Telkom SA SOCshocking service from sales

I have now waited 2 months for a Fibre router and 4 months for Fibre - It started with me calling telkom 4 months ago to upgrade my ADSL to Fibre first they tell me they can not do this and gave 1000 excuses (Just funny that my neighbor has fibre) not a week later I get a message "did you know that there is fibre available in your area" how does this work so I call and say okay I would like my ADSL line to be upgraded to fibre after calling back several times waiting another month I finally get trough to someone and they tell be they have escalated this to another department I have to get a letter from my body corporate to proof we have fibre in the complex (How do you not know this) after struggling weeks again I get a call to say they will come and install the fibre - Vumatel was amazing and quick to install and I must stay the guys that came was very efficient BUT unfortunately after that I had to deal with TELKOM AGAIN to get a rooter I got a messages to say your rooter is on its way this was the 03rd of August apparently they tried calling me and I never answered so I called back the 3rd of September to say I have not received my router they said they will escalate and escalate and escalate.On the 02/10/2019 I spoke to Devigee Pillay in Sales and she said she will definitely help me and I should just leave it with her she again ESCALATED the matter and I should just call her if I need anything I need to give them until Friday the 4th/10/19(Tried calling her but guess what no one can put me trough to her) it is TODAY the 08/10/2019 and I still have no router I have escalated this matter 100 times and no manager has even tried making contact with me no message no email to say sorry NOTHING - I decided that I am DONE with telkom now I will make sure that everyone on every social media platform know how telkom operates. We are sending a letter to ICASA today.

Oct 08, 2019

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