Texas Roadhousehostess

C Apr 20, 2018 Review updated:

April 19th, 2018 I went to go eat with my boyfriend at roadhouse which I've never had a problem with there's always great food but the hotess were rude and ugly. When we were getting seating we clearly said table for Two and the hotess says "oh you mean table for one" while laughing to the other hotess and referring to my boyfriend. I choose not to cause a scene even though it was disrespectful. I vented online so my friends can know not to go and then some of the workers threatened me.. which these screenshots will show. I will never go to this roadhouse in corpus christi again.



  • SubSquirrel Apr 20, 2018

    What's a "hotess?" You used it several times. Do you mean HOSTESS? She joked and you took it as rude. Ugly? You don't look like Miss America, honey.

    Another troll who claims abuse or gives abuse when bored and needing attention. You're most likely forty, single, lonely, depressed and have no friends. The Internet is your life.

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