TGI Fridayscustomer service

B Aug 10, 2018

I don't know what happened tonight. I usually have a pretty good experience at this location.The wait time, food & customer service has always been great. We were out celebrating my daughter's 13th birthday with a group of her friends and after a movie, she chose to have her birthday dinner here. We arrived just after 8pm and since the restaurant wasn't very busy, we were seated right away & given our menus. From there it went downhill. No one acknowledged us at all. We literally sat for 40 mins, watching people who arrived after us get drinks & service. All while we sat & waited for a server. And they weren't even busy! At one point, I motioned for a server, who made a gesture to another server, who looked our way, but never approached. I wanted to get a manager & complain, but my daughter was with her friends & begged me not to embarrass her, so we just decided to leave. As we were leaving, someone finally came to our table--only to clear the menus & prep it for another party. I was shocked because I've had a good experience more than once at this location. I honestly don't know what happened tonight, but I am soooooo not happy right now...

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