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On 29 June 2009 at 10.30 a.m. I together with another 4 friends who are all senior citizens encountered a very unplesant experience at Tesco Hypermarket Penang. We (5 persons) took only one trolley to put all our purchasings. We went to counter 9 (which is meant for customers with less than 10 items) and all five of us lined up to wait for our turn to pay up. Each of us had less than 5 items and we were to pay individually. The cashier was not happy and told four of my friends who were queing behind me to go to the next counter to make their payment. I just don't see any rationale on this as my 4 friends also purchased less than 5 items each and why do they need to go to the next counter when there were a long queue. Please bear in mind that we were paying individually and not combine into one receipt and I just dont see why the cashier wanted to turn us away. I hope Tesco will know how to serve the senior citizens better.


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      Nov 18, 2009

    First thing is that….congratulation on the new opening of Tesco SP Selatan, Sungai Petani, Kedah in Malaysia .

    Since the opening it have been the attraction for all costumers in the south area, for taking avantage…I as a small businessman also become one of your tenant inregard the rental is so high.

    For the first week business is going well…but when it come to 3rd-4th week.then it getting worst.

    But that not the issue…we stand as business is like a wheel..we can accept the loss, but the major thing is that your Mall Operation Manager, (Riza Azliza)is not handling/manage the situation properly..but her attitude become more arrogant and egotistic..and her selfish decision make lot of tenant droping out from Tesco.

    So as a tenant that still try to hanging on, please send somebody to guide her….or let other with experience to handle your new Tesco SP Selatan .

    And lastly …thanks for all that Tesco have giving .. me the hope to become a succesfull businessman.

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