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Went to have a nice dinner with the kiddos and witnessed a server clean a table and walk into the kitchen area. Then another server walk right over to the same table the lady had just cleaned and purposely spilled the salt shaker, knocked down the menu, and hurried away laughing. A few monents later (no one had sat at the table) the lady who originally cleaned the table was walking past and noticed her nice clean table had been sabotaged and stopped what she was doing and began cleaning the table all over again. I wanted to tell that lady what happened but the fact that it was Tuesday kids night and there was a manager behind the bar and one on the floor told me they were not only aware of but allowing this kind of bullying to go on in such a respected restaurant overwhelmed me. I couldn't finish my meal. That poor lady didn't deserve to have to do double the work because of someone else's ignorance! Managers that allow and encourage that type of behavior are not true leaders and end up hurting not only the victim but the entire establishment.


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      Oct 14, 2019

    Went out to dinner at the Texas roadhouse in Newnan, GA . We go there about once a week, today we went a little earlier than usual. We had the best waiter that we have had all year her name was April and she was amazing.
    we let her know how much we appreciated her service, later I called back and spoke to the manager about our service. I think so many times the servers go unnoticed. Thanks again for the great customer service.
    The Geters

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