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I was trying to set up my online account after setting up an account with the branch today. I was locked out because the geniuses at the bank reversed AND combined my middle and last name, hence creating this very, long, obviously wrong first name with my first name as my last name. When I called to tell them I was locked out, and gave them my name, the woman on the phone began to quiz me like I didn't know my name. Surely, one would figure after answering all the big questions right, (like address, social security, and last deposit) I would know what my name is. But no, they continued to harass me, accusing me of impersonating someone. What kind of customer training do these people receive, if any? After a frustrating hour of trying to convince them of who I was, I gave up and decided to close out my account tomorrow.

America's Most Convenient Bank?

I think not.

More like, America's Most Obnoxious Bank.

Good riddance!


  • Pa
    Pain May 27, 2009

    Its actually people like you who make lines longer and call wait times horrible. Instead of showing patience and realizing a human like you made an error and going back and fixing that error, you choose to fight and scream and yell and make sure because you are right and how dare someone do something wrong to you that causes you to lose time. Its not that they don't realize something is wrong, but rather due to your attitude choose to mess around with you, think about it, if you can give them attitude and you just opened your account, how will you be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Sometimes if you just realize that someone made a mistake and they will fix it, just be calm. You are right, they made a mistake, but you are wrong if you think that gives you a right to be rude, visibly uspet, or arrogant. There was a reason for you to leave or open a new account with another bank, just like you will go to another and another and another, eventually they won't want you.

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  • Td
    Tdblows Aug 20, 2009

    This is the worst bank and a great waste of space in the market place here are the things wrong with TD (will be closing account fist thing):

    1.) Don't accept 3rd party checks unlike any other bank on the planet and they tell you that it is a federal law. My initial deposit was an insurance check in both me and my wife's name (she wasn't on my account, however, present upon me opening my account.) This check went on hold for two weeks and I get no notice that there is an issue with the check. I had to call and inquire about it. I always test a bank out because I need them to be good and quick with my money.

    2.) Bad ATM program. There ATM cash machines are for the dogs. It should be a nice straight forward program.

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  • Fu
    fussbox Sep 30, 2009

    I, too will have to agree with their bad customer service as well charging crazy fees when using my bank card.

    I opened up a acccount with another bank and will be dumping TD Bank by week's end. I find it interesting that the poster name 'Pain' dedicated his entire post to putting down the expressions of the first poster. This a forum to share our thoughts and feelings regarding this bank.

    It's call Free Speech and it's a constitutional right to express it. Pain either works for TD Bank himself or he has nothing else to do with his/her time.

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  • Pa
    Pain Sep 30, 2009

    If its 'free speech' then wouldn't that constitute me having a right to express my opinion as well? The very thing you accuse me of is the same you are doing. In fact if you read my post, I gave many outs saying that if you acted accordingly then the bank is wrong, however, if you don't have patience and are rude or arrogant, its a human on the other side that can make mistakes. Just like you and me.

    Its called Free speach and its a constitutional right to express it, and when I did it, after someone else you had an issue with it...interesting how free speech only works one way in your world.

    Right its the bank's fault...LOL...

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  • Pa
    Pain Sep 30, 2009

    And a typo on my part, its 'speech' not 'speach' like i wrote it. Anyways, I'll add to my point, all banks are bad. The same reason everyone has horror stories lending or borrowing money from friends or family, should make it no different when you take from a bank.

    The goal is to have enough money where the bank is paying you and you pay them nothing. Every bank, has some option where that is possible, in canada, they have minimum balances where they waive fees. You can use your credit card and make payments in the states free of charge and if you pay before the 21 day cycle is over its no interest. But people choose, that's right choose to pay fees.

    Those are some tips.

    Do some research at your local bank and you can save your money.

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  • Bl
    blueyard Feb 23, 2012

    I also was a satisfied customer of Commerce Bank. Got nervous when it became TD. Had every reason to feel that way. I have a "laundry list" to show it. The worst can't complain when mistakes are made (and they are made all the time) the Manager and Assistant manager get defensive and nasty, if you ask WHY, WHY did this happen. I can't wait to close my account. What a bad experience! No loss to them, of course. But, they shouldn't be out there causing frustration, stress, pain and suffering. Shame on them.

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  • Al
    aldo1313 Jun 20, 2012

    I just open an account with TD BANK 2 weeks ago, I was able to open the account with $250, this weeks I took my coins into the the Bird Road branch and I used TD BANK, Pennie Arcade service, you drop your coins they give you a recipt and you can cash it or deposit the monies. On Tuesday I deposited $1, 027.32 in Quaters, Dimes, Nickels and problems at all
    I return the next day with about $700 in dollar coins I have been saving aside for a rainey day, I started to use the change machine again I was approach by Erwin Bastian and ask me if I was a business account holder, I sai NO, I have a personal account, then he ask me if I was a coin collector, I reply NO, it was coins that I have been setting aside for a rainey day, Mr. Bastian told me that I could not continue to enter coins into the machine because that machine was for people with "small piggie banks" and that they didn't want the dollar coins, I explain to him that I was going to deposit the money into his bank...he refused my coins and told me with an attitude to cash in what I had put in the machine already and NOT put anymore coins.
    He totally refuse my money, How can a bank refuse a deposit and have someone with an attitude serving people with a "Assistant Store Manager" title to his name.
    I got so upset I threatting him on closing my account and he didn't care, he ask me for my drivers license and asked me if I wanted large bills or small bills of the money I had in my account, He didn't care about loosing a customer without knowing if I'm a wealthy person or a poor bastad!
    What a shame!

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  • Ed
    Educat Aug 01, 2012

    That machine is designed for personal use and for what you are saying you are a coin collector. Why would you bring in the money in different days? And nobody just saves dollar coins, the service they offer is great, just because you tried to take advantage of their system and wasn't allowed to do so doesn't mean they have bad service.

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  • Je
    Je158688 Aug 24, 2012

    Awful awful awful. As soon as they switched to td bank, what a nightmare. Customer service is the WORST. Worst than dell. Even their supervisors read off of scripts "oh were so sorry" no your not or you would fix the problem. How do companies like this stay in business?!

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  • Be
    Betania Feb 01, 2013

    TD BANK is the worst bank I ever had to deal with!!!
    - Unknowledgeable staff - don't know what they are talking about and all the employees assisting me had to get their manager to sit with them
    - I got stood up by them after driving 2 hours through a winter storm to get to my appointment ON TIME!
    - They do not reply to your emails nor calls in a timely fashion - usually 2 to 3 days
    - I feel bulied by them just because I am locked into a contract! But when it's over, never again!

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  • Ca
    carolcia Oct 02, 2014

    The TD bank in Broomall has the rudest people working there. They are not helpful. I thought that their motto was "the convenient bank", yet they are not at all about making things convenient. I will never bank there again. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE

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  • Sa
    samuel smithman Apr 30, 2016

    Ongoing and endemic corporate culture of client exploitation. Ignore the client, steal hours of your time, give you incorrect information, if at all and then insist that you be thankful for the privilege of working with such an egregious self serving institution. WORST BANK IN NY! Melissa Hayes and her 3 supervisors deserve to be ousted.

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  • Ka
    Kasey Eskew Feb 06, 2018

    I never write reviews, but honestly this one is a doozie.
    I like my bills to be balanced like any good person. I have a card with Ashley Home store that has a payment due on the 9th, that's bad, because I asked for the 15th explicitly. This leaves my 1st fortnightly check spending money $300 short.
    I went into TDs account access number to re do my credit card payment with Ashley Home store. This was not explicitly said not to do.
    They told me they'll switch me to credit
    So I did
    They gave me the number for the Ashley Store card.
    It said to go online to
    Entered in all my info correctly, even checked my husband's dog tags and other info with my mother in law.
    They said they didn't get it.
    They said call customer service. I used an old hack where you press zero to talk to an agent. All systems are down and they won't be up till Tuesday. Like what the actual [censor]. Why would a major bank subsidiarity close on a weekend?

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