Texas Roadhouseribeye steak dinners

C Dec 04, 2019 Review updated:

My wife took me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner on 11-27-2019. The service was great - server was super nice - but our steaks were literally luke warm to cold. A manager happened to stop by as we were finishing our meals (not by request) and we told him that our only complaint (taste of steaks were great) was our steaks were barely warm. We had them finished by then because we didn't want to take extra time reordering and we were in a hurry.
The manager offered nothing to the conversation and offered no solution or resolution to our problem. We bought two $100 gift certificates but after doing so we are worried that our recipients might experience a similar cold meal.
I'm disappointed in our meal. The steaks obviously sat around for a while and it wasn't that busy.


  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 Dec 04, 2019

    It wouldn't have taken them that long to warm your steaks up if you had asked. You can't eat your entire meal and then expect to be compensated for it.

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  • Jt
    JT911 Dec 04, 2019

    @worstfist Get a life shouldnt nobody take this person serious. Lol

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