass without enough information. There were no book...

The College Network / lpn to bsn program

Feb 24, 2018

In 2011 a representative from the college network came to my home, gave me the promises of the world - he told they would supply me with all of the modules, books and information I needed to get through the course. Well, I got a binder, I called them asked where all the other information...

The College Network / lpn to rn bsn program

Nov 03, 2017

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! You have taken thousands of dollars from people including myself. Your services do not provide anything. You made it to be believed that the "tuition" that we are paying include the exams fees for Excelsior...LIES! In order to take the exam I am going to have to shell out...

The College Network / lvn to rn

Sep 19, 2017

I was scammed out of over 6000 dollars.. I was promised assistance and never received, they threatened to take my nursing license if I didn't pay 6000 dollars by the end of the day... which I did after I found out it was all a lie. I am now left with no chance of going back to school, and...

The College Network / college network took $7000.00 of my money. they wi5nt answer any of their phones. I paid for ban in nursing. can you help me,

Apr 25, 2017

I paid for this on line ban program over 4 yrs. You were at the holiday inn, you convinced many of us this was a wonderful program. We would have a coach if we ran into problems. You would new answer phones or return my I would like my money returned all @ once. Teresa morgan 17576 11 1/2 mile road Battle creek michigan 49014 [email protected]

The College Network / scam!!!

Mar 22, 2017

I signed up with the college network under the impression that it would help me with my transition from lvn to bsn. I was told that all my testing fees were included in the amount financed. When I called and asked for a check for testing, they stated that they would give me a check for...

The College Network / lpn-rn program

Mar 13, 2017

I was also scammed by The College Network. It was presented to me as a program consisting of 8 modules (classes). I was informed that after each module there would be a test to take at the cost of around $100 at a Pearson Vue testing center. After the 8 modules have been completed, there...

The College Network / test prepare

Mar 01, 2017

I had enrolled in college network in 2010 because I need to be able to study and pass those online classes from excelsior college. The promised that I will be able to study and pass all tests. I only used the first module and did not pass that one. They promised if I don't pass a cla...

The College Network / City County Credit Union / lvn to rn scam

Oct 24, 2016

While I was at that school, a representative from The College Network came and talked to us. After graduating, I reached out to them for more info. I was told that there wasn't an office in my area, but an Admissions Advisor would meet me at Starbucks near my apartment. I did not have a...

The College Network / education

Jun 29, 2016

WOW WHAT A SCAM!!! I was also duped by my College Network Rep. She told me I could try the program out for 3 months and if I didn't find it to be to my liking I could actually withdraw. No I'm being sued by a legal firm for the full payment. This will ruin my life as I don't make enough to...

The College Network / education

Apr 08, 2016

I signed up with college network over the phone in 2014, I was not given any information regarding what I had agreed too. I was told this was a online nursing program through Indiana State University. Only to find out later that I was given false information. I have attempted to cancel my...

The College Network / rn adn

Dec 21, 2015

I have the same issues in regards to the college network. I was unable to grasp the concepts of college algebra and seemed guidance from the support I was promised would be there and I basically got the same info from the texts I already had.. I also tried to drop out about a month later...

The College Network / the college network scam

Apr 11, 2015

The sales man of the college network sat at my kitchen table that after in 2008; i signed up for a college program for rn to bsn. It all sound good then, but after making enquiry later i have no positive result from the school. . I called the school to cancel, it was less than 2 weeks from...

The College Network / not accredited in virginia

Nov 19, 2014

Signed up to transition from LPN to RN. Paying alot of money, now the board of nursing is telling me they are not accredited in Virginia and I will need to work 600 hours in New York and then apply in Virginia. I cannot drive 6 hours to work each way. This was not how it was explained to...

The College Network / scam!

Nov 13, 2014

For anyone concidering using The College Network, DON'T DO IT!!! It's a rip off!!! The "study material" they give you is a joke and doesn't prepare you whatsoever for the exams. Half of what your "academic adviser" tells you at your first meeting is a lie. They have been...

The College Network / want a refund asap

Jun 12, 2014

A year and a half ago I signed on with The College Network to the tune of $6000 +. I am paying monthly to Southeast Credit Union who deducts the payment directly from my checking account. Trouble is I am not using The College Network Curriculum., I have taken all my courses through Regi...

The College Network / finance

Jun 13, 2013

Lets add insult to injury. Aside from their deceptive educational practices. The credit union that claims to be independent of the college network isn't. It seems that if you are a day late paying your bill the college network locks you out of your classes. Yet the credit union claim...

The College Network / misrepresentation of a product

Jan 24, 2013

Msiepresentation of a product - not an education. No books just computer printouts you have to print out and you get to pay thousands of dollars at 12% interest rate for nothing. The college network scammed me they said they were a reputable educater with affilications to many college...

The College Network / scam

Sep 04, 2012

I to was scammed into believing this was a legitimate college with good resources to help test out for LPN to RN courses.I have been a LPN since 1993 and wanted to continue my education to obtain my RN.After getting loan in 2010 to pay for modules and testing fees i received my first...

The College Network / beware of this scam

Apr 20, 2012

The College Network THE COLLEGE NETWORK And Eyler Gary(CEO) Complaint 0.0 by KARMATCN You were reading a complaint about THE COLLEGE NETWORK And Eyler Gary(CEO). Filing a new complaint about To all of you who are suffering from The College NETWOrk write an email to the Department of...

The College Network / commercialized nonsense!!!

Jun 12, 2011

Everyone MUST READ THIS POSTING!!! ...It is the absolute truth, A year into their program I realized it was ###-(no academic support.. no wonder they never advertise their completion rates!!!) I refuse to pay them anymore money!!!...I'm was so disgusted, that I didn't care it...

The College Network / scam and fraudulent

May 04, 2011

Buyer Beware!!! The recruiter is smooth talker. They will meet you in a pubic place or your house promising you LVN-RN BSN program in 18-24 mos. Which is not true, they leave out it depends on where you are with prerequisites. The program is actually 4-5 years and depending on how dedicated and...

The College Network / no degree, paying for nothing

Apr 29, 2011

In the year 2007, I had enrolled in their so called wonderful program. They told me they were working with the company I work for to have them pay for tuition. I received the so called modules. Open them up and started to work on the first one. Not understanding some. I called the number...

The College Network / rip-off

Apr 18, 2011

I have been a LVN since September 2008. Shortly after graduating, I went to work with a hospital that was doing a bridge program with a local college. I was informed that the credits for the prerequisites were accepted through TCN. After thinking about it, I, too, called to cancel the...

The College Network / I feel they just want my money for an online degree that does not even mean that much

Mar 29, 2011

I enrolled in classes at this school to study nursing. They signed me up for classes and we arranged the whole thing. I took a few classes with the school. Then, I get a bill saying that my payments went up. They added an extra class that has nothing to do with nursing. They said I needed...

The College Network / contract

Feb 19, 2011

tried to cancel contract never took a class or got abook. lost my job and cant pay for iot anyway. was told it was a life long thing and had to pay 10, 000 dollars. every month they take 170.00 from my cheaking account and its not in there. how the hell do i get out of this mess! fch

The College Network / lying, scamming


Signed into this in 2006 to study LVN to RN. Paid for a year or so (can't remember exact amount of time). Became ill and had to have surgery. Am no longer able to work as a nurse so RN is not something I wish to pursue. Also realized it is another of those scams so decided to ignore...

The College Network / screwed me up


I made it clear throughout my meeting with the rep who wrote my contract that I DID NOT want a Bachelor's, only an AS and he wrote it for the BS anyways. I should have read it more carefully, but I cancelled less than an hour later to be rewritten for the AS when I came back from Ohio...

The College Network / false information


I believe trully that the TCN is a big scam. I graduated from nursing school in 11/5/08 and because I was so interested in furthering my career to get my RN BSN that I was actually excited about the program. When the advisor came to speak to my cousin and I, he painted the pretty picture...

The College Network / useless education modules


I signed a purchase agreement to get educational material to do the Lpn to Rn mobility on October 16th 2009, studied for hours took the Anatomy and Phsysiology exam paid 345.00 and did not pass. The material I studied did not even come close to what was given to me on the exam that took 3...

The College Network / scam alert


In May of 2008 I allowed an "advisor" from The College Network to come into my home and give me his spill on all the great advantages of obtaining my RN license online from TCN. I should have been smart and done my research on this company. I must say, they employ some GREAT SALESMEN. Thi...

The College Network / money not refunded


I signed up 15 months ago and have been satisfied so far-have taken and passed 4 exams with TCN material. My complaint is twofold-both having to do with money. First, TCN has been paid in full for my materials and tests. I got my University to give me credit for a course that TCN didn't think...

The College Network / fraud, liars


im just finding out that this is a scam.i called them the other day to withdraw from the courses but little did i know that u cant.well u can stop doing them but u still have to pay back the loan. i was never told by the piece of crap that signed me up that i couldn't get my money...

The College Network / refunds


The College Network Reps definitely need to know the rules and regulations of TNC. My wife was told that she could get out of her classes if she decided to take her first class and she couldn't do it. The rep said it would be "no problem". Well, she decided that she would feel more...

The College Network / attorney general should do something


People who has enrolled in this college should be refunded. The State of Indiana should recognize this as a scam and act on it. Where do the people enrolled in RN find a hospital with the insurance to cover their clinicals, because they are not a ligit college? Three different colleges ha...

The College Network / no degree


The College Network has charged my credit card for a program I never even utilized. I was unable to stop the monthly charges and ended up paying thousands of dollars over the past 5 years. When I tried to cancel the program 3 years ago the representative offered no resolution. I was also...

The College Network / false pretenses


The College Network scammed several of us into thinking that we were signing up for a distance education program for nursing school. After a lack of description of what we were signing up for, we found out that all we paid for over $5000 were books that were supposed to allow students to...

The College Network / they are con artists and frauds


You are right about the fast talking salesman, and lies, and rude and ruthless customer assistance. I signed up with The College Network in March. They came to my home and did a pretty good job of explaining everything. The salesman told me that even though I signed up for the bsn program;...