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lvn to rn program

I paid for the entire LVN to Rn program with monthly automatic withdrawls to be able to complete class online on my pace. Advisors never could answer why if they knew California decided not to recognize their accreditation HOW and WHY would they be able to sell us a dream to become an RN when they knew we couldn't be no matter what in California... They deceived us. Never notifying us that California refused to acknowledge them as an accredited school. I can provide proof of payment in full to the loan lender on demand. Please if anyone knows about a class action lawsuit please share the information. [protected]

LPN to RN program

I signed up with the college network in 2012. I never completed a course. I was told I could take as long a...

lpn to rn scam

You sent a stranger to my house and convinced my parents this was a good program the college network. I was only 19 years old and just graduated lpn school you only came to explain the program. You charged me over 6000 dollars for material I never even received!!! You falsely advertised and never made anybody aware this is a personal loan. I never signed for any loan to be taken out in my name. How do you issue a personal loan to a 19 year old with no credit history this is a complete scam. Now all of a sudden I have derogatory loan on my credit report from we florida financial. This is completely repulsive that you rip off 19 year old girls. I want a refund immediately, I called this we florida financial and they never sent me the so called email to assess study guides. If I do not receive a refund immediately I will sue you. [protected]

paramedic to rn program

I've been working on my program for years and I have had log in issues over and over. My loan has been satisfied and I would like a refund. I have been enrolled for the past 6 years or more. I've called many times and all I get is the run around. I want to finish my degree but I don't want the hassle anymore. Nothing but false promises. When I try to view my programs on line I get logged out over and over again. Please help me!!!

student loans

I wand a freakin refund I didn't even complete 30 days, never even took an exam. 2 weeks in I did not care for the lies and run around so I told them I was unhappy and wanted out of the contract cause it was within the first 30days and they told me that it was fine they can make sure that would happen I find out today 6 years later that I am being sued by the bank the did my loans for The College Network the even though I was within my first 30 days TCN never returned there money so now I am being sued... I am pissed... HELP PLEASE me at [protected]

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I have paid almost 15000.00 with no satisfaction nothing to show. Online college nursing bridge program modules. Exam fees paid and company no longer functioning I have reached out repeatedly with no response. Promised not delivered wefla financial still takes, money every month and I have no recourse, no way to stop payments for modules and tests i, was unable to use.. Scam... Predators.. Help..
Sandrag in louisiana

rn program

I went through this school because I thought with working full time as an LPN it would let me work at my own pace. This company did nothing to help me succeed. I paid 10, 000 for an education I never got. The exams were impossible to pass without enough information. There were no books. The study guide was useless. I would have to spend hours upon hours looking up everything. It was a waste of time and money I didn't have.

lpn to bsn program

In 2011 a representative from the college network came to my home, gave me the promises of the world - he told they would supply me with all of the modules, books and information I needed to get through the course. Well, I got a binder, I called them asked where all the other information, books and studying materials they promised in the contract were. They told me I had a list of places I could purchase the books to study from - I told them per the representative they sent to my house and the contract the books and all studying materials were included - they told me I misunderstood - no I did not. I then purchased some books did the studying - nothing matched - information was different from the online information to the modules to the books. I then contacted them and told the that I did not want to continue with this program. They told me I had no choice, I was to late to get out of the contract. I kept calling, no one would call back, only got answering machines, or put on hold forever and no one would come back to the phone. I know it has been 7 years, but I have just recently learned of all this scamming going on. I to want my monies back paid in full. If anyone can help me how to go about this I would greatly appreciate it. Yes, of course there is much more that they did not do but I don't have all day to write it down. But - I did save everything and write down everything. Thank you.

  • Updated by Renee0316 · Feb 24, 2018

    if anyone can give me any information about being able to get a refund pls email me at [email protected] THANK YOU

lpn to rn bsn program

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! You have taken thousands of dollars from people including myself. Your services do not provide anything. You made it to be believed that the "tuition" that we are paying include the exams fees for Excelsior...LIES! In order to take the exam I am going to have to shell out another $300-$400 for each exam!!! That is 12 exams I have to take!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! You are ruining people's lives. So that I have to not risk damaging my credit I have been making $130 payments each month for the past 4 years!!! Which also the credit union in Florida has 12% interest rate. And I have nothing to show besides debit. You take advantage of newly graduated LPN's and suck them dry of all their hard earn money.

lvn to rn

I was scammed out of over 6000 dollars.. I was promised assistance and never received, they threatened to...

college network took $7000.00 of my money. they wi5nt answer any of their phones. I paid for ban in nursing. can you help me,

I paid for this on line ban program over 4 yrs. You were at the holiday inn, you convinced many of us this was a wonderful program. We would have a coach if we ran into problems. You would new answer phones or return my
I would like my money returned all @ once.

Teresa morgan
17576 11 1/2 mile road
Battle creek michigan

college network took $7000.00 of my money. they wi5nt answer any of their phones. I paid for ban in nursing. can you help me,

  • Updated by [email protected] · Apr 24, 2017

    I would like my money returned! If it was the other way around you would be lowering my credit score. I am not happy
    Teresa morgan
    [email protected]
    17576 11 1/2 mile road
    Battle creek mi


I signed up with the college network under the impression that it would help me with my transition from lvn to bsn. I was told that all my testing fees were included in the amount financed. When I called and asked for a check for testing, they stated that they would give me a check for $160. The test itself was $450, so I would be responsible for $190 more than I had already been paying for. They said that was all that I paid for. Not what I was told!! I was told that all the test fees were included in the financing. I stopped paying on this loan due to it being a scam and now they are ruining my credit!!!

lpn-rn program

I was also scammed by The College Network. It was presented to me as a program consisting of 8 modules (classes). I was informed that after each module there would be a test to take at the cost of around $100 at a Pearson Vue testing center. After the 8 modules have been completed, there would be a weekend clinical in Columbus that would be cumulative, pass or fail. The cost of the program is $10, 000, which I have already paid $6, 000, taken directly out of my checking every month. After studying the first module, I contacted The College Network to find out how and where I should test. I was then informed that I had to apply to Excelsior College before I could test. After applying, I then find out that I have to pay for the program through Excelsior as well and that they are in no way affiliated with The College Network. I want my hard earned money back from The College Network!

test prepare

I had enrolled in college network in 2010 because I need to be able to study and pass those online classes from excelsior college. The promised that I will be able to study and pass all tests. I only used the first module and did not pass that one. They promised if I don't pass a class they will send someone to study with me and help me pass. when I called them they told me or not I need to study again and only if I failed two time they can help them. I realized that I should used other avenue. I told them that their program is not working for me I want to cancel they said no. I kept calling them about the situation how I don't even used any of their modules they said I can see that but their nothing they can do about it either I paid or they can send my name to the credit bureau which they did and mess up my credit. I don't think it is fair especially They sent a remaining of $3700.00 of a over $6000.00 as unpaid debt. After being harassed by debt collectors Please help me . I am a single mother who is trying to get a better life to provide for family. Thank for your help
My email :[protected]

lvn to rn scam

While I was at that school, a representative from The College Network came and talked to us. After graduating, I reached out to them for more info. I was told that there wasn't an office in my area, but an Admissions Advisor would meet me at Starbucks near my apartment. I did not have a job secured yet, so I was unable to make the $50 application fee at that time. He said that was fine, had me fill out what appeared to be the school application and informed me that I had a 30 day cancellation option. He called later that week and collected the $50 by phone, using my husband's bank card. A week after that, I was told by several students at my school that The College Network wasn't actually a college. I called the rep and informed him that I would like to cancel. He asked why and informed me that my $50 wasn't refundable, but he would process the cancellation paperwork and mail me a copy. I never received it. Time went by and I figured that since I never started the school, I didn't have much to worry about since I never attended classes.
Something appeared on my credit a couple years ago and I was told it was for a car repossession The company was called WE Financial out of Florida. I disputed the claim and it came back valid. I kept checking my credit report and it was showing payments being made to that account. I figured that was the payments that I did make towards the car.
Last Friday, I received a letter in the mail stating I was in default for not responding to being served back in August of 2015. I never was served, regardless of what the process server says. It states that it was personally handed to me. Of course the court doesn't question it, even though they say they want to stay neutral on cases. I contacted the attorney's office and spoke with a couple different men. I was able to get a copy of the contract and the supposed copy of what I was handed over a year ago.
I started researching everything. Integras bought this debt from City County Credit Union. They are the company that finances the loans for The College Network. Here is what I found.
-The College Network is being sued by the Indiana and New York Attorney General.
-There are thousands of people just like me that were not notified properly (not giving any time to respond to the lawsuit) and the attorney has won the judgment.
- The school contract I signed, is not the one the Admissions rep gave me!!!
-USA Today even did an article on the fraudulent activity of this school.
I have a little over one month before my default court date arrives. I do not qualify for legal aid, nor can I afford an attorney. I've spoken to several attorneys and they keep suggesting I contact Integras for a payment arrangement, or I file bankruptcy. I tried so hard to pick myself up and better my family and now I'm stuck with a fraudulent lawsuit.

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    Roxanne Dea Bowling Feb 18, 2017
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    Verified customer

    I had signed up to do that College Network thing as well, back in 2010. I never took one class because nothing had ever been sent to me. Well I got a credit check done and College Network was listed under it for a little over 3000.00 dollars. I contacted them and they stated there was nothing that they could do. Well I left it as was for the time being because I was attending another college full-time and did not have the time it took to call someone and spend hours on the phone with them. Anyways, we just checked the College Network site and when Google came up that they were being sued, my husband went to check my credit report and it was taken off of there and listed as paid. Or charged off because the school was deemed fraudulent. I was happy to see it, because to be charged something that I never used one time was a bit nuts. Plus when I asked for the school papers that they were supposed to send me, I never received them. I hope that helps a little bit. End of Story is that The College Network was a big huge scam.

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WOW WHAT A SCAM!!! I was also duped by my College Network Rep. She told me I could try the program out for 3 months and if I didn't find it to be to my liking I could actually withdraw. No I'm being sued by a legal firm for the full payment. This will ruin my life as I don't make enough to cover the $4000.00 charges not to mention court cost. Yes I should have known better than to trust another human being! How sad we have come to this in this day and age. If I lose any of my pay I could lose my rented home, my car and finally my job. Don't fall for College Network promises. They are bogus! If any one has ideas as to how I can now help myself, please let me know


I signed up with college network over the phone in 2014, I was not given any information regarding what I had agreed too. I was told this was a online nursing program through Indiana State University. Only to find out later that I was given false information. I have attempted to cancel my illegally obtained contract with no luck. They will not return any calls or emails. I just want out. I dont care about the thousands I have already paid in. I just want out so I can attend an actual accredited college.

rn adn

I have the same issues in regards to the college network. I was unable to grasp the concepts of college algebra and seemed guidance from the support I was promised would be there and I basically got the same info from the texts I already had.. I also tried to drop out about a month later and had been told I could cancel at any time. I was told this could be a educational write off and that I would get the same type of tax form at the end of year and that turned out to be a lie. The associate who came to my house and signed me up is the one who gave me all of the false info I speak of. I am very disappointed in the conduct of this school and would never recommend it to anyone. I blame myself for being naive and trusting. But I was also lied to about several issues and need help getting this debt resolved.

the college network scam

The sales man of the college network sat at my kitchen table that after in 2008; i signed up for a college...

not accredited in virginia

Signed up to transition from LPN to RN. Paying alot of money, now the board of nursing is telling me they are not accredited in Virginia and I will need to work 600 hours in New York and then apply in Virginia. I cannot drive 6 hours to work each way. This was not how it was explained to me. I was told it was just like any other college. SCAM. I will try to get money back but will continue to pay because my credit is more important then then some cheating company.

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    TCN Customer Support Dec 03, 2014

    Dear Customer,

    We are unable to identify you with the information contained in your post, however we would be delighted to address your concerns and attempt to resolve them. Your success and satisfaction with our products and services is very important to us and we would love the opportunity to assist you as we have assisted others in earning their degrees.

    Please call us at 1-800-634-1443 at your earliest convenience. Thanks and have a great day!

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