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I ordered from the website of Telebrands, Fairfield, N.J., Pedipaws for the amount of $l9.99 plus 7.99 for S&H. They charged my credit card $37.98 instead of $27.98. When I noticed the error, I called right way. I talked to May, Sara, Ryan, Jen, and Angi, all representatives of Telebrands to try to correct the amount but they all had excuses for not altering the wrong amount; instead they offered a $5.00 discount and now I have to pay $32.98 ($5.00) more than the amount advertised. I am going to complain to the Better Business Bureau. There must be a lot of people taken for fools!


  • Sn
    Snyder Jun 27, 2009

    I made the mistake of ordering a Ped Egg from the Telebrands website. Somewhere in the purchase process, there was an offer for a pair of silver and garnet earrings for the "shipping and handling" price of $6.99. I don't remember agreeing to it, but several weeks later, I received a package with silver and garnet earrings and a silver and garnet pendant. Telebrands charaged my credit card $39.00 for the pendant that I did not order, plus $13.98 for the "shipping and handling" for each item. I sent it all back after speaking to Telebrands on the phone. They claimed that I agreed to get addtional and future jewelry shipments, which I did not. Now they refunded the $39.99 for the pendant, but kept the $13.98 for shipping and handling. So, I am out that money and have not earrings. They are crooks, so don't buy anything from Telebrands online, or they will illegally charge your credit card for items that you did not buy.

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  • Ad
    Adi Bhardwaj Jul 15, 2009


    I ordered for Telebrands Airpress Massager in India Gurgaon. I got it delivered on 5th May 09. The product was faulty. I sent it back to the co. on 8th May. They confirmed me that they have received the product back on 11th May. I still haven't got the refund of Rs 2999/-. I paid Rs 3280/- at the time of delivery since postman asked for the money order charges. Every time i call the telebrands customer care I get the answer we have dispatched the cheque on 1st June. I have not received any cheque till now. They are not giving any satisfying answer & nor they are refunding my money. I had to courier charges of rs 400/- as well to send the faulty product back. With your help I want Product cost & courier cost refund.

    Their customer care number is never reachable. One has to try 30-60 mins to reach them. They donot even respond on mail.

    order # M788177 (Telebrands)
    Complaint no. INT44610


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  • Vi
    Vicky_Wong Mar 03, 2010

    I had exactly the same bad experiences with this junk company. I saw the TV ad and then tried to order a heel-stick product from The price on the TV is $10 for each, while after I entered my discover information, my address, and everything, the price showed $23.98! Handling & Shipping costs are much more than the price of the product itself. I did not continue, did not authorize the purchase, and just close the website. I thought that’s it. Two weeks later I received the products, and I found that they charged my discover! It was just like a theft, you saved your credit card info, and they stole money from you!

    I returned back the product to the company and paid the shipping around $9. I called this god-damned company several times (800-777-4034, also telebrands), I told them they were stealing my money, and told them to refund the money ASAP, or I would sue them. They were doing against the business law. Later they refunded me $10. I called discover card and told them that I did not authorize the purchase; they said they would investigate it. One week later, the rest of the money were refunded to my discover account.

    Actually, though discover did a good job in dealing this issue, but it also depended on who received your call. The first time I called, the representative was very indifferent and told me to contact the junk company because they could not do anything with that. Several days later I called again and the other representative was very professional and told me that the company needed to show the records of my purchase. As long as I did not authorize anything, they should not charge my money.

    So I would suggest you call your credit card company. Try again if you do not get a good representative. I do believe that they are right,as long as you do not authorize anything, the junk company can not charge you via credit card.

    So my loss this time was $ 9 of the shipping fee. I do not expect to have that back. But I am going to complain to BBB. Money is not the deal. I am just angry with such kinds of thefts.

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  • Ks
    ksdallas Jan 27, 2011

    I ordered the RoboStir from them. First, when I ordered - it offered an upgrade. I clicked on it to see how much more it would be. I assumed it would give me a chance to confirm the order, but nope - it just took it and submitted it. Okay, fine. They got me. I dealt with it.

    Well, it has been over 2 months and it never arrived. When I went to the website to see about checking the status - it was disabled. The "check order status" page was also not working. I found a cached page with their phone number on it, so I called them today. I got a call center in India. The girl wanted my full name and full address. I wouldn't give her my street number - only the street name because at this point I feel like they are scammers. All I wanted to know was if my order was ever going to get shipped. They didn't need all that to say yes, no or it is back ordered.

    Anyway, after asking multiple times for a supervisor, I started getting mad. I just kept repeating "supervisor" every time she tried to give me her BS. She finally did say she would transfer me and put me on forever hold. While on hold I tried the "check order status" page again and this time it worked. I put in my phone number and it says the order is on back order and will ship within 15 days. Now Telebrands website says they will notify you if your item is on back order. That never happened. I also never received any kind of email confirmation with an order number or anything.

    I did check all my bank statements and confirmed I have not been charged for the order yet. I am not going to either. I called the CC company and asked them for a new card with a new card number. There is something really fishy going on with them. They don't even show the RoboStir on their products page. I don't trust them at all. Glad I have a new CC coming and I don't have to worry about these bozos having the number!

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  • Le
    lela hartman Nov 10, 2011

    What a nightmare company for any 85 year old person. Charged for three items. Did not have what ordered said they upgraded to another item. What a farce. Now call and wait to get it fixed. On my third attempt to get money back and return the items. Help.

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  • Dr
    DR. GRAY Jul 20, 2013

    DAVID R. GRAY (386) 497-1166 OR EMAIL AT [email protected] ANYTIME DISABLED VET.

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  • Gl
    Gloria D Love Aug 15, 2018

    I bought Pocket hose Top Brass Bullet used it once it broke loose water just leak for the side. This hose was new out the box June 30, 2018 now today July 1st 2018 the is no good. I have many hose never had one bust loose after just one use. I watered my dog yesterday. This product is clearly defected!!!

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  • Pa
    paulalisa Aug 15, 2018

    I purchased the hose over a year ago and kept it in its original package, from CVS drugstore.

    I hooked it up for the first time this year and it leaks all over. It had always been in the original plastic package.

    I have 2 other green accordion hoses and have never had an issue. I want it replaced since it must be defective

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  • Lo
    Lou H Aug 20, 2018

    I bought the hose 3 months ago and it sprung a huge hole in the hose by the connection to the house. I called the company and they want to charge me $20 to send it to them. It's suppose to have a Lifetime guarantee on it so they should replace it for free and if they want it back they should pay for shipping.

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  • Kk
    Kkcmdc Sep 01, 2018

    Never received. Shows delivered but not the case. Can't get response from the company. I have left messages. Believe this is a total scam. DO NOT ORDER!
    Ordered the window camera Santa Claus, skeletons etc. I have filed complaint with post office. It shows delivered but post office Information does not show delivery.

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  • Ed
    Edgar May Sep 05, 2018

    The battery is not charging or the on off switch is not working!

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  • Al
    ally321 Sep 10, 2018


    This product takes much longer than 3 seconds to dry. And, the quality of the bonding material, is no good. I used it on a pair of glass, wow, it didn't work as shown or stated with your company. I am terribly disappointed that I wasted money for this product.


    Ally Scarbrough
    [email protected]

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  • Be
    Berylowen Sep 19, 2018

    I bought this product and the battery doesn't work. I live in Australia and I need a refund or a new one. I am very disappointed with this product. I have charged it for 20'hours and it will not work.
    I purchased it on 21/3/2017 for US$54.84
    I received it 3weeks ago but due to ill health only tried it at the weekend. invoice. HH1703302302265312.

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  • Su
    Sue Tindle Oct 15, 2018

    I am done trying to place an order for anything withTeleBrands. I don't care what I order, within a couple of months I get a postcard saying that due to a higher volume of orders, my order is on backorder and they anticipate it will ship within the next 30 days. I get a card every month for 3 mo. telling me this then I never hear from them again .

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  • Di
    Display* Oct 22, 2018

    The product is a toy. Poorly made, and the frames/adjustable knobs are flimsy. It looks like something you would buy at the Dollar Store. I tried adjusting the lenses, and did not come close to matching the eyeglasses that I have from WalMart. I am very disappointed. These folks should not be selling this defective product.

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  • Sh
    shower scrubber Nov 12, 2018

    I never recieved my product and they didnt add my apartment number on form neither did they change my ne we phone number

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  • Te
    Teresa rice Nov 14, 2018

    I read direction and the first 3 months it work great . Now I can't clean it the food sticks. Terrible pan. I would like myn35.00 back . Can't use it. Thank u Teresa rice

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  • To
    tom bouton Nov 14, 2018

    My hurricane spin mop plastic attachment, what holds the mop, broke in the middle, and I am unable to use my mop.
    Warrenty clain a 5 year service life, Please send me a replacement ASAP

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