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Over the past 15 months I have paid my Texaco Chevron bill on line, on the same day it was received, this past month the bill was over $500 and payment was sent and received yet do the the rules of the Bank who handles the Credit card, I must wait 10 days before my account will be posted. I am employed by a large Insurance firm, and travel is my business. I travel exclusively in Texas and I use the card a lot in the summer months. I called credit card handlers and explained the situation and was told that there are no exceptions, and if I sent a check by mail that they would put a hold on my card account for 20 days instead of the 10 days for online payment. This means that the card is useless for 1/3 or 2/3 of each month if the limit is reached. What kind of company would put such a restriction on a loyal customer. I fully realize that my account means nothing in the overall scope of business for Texaco Chevron, but it is not a customer friendly business when a customer is denied the use of their card for this length of time..


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    Nancy Dunn Jul 12, 2012

    This billing group has gotten out of control. I now have $164.36 [$41.36 a month] in late Fee and FC...for no reason. I have called more times than I want or need too and every time they say they'll do something ...nothing changes. I am 74 and can't afford there card much less there billing practices...I know that others have had the same thing happen. We've been fighting CenturyLink as they continue to take us off lne among all the emails coming in and out without our knowledge...How in the world can we continue to fight big business. My payment even to UPS on line did not go thru...can some legal enity get to this ChevronTexaco and stop this !!! I really don't want to have a stroke and yet this is frustration...somebody out there help the customers that have this card...
    They even tried to send me two more cards? Why, when they can't bill and listen to there customers.

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