Thai Airwaysflight crew safety check

P Aug 01, 2018

I was on flight TG 607 business class from Hong Kong to Bangkok on July 26, 2018 seated in seat 11 J.My ticket number was [protected].and the paid fare was HKD 3798. On approach to Bangkok a brief announcement and safety check was done. However the flight attendant passed right by me and said nothing. Not only was my hand luggage out of place but my seat was partially reclined and I was struggling to put it upright. .i called them but was ignored as they all sat down and were laughing. I tried and tried to put the seat up myself as it was stuck but badly cut my hand in the process. On Landing it was still in a semi reclined position .The crew really did not care about ignoring procedures and putting passengers lives in jeopardy. Their only inadequate response was to give me a bandaid as I left the aircraft bleeding profusely. In order to make this situation right the responsible crew should be reprimanded and retrained and due to my injury and experience my fare should be fully refunded. In the USA under FAA rules the crew committed a crime and should be punished.

Thai Airways

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