Texas Direct Auto/Lexus ES 350Deceptive sale of pre-wrecked vehicle


I purchased a 2008 Lexus ES 350 from Texas Direct Auto in May of 2011. I went to trade it in In May of 2012 and found that the front end had previously been "clipped" which was not disclosed and majorly impacted the apprasial on the vehicle. I'm now 10, 000.00 upside down in the vehicle due to undisclosed information. They also financed me through a front loaded loan which was not identified at the close and covered up by their Smart Plan which the sales person told me would help pay off the vehicle faster. Now, a year later with never a late payment I owe almost as much as I did at the time I bought it and it is compounding daily... Creditors have asked if I filed a bankruptcy just because of the name of the finance company on my credit report and I haven't nor have I had late payments on house note for 8 years or two other cars financed and paid off!

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