TD Bankfraud in my account

K Oct 04, 2019

ON August 21, 2019 a series of 4 fraud transactions went through my account. 4 transactions of 10.00, 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00. Then on August 22, 2019 the transactions returned and I was charged 48.00, 48.00, 48.00 and 5.00. I covered these as i did not realize they were not mine. I called about all the NSF's and they reimbursed me 72.00 half of the NSF charges I did tell the lady on the phone that I did not know what they were for. On August 22 in the late evening another 2 went through for 10.00 and 5.00 and they charged me two NSF of 5.00 each.

Then on August 23, 2019 another 4 charges of 10.00 went through. I was wondering at this point if these were mine but that was the last I seen of these charges.

Then on September 16th I seen 10 more separate charges go through my account. I knew at this point that these were NOT my charges. I called the bank to notify them again and they said they would have to notify the fraud dept. I was told that they would re--imburse 60.00 of the charges and NONE of the NSF charges. They told me no NSF charges went through but yes they did. They told me that the charges were coming from a pokerstars account in my name. I checked with Pokerstars and there was only EVER one deposit and it was not from my bank account it was from a paysafe card for 30.00

I opened up a new account and am waiting till all my auto deposits go in that account to close the account. Now since yesterday they put a hold on the account again for the 2nd time. My money has gone in and i have no access to it. I have medical issues and this is causing me a great deal of undue stress. I should be given ALL the NSF's back for those transactions. I have been told i cannot have the NSF's back because i have been given NSF charges back before and i am at my limit.

attached is the copy of the transaction from Pokerstars account.

Kim Mulhall

TD Bank

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